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We cannot let women take over the tech industry. Because cats.

Typical female pretending to work
Typical female pretending to work

So here’s a new perspective on the whole “should we allow women to take over the tech industry or any other industry” question, courtesy of the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog. Yes, women, if you want to run a business or an industry you apparently have to check with the dudes at the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog first.

In a post titled “Why We Don’t Want Women Taking Over Tech Or Any Other Industry,” the ironically named “Reality forever” explains that women shouldn’t be allowed to run anything because, well, women are terrible and apparently love making everyone go to meetings:

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Men’s Rights Redditor: Beware the stealth Sarkeesians infiltrating our industries!

Sneaky Anita Sarekeesian, trying to hide behind a stack of video games.
Sneaky Anita Sarekeesian, trying to hide behind a stack of video games.

So Angry Harry, the dotty old British uncle of the Men’s Rights movement, has a post up vaguely warning that the virus software company Symantec just might soon have some sort of shareholders revolt on its hands because it dared to put a bunch of men’s rights sites on a “hate sites” blacklist, blocking access to them for some users of Symantec’s Rulespace software.

That’s kind of an old whine at this point, but what captured my fancy was this recent discussion about Harry’s article in the Men’s Rights subreddit.


Oh, where to begin with all this? I’m charmed, of course, by the idea that feminism is just ruining things — ruining things! —  for all the nice ladies in the tech world. I mean, it’s not like feminists have anything to complain about with regard to sexism amongst male techies. They’re just complainy complainers. Ladies in tech are doing just fine, thanks! Don’t take their word for it. Take the word of some random dude in the Men’s Rights subreddit for it.

But the real treat here is Hamakua’s nightmare vision of an army of  secret “imbedded” Anita Sarkeesians infiltrating major corporations and … doing what, exactly?  Secretly making videos about sexist tropes in video games in hidden compartments underneath their desks, like that secret nap compartment George had built under his desk at work on Seinfeld?

Beware the stealth Sarkeesians!

(Found this through the AgainstMensRights subreddit.)

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Women are Deadly to Hire: The Spearhead’s Many Misogynists Weigh in on Adria Richards

The tech sector fighting off feminism (artist's conception).
The tech sector fighting off feminism (artist’s conception).

So we’ve been talking a lot about the MRA response to the Adria Richards firing over the past few days, but (like a lot of the regulars here, I suspect) I’ve had one lingering question in my mind: what does eminent MRA philosopher Cooter Bee think about all of this? Well I am pleased to report that Mr. Bee has finally weighed in on the subject in a comment over on The Spearhead.

Always a model of thoughtfulness and restraint, Mr. Bee suggests that the best way to deal with the problem of women in technology – rightfully a man’s place – is for men in tech to go on a giant man strike until civilization starts to crumble:

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