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American Carper: The Onion's fake editorial cartoonist channels Men's Rights Activists, again

The Onion's fake fake cartoonist Kelly channels MRA rhetoric
The Onion’s fake editorial cartoonist channels MRA rhetoric

I love, love, love The Onion’s fake editorial cartoonist “Kelly,” who so brilliantly parodies the terrible reactionary cartoons that infest the op-ed pages of so many of America’s crappy local newspapers. Men’s Rights Activists, take note: this is what real satire looks like.

The cartoon that “Kelly” posted yesterday is an only slightly exaggerated take on MRA rhetoric, depicting an evil ex-wife as the “REAL American Sniper,” gleefully targeting an innocent ex-husband to pelt with bon-bons and endless criticism.

Wait, did I say exaggeration? If anything, “Kelly” is more restrained than many MRAs. Yesterday, you may recall, I posted an A Voice for Men meme claiming, among other things, that feminists were demanding “the right to kill, maim, and berate husbands.”

In “Kelly’s” cartoon, the evil ex-wife only demands the right to target her ex with a “barrage of carping” — no killing or maiming.

The Men’s Rights movement, beyond parody.

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If you’re looking for satire on the Mens Rights Movement, there is no better place to find it then on the AVfM website. They really do perform a good job of parodying themselves regardless if it intentional or unintentional; perhaps that’s Elams master plan which is to rob all the business from satirical artists and create a monopoly.

I love the labels on everything – it seems to be a job requirement for political cartoonists to have a completely absent sense of metaphor.

My favourite one ever was a cartoon about Henry Gates being arrested outside his Massachusetts home a few years ago – it showed a scene where Henry Gates was wearing a T-shirt helpfully labelled “GATES”.

The “kill, maim, and berate husbands” line just makes me giggle. I know it’s a little quibble, but if you’ve already killed them isn’t it a little overboard to then maim, and berate the body?

I feel like The Onion itself hasn’t been as funny as of late–too many inane idiosyncrasy-based stuff like “Area Man ___” and not enough really well-written satire like the classic “Harry Potter is drawing kids into Satanism” editorial–but Clickhole is amusing and their cartoons are so great.

Between this, the women oppressing men with their butts cartoon, and this,38152/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:2:Default, I’m almost positive that The Onion’s been drawing inspiration from MRAs/PUAs.

No, no exaggeration there. If anything, Kelly’s too kind — or unfamiliar with MRA.

*direct inspiration from AVFM. I just realized what I initially wrote was too obvious.

Country: “My Cunty Heart”

Goth/Punk: “Your Evil Black Corrupted Cunty Heart.”

Jazz Ballad: “She’s Got a Cunty Heart (And She Broke Mine)”

Pop: “Cunty Heart Party”

House: “Cunty Heart Forever [DJ Feminist Remix]”

Classical: “Cunty Heart Sonata in C”

Any other ideas?

So how long before this gets posted on the AVFM Facebook page because this “Kelly” really “gets it?” Given their track record, I don’t think they’d get that the jokes on them.

β€œthe right to kill, maim, and berate husbands.”

What’s that old Sesame Street song?

“One of these is not like the others.
One of these things just doesn’t belong … “

suffrajitsu | March 10, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Anybody know where I can get that female-symbol print skirt the straw feminist is wearing?

I attempted a Google search, but Google got confused. It kept presenting me with women’s printed skirts.

If anything, I’d try to see if you can find someone who can print one for you. At least that way, you can choose your colors and the size of the print! πŸ˜€

@SunnySombrera What about the soundtrack album for the film “No Cunty for Old Men?”

@friday jones: LOL! That’s brilliant. Though if you don’t mind me saying, statistics have shown that the elderly are in fact getting quite a lot of cunty. Much more than most PUAs.

I assumed she was eating (not throwing) the bonbons, a symbol of her unwomanly decadence, paid for with her totes unfair divorce settlement.

Just a note: I actually agreed with the Leonard Nimoy/JJ Abrams cartoon. Star Trek: Into Darkness made me angry.

Grrr. Stop wrecking things I like Hollywood!

I suppose it’s well labeled but…what does the blank space represent, I need to know!

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