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Wikipedia wants to increase the incredibly small portion of its pages devoted to women. Men’s Rights Redditors don’t think that women are notable enough

Women spent most of recorded history lying around eating bon bons and reading the papers

Wikipedia faces a deeply rooted man problem, the problem being that they have proportionately way too many of them writing and editing the site. Indeed, a 2018 survey found that 90 percent of Wikipedia editors are men; only 8.8 percent are women.

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MRAs celebrate International “Why doesn’t anyone care about International Men’s Day” Day

The festivities have begun!

It’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s also, according to Men’s Rights Activist logic, International “Why doesn’t anyone give a shit about International Men’s Day” Day. In a thread on the Men’s Rights subreddit, an assortment of MRAs have been trying to hold someone responsible for the terrible misandry of no one caring about their day, which isn’t until November anyway, on the same day as the vastly more important World Toilet Day.

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Men’s Rights Activists are the least active activists in activityland

MRAs, the laziest of lazy boys

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, one of the “activists” is planning a “digital protest” on International Male Men’s Day. He just hopes someone else will do the work for him.

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Happy International Male Day!

Today, as you may know, is International Men’s Day, a pale Men’s-Rightsy imitation of International Women’s Day that is so pointless and uninspiring that even A Voice for Men forgot to write an article about it this year.

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