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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, 58, laments that college students aren’t sexy any more

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld, Mr. Sexypants

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Weird how obsessed these right-wing pundits are with the sexuality of kids half one-third their age.

breitbart dude you've got no fucking idea what you're talking about evil fat fatties misogyny racism transphobia whaaaaa?

Batshit Breitbart: “Democrats Embrace Child Mutilation, Morbid Obesity to Replace Working Class”

Breitbart’s John Nolte

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Sometimes it’s useful to remind ourselves just how batshit Breitbart is. Take yesterday’s column by John Nolte, which argues that the “Democrats are embracing permanent child mutilation and morbid obesity” as a way “[t]o replace working-class, black, and Hispanic voters” they’ve been losing in recent elections.

antifeminism body shaming evil fat fatties misogyny

Men’s Rights Activists on Body Positivity — and why fat women (and men) SHOULD feel bad

Should Body Positivity be for men too — or for no one at all?

So the regulars in the Men’s Rights subreddit are talking about Body Positivity today. Yes, that means they’re talking about fat women (and men). And yes, it is the shitshow you might expect. Except maybe, somehow, worse.

body shaming evil fat fatties evo psych fairy tales fatphobia jordan peterson misogyny

The entire internet informs Jordan Peterson that there are more important things in the world than his boner

Jordan Peterson probably shouldn’t have eaten all that meat

On Monday, Canadian fusspot philosopher Jordan Peterson looked at a picture of a young woman in a bikini — specifically plus-sized model Yumi Nu, who will be the cover girl for Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue this year. A disgrace, he thought, and so he hopped onto Twitter and posted this mean little tweet:

dating tips evil fat fatties evil single moms misogyny MRA reddit sexual marketplace value

MRA: Determine the sexual market value of single moms by adding their children’s weight to theirs. Hey presto, suddenly they’re all fatties

“Dating in your 40’s,” explains a Men’s Rights Redditor by the name of JasHanz,

dating tips double standard evil fat fatties misogyny PUA pussyconomics red pill

Pussyconomics: Widespread obesity is inflating the valuation of non-fat American Woman, Red Piller argues

Bad news, Red Pillers: Not only are fat women flooding the sexual marketplace in the US — they’re actually making mediocre women who aren’t fat look better by comparison. At least according to one Red Pill Redditor.

Dunning–Kruger effect evil fat fatties red pill transmisogyny transphobia video games

Ingenious Red Pill Redditor comes up with a new way to be wrong about trans people

Do video games make you trans?

New, or just new to me? I don’t think I’ve seen this particular theory before. From the AskTheRedPill subreddit, which is pretty much always wrong about everything:

empathy deficit entitled babies evil fat fatties men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny reddit

MGTOWs lose it over plus-sized mannequins, because of course they do

By David Futrelle

The MGTOWs are losing their shit over an imaginary woman again. This time the unfortunate lady in question is the plus-sized mannequin in the photo above, spotted going about her imaginary business in Nike’s flagship London store. Just the thought of making mannequins that reflect the full range of female bodies out there, not just the thin or athletic ones, sends these brave Men Going Their Own Way into a horde of raging babies.

alt-right bad science Dunning–Kruger effect empathy deficit entitled babies evil fat fatties evo psych fairy tales homophobia irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny racism rape rape culture

Arguing against someone’s ideas “is a form of slavery,” and other untrue things I’ve learned from the Mammoth Malebag

woman saying "what"
I’m equally confused

By David Futrelle

I spend a lot of my time reading through other people’s very bad opinions. And I don’t always have to go to Reddit or to find them. Trolls and weirdos often deliver their terrible opinions directly to me in the form of emails and tweets and comments they try to leave here on the blog.

creepy cringe evil fat fatties evil old ladies men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny NoFap reddit

“Women over 30 shouldn’t interest you unless you have an impure, sexually perverted mind,” declares man obsessed with his own semen

Hideous over-30 woman

By David Futrelle

Just like Men Going Their Own Way, who can’t stop talking about the women they’re ostensibly “going their own way” from, militant NoFappers can’t stop obsessing over the sexual appeal (or alleged lack thereof) of the women they’re definitely not masturbating over.