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A Voice for Men responds to the revelation that one of their contributors is a Holocaust denier by calling me a “stalker madman.”

It’s not going to work this time, fellas.

The good folks at A Voice for Men, the most influential Men’s Rights site out there, like to talk a lot about how much they hate hatred. Specifically, the alleged hatred allegedly promoted by feminists. Here’s Dean Esmay, the site’s Managing Editor and Chief Operations Officer, offering some typically nuanced thoughts on the subject earlier today on Twitter.

So how have the powers that be at AVFM responded to the revelation that one of their contributors, Indian MRA Amartya Talukdar, is a Holocaust denier and Hitler fan who thinks Hillary Clinton is a “Jewess?” Did they denounce Talukdar for his embrace of perhaps the most hateful hater in history, and take down his posts on their site? Not so much. 

I sent a few Tweets to AVFM head man Paul Elam cataloguing some of Talukdar’s more colorful statements on Twitter; Elam responded by blocking me.

So I sent an email to Esmay.

Dean —

It seems a bit odd for someone who goes on about the alleged “hatred” allegedly promoted by feminists and the SPLC to remain silent about the fact that AVFM just published a post written by a Holocaust denier and Hitler fan,

And, no, that’s not hyperbole. Here’s the proof — these are all archived tweets of his.

Here are the Tweets I linked to. (Click on the images to see the archived versions.)



(In case you’re wondering about the abrupt ending there, Talukdar was trying to write “hail [sic] Hitler” and ran out of characters. He finished up in a followup Tweet.)

I then linked Esmay to my post on the subject, telling him he could find more examples there.

I continued:

Maybe you didn’t know. But you know now — and so does Paul; I contacted him about it on Twitter, and he responded by blocking me, so it’s clear he saw my Tweets. … 

So will you or Paul be doing anything about this?

A fairly simple question, no?

Here was Esmay’s thoughtful response:

Dean Esmay 10:50 AM (8 hours ago)  to me  Never write me again, Mr. Futrelle. Your desperate desire to hold onto your own relevance is not of interest to me. Publish what you will, everyone sane knows you're a professional liar who gets his money on the backs of the bruised and helpless, like a socipathic sadist. If you write me again I will contact the police. Stay away, stalker madman.

So I’m going to take that as a “no, AVFM will not be doing anything about the fact that they have published the writings of a Holocaust denier and Hitler fan who thinks Hillary Clinton is a ‘Jewess.'”

When I first wrote about Talukdar’s, er, interesting beliefs, I said I thought AVFM would respond to the news by deflecting and denying the truth. I didn’t expect Elam would also block me on Twitter for asking, or that Esmay would declare me a “stalker madman” after dismissing direct evidence of Talukdar’s beliefs as somehow being “lies” on my part.

The AVFMers aren’t the only ones trying to employ evasive maneuvers. Talukdar has deleted his original Holocaust-denying, Hitler-praising Tweets. And when I sent him Tweets asking him about his beliefs he first responded by

  1. listing a number of famous anti-Semites (including Henry Ford and Richard Wagner and George Washington, who actually wasn’t an anti-Semite) and asking if I expected him to hate them too
  2. asking me “why is there rampant divorce illegitimacy and teenage pregnancy in USA”
  3. telling me that “you are a fundamentalist who uses terror to scuttle people’s voice”
  4. telling me that “you are a hate monger who doesn’t believe in freedom of speech.”

Several hours later, after I wrote to Esmay, Talukdar tried a new tack, admitting that Hitler was indeed a “devil” and a “hate monger”and promising that he would stop denying the Holocaust … if I acknowledged the Bengal Famine.

Obviously, this makes no sense; his beliefs on the Holocaust should not be contingent on what some random person believes about a different historical event. I wrote back:

I asked him why, if he honestly believed that Hitler was a hate monger, he had Tweeted “hail [sic] Hitler” less than a week ago. He replied:


I told him that this also made no sense, and that it sounded like he was just telling me what he thought I wanted to hear. I asked him to explain why, as recently as this past week, he had declared the Holocaust a “lie” and “propaganda devoid of any facts,” and was demanding proof that Hitler’s gas chambers had even existed.

After a series of evasive non-answers Talukdar grudgingly admitted:


Shortly afterwards he took his account private. (Luckily I thought to screenshot his recent Tweets before he did this; see here. The only one missing is the one listing anti-Semites.)

These aren’t, I daresay, the actions of someone who has actually changed his mind. So you’ll have forgive me if I doubt the sincerity of his apparent, if grudging, rejection of the Holocaust denial he was so recently, and repeatedly, espousing.

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7 years ago

That does sound delicious.

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
7 years ago

I wonder what a PUA cocktail would consist of.

Mix 1 jigger entitlement with 1 jigger sociopathy. Cut a creepfruit in half and add the squeezed juice. Shake well, pour into a glass, add two tablespoons of jism. Garnish with a twist of rape.

Buttercup Q. Skullpants
Buttercup Q. Skullpants
7 years ago

@PoM – Don’t forget to muddle the logic thoroughly and sprinkle with acronyms.

7 years ago

What Dean Esmay said to you (You’re a madman stalker who is trying to stay relevant) is exactly what he said to me when I pointed out such things to him.

That seems to be his go to response on even the slightest hint of a criticism of him or AVFM.

I get the distinct feeling he hasn’t had an original thought since the mid-1990s. And that his personal growth is also arrested at “sulky teenager”.

7 years ago

Multibillion$$? Is that perhaps 60 Billion Double Dollars?

Jack Remiel
7 years ago

I’m a terrible person. My immediate reaction to “what’s in a PUA cocktail?” was ‘Roofies and GBH.’

7 years ago

Well guess it makes a difference to the usual excuses of Freeze Peach and satire .

7 years ago

And yet you’re not entirely wrong…

7 years ago

RedFox beat me to it.

7 years ago

comment image?w=604

You know, I think that this incident has finally given me an MRA I can actually comprehend, even as I find his position detestable. It’s obvious that Talukdar has succumbed to a very specific and singular fallacy: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

He’s actually right about one thing–if it weren’t for WWII, Churchill would be up for nomination as one of history’s great monsters, and in general Euro-American society and history does as much of a whitewash on his actions as the Turkish government does on the Armenian genocide.

But from that, he’s decided that anyone who hated Churchill deserves accolades, merely for that fact. And of course, Churchill’s greatest foe was Hitler, so Talukdar, so filled with anger at the man he holds responsible for atrocities against his own countrymen, embraces a mass-murderer.

And of course, once he does so, he then has arrayed himself against everyone who finds Holocaust deniers to be utterly despicable (because they are), and then assumes that they are his enemy, too. And since that position is strongest among society’s progressives, he figures he must hate them as well–and from there, it’s just a hop, skip and jump into the waiting embrace of Paul Elam and A Voice for Men.

Even as vile as his postings are, I can at least dredge up an iota of sympathy for him–which is rare. If Roosh was in front of me and on fire, I wouldn’t so much as piss on him to put out the flames. I can at least find it in me to have hope that Talukdar might someday realize he’s embraced someone as vile as the man he despises, and see where that has led him.

7 years ago

I love/hate it when these types insist people mocking their direct quotes are spreading lies about them.

7 years ago

60 billion double dollars?

7 years ago

Remember, the only reason it’s called ‘The Dark Enlightenment’ is because it sounds way cooler than (Neo-)Fascism.

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