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Happy “MGTOWs kvetch about sexy Halloween costumes” Day

Ladies! Oppress the MGTOWs with this sexy poop empji costume

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Adults tend to celebrate (non-pandemic) Halloween in one or more distinctly different ways. They may dress up in elaborate costumes and go to parties. They may stay at home to provide candy to all the miniature goblins that wander by — or take their own miniature goblins out on a candy-collecting mission. Or they might turn off all their lights and hide in the dark until trick-or-treating is over.

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Is the Pumpkin Spice latte a sign of female privilege? Incels say yes

Everyone, it seems, loves to rag on the Pumpkin Spice Latte — except, perhaps for those who shell out something like $100 million a year on the seasonal offering at Starbucks. But even those who are fans of the drink sometimes feel a little uneasy about making the purchase. Some women worry they might be labeled “basic,” while some men worry that someone might see them drinking a supposed “girl drink.”

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He’s red and mad and they don’t care: Why the MRAs are MIA on Kavanaugh

Angry, entitled, and facing multiple accusations of sexual assault: You’d think Brett Kavanaugh would be an MRA icon. Nope.

By David Futrelle

With his sham FBI background report prematurely closed, and his confirmation vote looming, Brett Kavanaugh is omnipresent in the media at the moment. Cable news is pretty much wall-to-wall Kavanaugh, and social media is overflowing with takes — hot and otherwise — on the overgrown frat boy who somehow became a Supreme Court nominee.

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Today’s completely inexplicable MGTOW meme involves a tube of gynocentrism

Er, what?

By David Futrelle

Well, it’s a good thing they labeled everything because otherwise I would be completely confused! Just kidding, I’m still completely confused by the meme above, which I found on a MGTOW Facebook page.

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In 2016, Men’s Rights Activists warned of a dystopian gynocracy if Hillary won (A Mammoth Classic!)

We would literally be better off under the giant rubber feet of Hillaryzilla

By David Futrelle

Let’s see: Trump is launching trade wars with our allies while effusively praising a murderous dictator for signing a meaningless document; immigrant children are being forcibly separated from their parents and kept in literal cages; Trump let thousands die in Puerto Rico because they’re brown people who can’t vote in presidential elections; and, oh, I could go on forever. Every day under Trump is a horror and an embarrassment.

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97% of powerful women are lesbians pursuing a “clit-o-centric” agenda, man with obviously faulty gaydar declares

*Henny Youngman voice* That’s no lady … that’s my boss!

The Spring 2018 WHTM pledge drive is on! Please send money! Thanks! 

By David Futrelle

So I was taking a lazy Sunday stroll through the Men Going Their Own Way  subreddit when I spotted a post about life in our alleged “gynocratic hellscape.” That’s an automatic click for me.

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MGTOWs celebrate International Women’s Day by airing grievances against ungrateful female parasites

Phasers set to “waaaaaaah!”

By David Futrelle

Today (March 8th) is International Women’s Day, also known as International “Men Being Dicks About International Women’s Day” Day — and few men are celebrating that second holiday more enthusiastically than Reddit’s contingent of Men Going Their Own Way.

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Mission Accomplished Mk II: Paul Elam retakes his failing site, declares victory again

But will there be punch and pie?

By David Futrelle

A little over a year ago, with traffic at the preeminent Men’s Rights website A Voice for Men plunging as its old-school MRA “activism” was eclipsed by a younger and in many ways nastier breed of antifeminism, AVFM head boy Paul Elam made a dramatic announcement (which I wrote about here): AVFM had won the cultural war, so he was retiring from Men’s Rights activism altogether to take up a new life as a $90 an hour Skype life coach for bitter men.

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MGTOWs: Ban Mother’s Day because women are the rectum of civilization

Happy Mom Jeans Day to all my MGTOW readers!

So this Mother’s Day I got two very thoughtful gifts from a couple of my MGTOW readers, who evidently decided to take a few minutes off from their busy schedule of Going Their Own Way to write me a couple of epic comments about how Mother’s Day should be banned and “the women of society responsible for gynocentrism enslaving men” summarily executed. Also something about rectums.

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Men! Beware of sneaky sexy ladies trying to HARVEST YOUR MALE GAZE!!!1!

Sneaky lady making innocent man her slave with the old handkerchief ploy

Fellas! Has this ever happened to you?

You’re at the grocery store, stocking up on Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew, when all of a sudden you discover a human female in the middle of the Frozen Food aisle with her shopping cart. You point out that she is blocking your access to the T.G.I.Friday’s Cream Cheese Poppers; she apologizes and moves out of your way.

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