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Dating is so hard for straight guys that it’s like having a second job working for a boss you hate (but with a vagina)

Men: The workhorses of relationships

Reddit’s PurplePillDebate is a strange subreddit, a place where Red Pillers and Blue Pillers can discuss the alleged science of dating, though whenever I check it out I find it more filled with Black Pill incel types than with either Red or Blue Pillers.

That is certainly the case with a commenter called AltACCboyos, who set forth his decidedly Black (or at least deep grey) Pill take on dating and relationships in a post today with the title Men are basically treated as an employee in relation to women, most of the time.

His basic thesis: that men have to jump through so many hoops to win over the stubborn human female that pursuing women for dates and/or relationships becomes like a job they hate.

Like i see this all the time, men whenever single, dating, married, etc., if they want any form of interaction with the females that goes beyond platonic he has to sell a product, in this case himself, and this breeds a lot of doubt in me really.

What a burden it must be to continually have to be an actual likeable human being.

If men always have to provide something to ever be liked, or get their emotional needs taken care of, they are basically forced to work a second job that is becoming attractive to, mostly incredibly entitled, women, and this causes a lot of men to resent and hate on women in the same way they hate their bosses, and that is totally unhealthy.

What exactly are the horrible things these men have to do to become attractive to women? Don’t the women they’re interested in have to make a little bit of an effort to be attractive to men as well?

I believe the only exceptions is either when a man is totally/partially a MGTOW, or he has more options in the market than the girl, which is to say only the very top men do, thus the most of the time part of the title, otherwise men are basically used while dating.

Yeah I’m sure the MGTOWs are doing a bang-up job as part time Romeos.

IMO it becomes just a big wealth transfer and psychological torture, especially of the younger men, the older ones have a bit more capital to invest in women overall and they can just date younger women in need for some cash AKA become a daddy.

The whole sugar daddy/sugar baby thing is not anywhere as common as Black Pillers think, nor is it a sign of female advantage in the dating world. (The “employee” in this scenario, after all, is the younger woman, who has to keep “daddy” happy enough to keep signing the paychecks.) While men do tend to date younger women, they’re typically not younger by much. In North America the average age gap at first marriage is a little over two years.

Overall since i am young too, this is obviously a shit deal and the future seems to only get worse.

Have you considered that this might be because you’re 1) whiny as fuck and 2) you hate women? Most women don’t want to date whiny dudes who hate them like they hate their bosses.

This being PurplePillDebates, a handful of commenters challenged AltACCboyos’s logic, and the assumptions behind his logic. He accepted none of their advice.

To those who pointed out that women also contribute to relationships, he replied that

Women can get away with providing basically nothing but their presence and pussy, because there is a guy who will take the offer if you don’t so your demand become nil

I’m pretty sure that if you go around saying that all that women provide to a relationship is “presence and pussy,” you’re not going to get much, if any, of either.

In another comment he elaborated on this idea:

In relationships you have very little power in demanding anything from a woman since her power to leave is almost always stronger thus she can rightfully refuse any demands you make, and you can’t do much about it

In still another comment, he claimed that

women have little reason to actually compromise to your desires while you are at constant risk if you don’t.

Because if a man says no to a woman request, there is always another willing lad, there however is not always another willing lady for men.

AltACCboyos had a few defenders in the comments. Someone called HTML_Novice wrote:

Ever worked a job you didn’t like so you can have money to buy food? That’s what casually dating a girl you dislike is like

You need food to live. You can survive without access to vagina, especially when the vagina in question belongs to a woman you hate (and who probably knows you hate her).

SpicySinnersSandwich offered a similar take to HTML_Novice’s.

Men have to put up with completely obnoxious and horrible people just because they’re women and it’s the only choice they have.

The rebuttal to this claim, from someone called csn924, was a thing of beauty.

Those men CHOOSE to “put up with completely horrible and obnoxious people” because they see women as providers of sex first and people second, if at all. Hire a prostitute , invest in a sex doll, do the MGTOW thing, whatever, leave civilian women alone. You guys are infuriating, do you know how you sound when you complain about how shallow women are and then straight up announce that the only reason you put up with them is so you can get your dick wet? Dating someone you hate just so you can get laid once in awhile is fucking psychotic. Jesus Christ, you’re probably one of those guys that complain about how ditzy women are because they use their emotions to make decisions instead of logic. Meanwhile you’re following your dick around like it’s fucking gps.


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GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
7 months ago

@.45: “Bachelor” is such an unknown word that it’s never used in the name of a university degree, too. Or a kind of knight. Nor was it ever prefaced by “swinging”, or followed by “pad”. All things considered good by/for men, and not at all insulting.

Unlike “old maid”.

Fred B-C
7 months ago

@GSS: To be fair, the idea of an older virgin queen did have some appeal…

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