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MGTOWs: Ban Mother’s Day because women are the rectum of civilization

Happy Mom Jeans Day to all my MGTOW readers!

So this Mother’s Day I got two very thoughtful gifts from a couple of my MGTOW readers, who evidently decided to take a few minutes off from their busy schedule of Going Their Own Way to write me a couple of epic comments about how Mother’s Day should be banned and “the women of society responsible for gynocentrism enslaving men” summarily executed. Also something about rectums.

Obviously I have to share their wisdom with you all.

Let’s start with the shorter and more succinct of the two comments, from a fellow calling himself Beta Men’s Uprising and/or MGTOWRebel.

What you women have done to us men is completely and utterly shameful, more cruel than any regime in history.

Well, he’s off to a good start!

Mother’s day should be banned and instead celebrated as a day of mourning for the millions of men that you have caused to commit suicide or that you killed via having them worked to death in shortening their lifespan in our society. Shame on you.

Damn, I hate it when the ladies shorten my lifespan.

When the Beta males of society have had enough and start an uprising against your tyrannical regime just see what happens to Chad.

Not Chad! Leave Chad alone!

I mourn on this day the hundreds of millions of men who have died because of women throughout history, your crimes will not be unforgotten and it will remember.

“It” will remember? This guy?

It never forgets.

And now we get to the inevitable bit about how the ladies should all be killed:

You will be made to pay one day when the women of society responsible for gynocentrism enslaving men to be protectors/providers via shaming are put to trial in court. I bet they will be executed.

But if you kill all these ladies, including your mom, who will bring you your chicken tendies?

While Beta Men’s Uprising, whatever his other flaws, is admirably brief, CaptainAmazing treats us to an muddled and overlong disquisition on civilization and socialism and the evil that is ladies.

True, he ends with a real zinger. But we have to get there first.

Feminists are a sick lot, are they not. It’s all about forced wealth and power transfer. Women can’t build civilizations nor maintain them, nor implement laws and policies that are ‘egalitarian’ – because ‘egalitarian’ means negative exposure to women – so they demonize men to continue their sloth and cowardliness – and call it ‘feminism’.

I’m sorry, I sort of spaced out halfway through that paragraph. You were saying something about sloths?

Here are some ladies washing baby sloths and literally hanging them out to dry.

CaptainAmazing then treats us to some thoughts on socialism, Venezuela, and how “there’s a low IQ correlation with Socialists, Democrats and the left in general.” It’s too boring to quote at length. Then he takes on the issue of immigrants and how they’re raping everyone.

You’ll never hear about the suffering already well underway in Scandinavia because the state controls the media.

Scandinavia: The chilliest hell on earth.

The same is happening across Europe – more and more they forbid the media from posting bad press regarding socialism, ‘diversity’ and mass immigration. They want you to remain ignorant so that their plan to force wealth and power from others to themselves can succeed. They don’t want you to know that the real reason for mass immigration is to cover the failures of feminism and the rapidly declining native birth and marriage rates. 

After getting mad at the ladies for not having babies, he gets mad at the ladies for having babies.

Prostate cancer is an illness. Having a baby is a life choice. Should men pay for women’s cars as well as their maternity ‘life choices’? If women decide to get into accidents on purpose, should men still have to pay for that, too? What about reducing the world population, reducing resource consumption and climate change? Shouldn’t women be punished for having babies?

I’m going to say … no?

So if you decide not to do much with your life or obtain a worthless degree, everyone else should pay for it? Same with your health – if you decide to destroy it through bad habits and choices – should everyone else have to pay for your bad choices? To a socialist (Democrat) – the answer is of course a resounding “YES!”

Yes please!

Free food, free housing, free healthcare, free childcare, free minimum income, free education, mandatory paid maternity leave, minimum mandatory income, open borders!

If only.

Wow. You socialists sure do love your forced wealth and power transfer from the producers to the consumers. Ah…the joys of the welfare state (socialism) and the millions upon millions that will be murdered should they stand in socialism’s (Democrat’s) way.

How did we get from “free education” to “millions being murdered?”

It’s all so obvious. Since men built and maintained all of civilization, since men were trafficked, exploited and disposed of for women’s and the states advancement and all of the laws that give women and the state their rights and privileges over the common man, shouldn’t there be a female-only draft and a 100% female-only front-line fighting force, in reparation to men, as it was men’s lives that were sacrificed at the alter of two circles and a triangle and women’s true husband (the state).

The “alter of two circles and a triangle?” I think he’s talking about boobs and vaginas, but I’m not completely sure.

Shouldn’t the state be the first sent to the front lines since they’re the primary tax payer teat suckers?

Er what now?

How bouts some quotas for women in the most dirty, most dangerous, most life threatening and life shortening jobs (traditional male roles) instead of only the most prestigious, most powerful, most lucrative positions? You see, this is why socialism sucks. It’s so easy to defeat logically, but only if you’re able to think logically and not just wif yo feewings.

“Wif yo feewings?” Is he trying to be racist or condescending or both?

Hypocrisy and double standards are synonymous with socialism (aka feminism, aka Democrats). Socialists are so ignorant that they don’t realize the ‘leaders’ of socialist states eventually plunder the ‘public trust’ and transfer it all to their personal offshore accounts, leaving the vast majority of the population enslaved and in deep poverty.

Dude I think you just described the Trump administration.

But no one knows until it’s too late because the state controls the media. By the time the public learns the truth – it’s all over but the dying. Shared misery – it’s a Democrat/socialist thing.

Worst Democratic party slogan ever.

Go to Venezuela, Democrats. Please go and please don’t come back. There you’ll find your socialist utopia. That or go to South Africa, where they kill non-blacks for sport – with full government support. Or illegally immigrate to the Middle East, where you’ll be beaten, raped, ransomed, tortured and only then beheaded and thrown in prison.

Er, I thought this was going to be about Mother’s Day. What happened?

Socialism = Feminism = Democrat.

Ah, here we go again!

It’s the forced wealth and power transfer from men to women & the state, because two circles and a triangle. The common men build and maintain society – get used, exploited and disposed of – do all of the fighting and dying for women’s and the state’s advancement – and then women and the state destroy those same men and ‘culturally appropriate’ the spoils of ‘toxic masculinity’ for themselves.

Really? They’re doing a terrible job with the expropriation, then. The median wealth of single women of working age is less than half of that of their male counterparts.

It’s a good game if you’re a part of the many resplendent ‘oppressed’ victim groups (i.e, a female, gay, lesbian, transgender, minority or politician).

Yes, no one has it easier than black women. Who are also lesbians. And trans.

And then came MGTOW. Oh. Now that’s rich. You bishes have no idea what you’ve done.

They’ve … existed?

Mother’s Day Now Represents True Womanhood: The Partnership of the State and the Grim Reapers of Life and Arbiters of Death Through Mass Abortion (Feminists).

I made that into a Mother’s Day card. You’re welcome!

Love, your son

And now, at last, the zinger!

Congrats, ‘ladies’. You’ve earned it. You are truly the rectum of civilization. The only difference between then and now is everyone sees you for who you truly are – and they’re desperately reaching for a butt wipe.

Happy Mother’s Day to you too, fellas!

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5 years ago

The one point I’m taking away from these rants is that the overlap between misogyny and libertarianism is now so entrenched, they’re using the terms “women” and “the state” interchangeably. Bizarre, awful, but kind of fascinating.

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