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Study finds that some women work much harder than men; Men’s Rightsers have a fit

On Monday, The Conversation ran an article by two anthropologists titled “Women work harder than men – our anthropological study reveals why.”

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New Men’s Rights theory: Women were never oppressed, just treated like pampered pets

The old Men’s Rights theory was that women were oppressed once upon a time, but not any more. The slightly newer Men’s Rights theory is that women have never been oppressed — they were pampered by their men, like a cosseted pet.

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MGTOWs declare coronavirus their “greatest ally” because it’s forcing women to return to the home

The 50s were wild, man

By David Futrelle

Not long ago, we met some Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists happily declaring that the coronavirus must be a TERF like them because it was disproportionately killing men — and (allegedly) making trans women sad.

women's jobs aren't real

MRAs think men, and only men, “keep society running.” They’ve apparently never been to a hospital

Garbagemen are great, but it takes more than garbagemen to keep the world going

By David Futrelle

Men’s Rights activists like to pat themselves, and their fellow men, on the back for doing the hard work that keeps civilization going. It’s overwhelmingly men, they point out, who mine the coal, who cut down the trees, who build the houses, who put out these houses when they catch on fire, and who do any number of other Really Manly Man things that the world needs, or thinks it needs, done. (I’m pretty sure that we could do without the coal.)

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“Women should never have joined the workforce and 90% of their jobs are a useless joke,” MGTOW who was probably scrolling through Reddit at work declares

Dude hard at work

By David Futrelle

Misogynists really seem to think there’s some kind of vast worldwide conspiracy to give women cushy jobs they still can’t do properly, because, you know, women are all incompetent and lazy. Consider this lovely little screed posted recently in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit:

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Now the Daily Stormer is mad at … Stargate Atlantis? For portraying women as competent?

Torri Higginson as Stargate Atlantis’ Dr. Elizabeth Weir: Dangerously competent?

By David Futrelle

In today’s edition of Nazi Mad Libs, the [DAILY STORMER] is mad at [STARGATE ATLANTIS] for [PORTRAYING WOMEN AS COMPETENT.]

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Daily Stormer: Alyssa Milano’s #SexStrike proves that “women exist purely for the purposes of sex and reproduction”

The Daily Stormer wants women to be sex machines and baby factories

By David Futrelle

Earlier this week, I wrote about misogynists using Alyssa Milano’s proposed #SexStrike as “proof” that women are manipulators at heart, continually using sex — and the withholding of sex — to get what they want from men.

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MGTOWs reinvent the Handmaid’s Tale, with bonus creepy incest overtones

Happily, there’s a place for women in the coming MGTOW utopia

By David Futrelle

So over in the Men Going Their Way subreddit, the fellas are talking about what to do with “leftover” — i.e. unmarried — women after men finally step up and take the vote away from women, who are always voting for the wrong things anyway.

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The only valuable thing about women is their looks, manosphere “economist” Aaron Clarey declares

Woman cashing in on her economic asset

It’s Equal Pay Day, the annual holiday intended to remind everyone of the still very much real wage gap between men and women, so what better day for self-styled Manosphere “economist” Aaron Clarey to declare that the economic worth of women is based almost entirely on their hotness?

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Men’s Rights Activists respond thoughtfully to the upcoming “World Without A Woman” strike

Women: On strike or just lazy, amirite fellas high five

So the people who brought us the Women’s March on Washington have another big idea: A general strike of all American women. So far the idea looks to be just that, an idea; they haven’t even picked a date yet.

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