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No, you misogynistic dinguses, lab techs don’t regularly find dog semen in pap smears

Dog has questions. So do I.

By David Futrelle

I‘m sorry, everyone, but we’re going to have to talk about “the dogpill” again.

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Tucker Carlson: White Men’s Rights Activist

White men can’t poop

By David Futrelle

In recent days, Tucker Carlson — the whitest of Fox News’ many white supremacists — has taken a break from calling immigrants “dirty” to focus again on one of his other favorite topics: How gosh darn unfair the world is to men, especially white ones like him.

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All the First Ladies before Melania were trans, according to a dude who’s been retweeted nine times by Donald Trump

Melania: The “first female First Lady?”

By David Futrelle

Most of the people I follow on Twitter are, as far as I can tell, lovely people. But in the interest of balance (and because I’m always in search of material for this blog) I also follow a number of truly terrible tweeters. Which means that as I scroll my way through Twitter I regularly encounter some absolutely godawful tweets that often seem to come from an alternate universe somehow even weirder than our own.

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Blazing hot takes on mail bombs from the #MAGA crowd

Yes, they’re already starting to make NPC memes about it

UPDATE, FRIDAY 10/26: They’ve nabbed a suspect, a 56-year-old Florida man whose van is covered with pro-Trump stickers, alongside “CNN SUCKS” stickers and  pictures of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats depicted in crosshairs. Somehow I don;t think this is going to stop these people from crying “false flag.” 

By David Futrelle

At yet another of his endless series of rallies this Wednesday night, Donald Trump responded to the news that pipe bombs were sent to the homes and offices of a number of his top Democratic bete noires, as well as to CNN, another favorite Trump target, by offering only the vaguest possible condemnations of these acts of terrorism.

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The QAnon conspiracy snowball gets bigger and dirtier: A visit to the GreatAwakening subreddit

The world looks pretty scary once you start seeing sinister patterns everywhere

By David Futrelle

By now you may be familiar with the broad outlines of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which might be described, in essence, as Pizzagate on steroids.

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Ex-incel demands compensation for the years society “conspired” to keep him a virgin

Note to male incels: Women don’t necessarily enjoy being virgins either

By David Futrelle

You might not think there would be much of an ideological overlap between dateless incels (so-called “involuntary celibates”) and swashbuckling pickup artists who claim to bed hot babes with alacrity. But they’re really two sides of the same shitty coin.

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Don’t stop not-believin: Mike Cernovich reverse-Tinkerbells the Washington Post

Mike Cernovich: “If we collectively agreed that the words in WaPo were a lie, they would lose all power.”

You could almost forgive Mike Cernovich for believing, as he certainly seems to believe, that he can alter reality with his mind.

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“Females will lead to Extinction” because they don’t know how cars work, MGTOW scientist declares

Damn you, Thelma and Louise!
Damn you, Thelma and Louise!

The Men Going Their Own Way subreddit has become a fertile breeding ground for some of the Internet’s most delightfully unhinged misogynistic rants.

But lately it’s been outdoing itself. And so today I would like to present to you a 2-for-1 MGTOW special, not one but two unhinged misogynistic rants, each with its own post devoted to it, both from the very same MGTOW subreddit thread.

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A Taste of Memeday: Women as Money Extractors, Men as ATMs

Women seducing ATM into giving her free money
Wpmen seducing ATM into giving her free money

Every Friday is Memeday here at We Hunted the Mammoth. So why am I posting memes on a Thursday? Well, because I’ve been collecting so many memes there’s no way I can confine them to one day a week. Also, it’s my blog and I can break the rules if I want, I mean jeez lay off me for a second why don’t ya?

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Dean Esmay warns men: “Roosh V wants you dead even more than feminists do.” Er, what?

Dean Esmay, choosing his words carefully. Just kidding! He never does that.
Dean Esmay, considering his words carefully. Just kidding! He never does that.

Dean Esmay is really kind of amazing. The Men’s Rights Twitter “activist” and former A Voice for Men Number Two Boy has finally managed to position himself on the right side of an issue — the issue being whether or not the repugnant Roosh V is repugnant. But many of his reasons for hating Roosh are frankly pretty bizarre.

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