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Dating is so hard for straight guys that it’s like having a second job working for a boss you hate (but with a vagina)

Men: The workhorses of relationships

Reddit’s PurplePillDebate is a strange subreddit, a place where Red Pillers and Blue Pillers can discuss the alleged science of dating, though whenever I check it out I find it more filled with Black Pill incel types than with either Red or Blue Pillers.

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Wikipedia wants to increase the incredibly small portion of its pages devoted to women. Men’s Rights Redditors don’t think that women are notable enough

Women spent most of recorded history lying around eating bon bons and reading the papers

Wikipedia faces a deeply rooted man problem, the problem being that they have proportionately way too many of them writing and editing the site. Indeed, a 2018 survey found that 90 percent of Wikipedia editors are men; only 8.8 percent are women.

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MGTOWs: Ban Mother’s Day because women are the rectum of civilization

Happy Mom Jeans Day to all my MGTOW readers!

So this Mother’s Day I got two very thoughtful gifts from a couple of my MGTOW readers, who evidently decided to take a few minutes off from their busy schedule of Going Their Own Way to write me a couple of epic comments about how Mother’s Day should be banned and “the women of society responsible for gynocentrism enslaving men” summarily executed. Also something about rectums.

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Why feminists are feminists, explained by some dude who hates feminists, women, and choosing paint colors

What women want?

Hey feminist ladies! Have you ever wondered just why it is you’re feminists?

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Globalists are “destroying all men” because women are easier to control, MGTOW Redditor warns

Women: Puppets of the Globalist Oligarchs?
Women: Puppets of the Globalist Oligarchs?

Wake up, Sheeple-Going-Your-Own-Way! The (((Globalist Oligarchs))) are out to get you!

A self-described “nationalist MGTOW” on Reddit is warning other Going-Their-Own-Way dudes that our evil globalist overlords (and overladies) have it out for men. In a post on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit today, a dude calling himself Talkytalktalk declares that the “oligarchs that run the world are destroying all men and raising women up.”

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Men’s Rights Redditor: “We (males) literally built EVERY F**KING THING”

Women: Bad at hammering
Women: Bad at hammering

Ladies! Make sure you sign up for your free house! Apparently they’re just giving them away, like Oprah or something!

At least that’s what I heard on the Men’s Rights subreddit.

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Yet another Manosphere doofus thinks Bruce Jenner is “having a sex change because females get more attention.”

Is it all their fault?
Is it all their fault?

Blame it on Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and Kris.

Following on the heels of Men’s Rights idiots Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield and Christian J, a writer for Return of Kings is suggesting that Bruce Jenner is transitioning out of envy at the attention the assorted Kardashian women get from paparazzi and the press.

As David Garrett sees it, Jenner is upset that he’s been

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American Carper: The Onion's fake editorial cartoonist channels Men's Rights Activists, again

The Onion's fake fake cartoonist Kelly channels MRA rhetoric
The Onion’s fake editorial cartoonist channels MRA rhetoric

I love, love, love The Onion’s fake editorial cartoonist “Kelly,” who so brilliantly parodies the terrible reactionary cartoons that infest the op-ed pages of so many of America’s crappy local newspapers. Men’s Rights Activists, take note: this is what real satire looks like.

The cartoon that “Kelly” posted yesterday is an only slightly exaggerated take on MRA rhetoric, depicting an evil ex-wife as the “REAL American Sniper,” gleefully targeting an innocent ex-husband to pelt with bon-bons and endless criticism.

Wait, did I say exaggeration? If anything, “Kelly” is more restrained than many MRAs. Yesterday, you may recall, I posted an A Voice for Men meme claiming, among other things, that feminists were demanding “the right to kill, maim, and berate husbands.”

In “Kelly’s” cartoon, the evil ex-wife only demands the right to target her ex with a “barrage of carping” — no killing or maiming.

The Men’s Rights movement, beyond parody.

H/T — Long Waves Radio on KYRS FM

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Trouble! Internet mashup king Pogo reveals himself to be a misogynistic douchenozzle [UPDATED with links to archived versions of his posts]

I'm outta here.
I’m outta here.

[UPDATE 2: Pogo now says his misogynistic posts were an “experiment.” For my take on this, see here.]

[UPDATE: Pogo has taken down several of the blog posts mentioned in this post. I have replaced the links to the vanished posts with links to archived versions.]

So you know that dude Pogo, who makes all those amazingly perky-yet-somehow-also-ethereal music/video mashups using snippets of old Disney movies and the like?

Turns out he’s a bit of a misogynistic dickbag.

Yep. On his Pogomix blog, Nick Bertke (his real name) has been posting a bunch of tiresome and achingly unoriginal rants about feminism and the alleged privileges of women that might as well have been cut and pasted from the Men’s Rights subreddit or A Voice for Men.

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We cannot let women take over the tech industry. Because cats.

Typical female pretending to work
Typical female pretending to work

So here’s a new perspective on the whole “should we allow women to take over the tech industry or any other industry” question, courtesy of the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog. Yes, women, if you want to run a business or an industry you apparently have to check with the dudes at the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog first.

In a post titled “Why We Don’t Want Women Taking Over Tech Or Any Other Industry,” the ironically named “Reality forever” explains that women shouldn’t be allowed to run anything because, well, women are terrible and apparently love making everyone go to meetings:

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