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The Reich Stuff: New conservative dating app launches, will fail

Kaytlyyne, your date’s here to murder you!

Gals! Are you looking to date men who get inexplicably angry about black women playing flutes?

Fellas! Are you looking to date women who sound like bad actresses awkwardly reading their lines off of a teleprompter?

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“Marrying a woman today in her late 20s – mid 30s is like purchasing an expired carton of old, chunky milk,” asserts self-styled woman expert

So here’s a lovely little screenshot making the rounds on Reddit, featuring a fellow with some very bad advice for men considering marriage.

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“Cum is Murder,” explains dude who missed a day in sex ed

So today a Redditor went to the relationship_advice subreddit with an important question: “why does coming to ejaculate matter so much that I lose relationships because I choose not to ejaculate but let my sexual partner have orgasms. (Archived here.)

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Men’s Rights Redditors declare themselves too short to date women

Dude brutally height-mogging his parents

The incel-ification of the Men’s Rights movement continues apace. The regulars on the Men’s Rights subreddit, much like the incels I follow, are whining that it’s literally impossible for most men to meet the allegedly quite stringent height standards for women.

In a thread on the subreddit posted yesterday, a fellow called NoCommunication5976 declares that “Men’s appearance standards are basically impossible to meet up to.”

He continues, making clear that what he’s really talking about is height.

I’m not talking about how you have to be ripped and use steroids to meet standards, I’m talking about how it is statistically impossible to meet up to height standards. The average man is around 5’6” keep in mind, lots of men are shorter, and lots are taller, but not significantly taller.

Actually, the average height of American men is 5′ 9,” as I learned from literally seconds worth of Googling.

6’2” is around the 99th percentile, meaning that 1 in 100 men meet appearance standards.

You really think that women will refuse to date anyone less than 6’2″?

The thing is, height cannot be improved through any means, no matter what.

Uh, you can wear shoes with big heels that will increase your height an inch or two.

This makes height standards impossible to meet. It would be like if everyone had to pay a billion dollars in taxes just like elon musk.

Really? I would be stunned to hear that Elon Musk actually pays any taxes.

Now, we all can see with our own eyes that there are plenty of short (or at least less than 6″2″) guys in the world with girlfriends or wives (or both). There are certainly some women who say they won’t date men who aren’t, say, 6 foot or over. But they’re clearly a minority — because most men shorter than that are able to find partners for themselves.

So how important are women’s height preferences anyway, according to SCIENCE? It depends on what study you’re looking at and how the issue is framed. But the short answer is: not that important.

One recent study found that height does in fact matter more to women than it does to men. But that doesn’t mean that it matters a lot. While only 13% of men said they preferred to date women shorter than them, roughly half of dating-age women wanted someone taller than them.

“Someone taller than them” doesn’t mean 6 feet or higher. It just means taller than the woman filling out the survey. The average height of American women is 5’4,” which is a full five inches shorter than the average American man. That means most men meet the height standards of the roughly 50 percent of women who express a preference in height. That means it’s a bit harder for men less than 5’4″ to find dates, but not impossible, as half the women out there don’t care.

Another survey I found asked rather different questions but came to a similar conclusion: women don’t care all that much about height. Indeed, nearly 70 percent of women said they found short men attractive. And more than 80 percent said they would date men the same height as they are.

Meanwhile, 60 percent said that the ideal height for a man is 5’8″ — that’s an inch shorter than the average American man.

Which might suggest that women actually prefer slightly shorter guys?

Though NoCommunication5976’s thread got more than 200 upvotes, there were a few in the comments who pointed out that his claims were pretty much bullshit.

“You spend too much time on the internet,” wrote marks1995.

You’re confusing a preference with a standard.

As you said, 99% of men aren’t 6′. That doesn’t mean 99% of men are single.

There are women that would love a 6′ tall guy. But the vast majority of them would gladly trade a few inches in height for someone with goals, confidence, grooming, good at sex, etc. All things you can control.


Like the incels they increasingly resemble, Men’s Rights activists spend a great deal of their time and energy fighting battles against imaginary oppression.

I wonder if it ever occurs to these guys that women don’t want to date them, not because they’re short, but because they’re Men’s Rights activists?

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MGTOW Redditor boasts about his awesome life avoiding women except for the ones he videotapes having sex with him oh wait he’s just making shit up

Not a chance, lady!

We’re going back to that Reddit thread from yesterday, because there’s a wonderful comment there that pretty much sums up the Men Going Their Own Way movement.

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Meet the Man Going His Own Way, Especially When it Comes to Tipping Women for Their Services

No more tips for you, ladies!

So over on the Men’s Rights subreddit today there’s a dude completely losing it over the issue of … tipping waitresses. Seems that these women, especially the younger ones, sometimes see a big tip from an older guy as a sign that the tipper has feelings for them (in his pants) and sometimes this kind of creeps them out.

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Sex dungeons and Stepford Wives

Not a happy ending

There must be guys out there who watch The Stepford Wives — the original 1975 film anyway — without realizing that it’s a horror film. Guys who would root not for Katherine Ross or Paula Prentiss but for the mysterious men’s organization that runs the town of Stepford, which has developed a, well, unique way to respond to the demands of Women’s Lib, replacing the sometimes uppity women who have just moved into the town with more docile versions of themselves who are both traditional housewives and sexy sex slaves.

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Online dating apps haven’t ruined dating for men; it’s simply that women have raised their standards

Swipe left!

I…worked on this story for years..and…he just…he posted it on Psychology Today.

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The only way to understand the female is through the mastery of semen: Insights into “female nature” from, well, you can probably figure out where they’re from

Semen retention failure

Fellas! Do you remain baffled by the mysteries of Female Nature?That’s probably because you’re trying to understand women by trying to understand women. Because it turns out, according to this dude I found in the semen retention subreddit, the only way to master female nature is by first mastering your semen (and not master-bating).

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Not at all interested in talking about feelings or vegetables, ladies, so if you start talking about feelings or vegetables I am OUTTA HERE. So who wants to date me?


I sort of wrote the whole post already with that headline, huh. Anyway, here’s someone’s dating profile I found on r/facepalm.

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