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Anti-trans crusader Michael Knowles thinks literal demons live inside artificial intelligence

I knew this computer was a bad choice

Today, a glimpse into the mind of Michael Knowles, the Daily Wire host who caused such a stir last week by calling for the eradication of “transgenderism.”

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The rise of female bisexuals and lesbians and the fall of men, or at least Men’s Rights activists

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It’s always amusing to me when some guy has a Big Theory about why he can’t get laid. It’s never his fault; it’s always some Big Trend, usually having something to do with feminism.

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Does Andrew Anglin want to be the next Andrew Tate?

Well, he’s bald; that’s a start

With professional misogynist and accused human trafficker Andrew Tate out of the picture at the moment, it seems as though neo-Nazi troll Andrew Anglin is vying to become something of a Tate replacement in the affections of troubled young men, spouting reactionary Red Pill “wisdom” about women and giving advice to young men not altogether different from that proffered by the other Andrew.

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Women date ugly men because they’re shallow and narcissistic, incel argues

Woman dating a goblin

Incel ideology is a self-contained system. And when the realities of the world intrude upon the incels’ collective fantasies, they feel an enormous amount of cognitive dissonance.

creepy dating tips evil working women misogyny red pill

What women don’t want to hear, according to a bunch of losers on Twitter

So one of those Red Pill accounts on Twitter decided to gin up some engagement by asking its readers a question:

dating tips incels misogyny

Incel brain genius: Approach women on their periods because they feel ugly and will lower their standards

Hey, I’m bleedin’ here!

Another genius idea from the incel brain squad.

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The Reich Stuff: New conservative dating app launches, will fail

Kaytlyyne, your date’s here to murder you!

Gals! Are you looking to date men who get inexplicably angry about black women playing flutes?

Fellas! Are you looking to date women who sound like bad actresses awkwardly reading their lines off of a teleprompter?

antifeminism dating tips misogyny pedophiles oh sorry ephebophiles

“Marrying a woman today in her late 20s – mid 30s is like purchasing an expired carton of old, chunky milk,” asserts self-styled woman expert

So here’s a lovely little screenshot making the rounds on Reddit, featuring a fellow with some very bad advice for men considering marriage.

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“Cum is Murder,” explains dude who missed a day in sex ed

So today a Redditor went to the relationship_advice subreddit with an important question: “why does coming to ejaculate matter so much that I lose relationships because I choose not to ejaculate but let my sexual partner have orgasms. (Archived here.)

dating tips incels misogyny MRA reddit

Men’s Rights Redditors declare themselves too short to date women

Dude brutally height-mogging his parents

The incel-ification of the Men’s Rights movement continues apace. The regulars on the Men’s Rights subreddit, much like the incels I follow, are whining that it’s literally impossible for most men to meet the allegedly quite stringent height standards for women.

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