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No, you misogynistic dinguses, lab techs don’t regularly find dog semen in pap smears

Dog has questions. So do I.

By David Futrelle

I‘m sorry, everyone, but we’re going to have to talk about “the dogpill” again.

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Chad and the Virgin are getting it on for #PrideMonth. And wait a minute, so are Stacy and Becky!

A happy ending for everyone!

By David Futrelle

By now you’ve all seen endless variations on the Chad vs. Virgin meme, and probably a few featuring Stacy and Becky as well. Most of them, like the originals, tend to be more depressing than funny, reflecting the spread of toxic incel ideology into the “normie” world.

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Trumpgrets: A schadenfreude-tastic catalog of Trump voters regretting their choice

Who could ever have guessed that this smirky bastard would turn out to be a con man?
Who could ever have guessed that this smirky bastard would turn out to be a con man?

Attention Trump haters! If you’ve been starved for schadenfreude lately, there’s a blog for you: Trumpgrets, a small but growing compilation of Tweets from Trump fans now feeling betrayed by Orange Mussolini.

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Misogynists go through all 5 stages of grief upon learning that Lindy West has been hired by GQ

A bloo bloo bloo
A bloo bloo bloo

So earlier this month the feminist writer and serial-misogynist-annoyer Lindy West announced that she was leaving her job at Jezebel “to work on personal projects. (I am also available for freelance. Hire me!)”

I took this to mean that she was leaving her job at Jezebel to work on personal projects and do freelance work, because this is something that writers, especially talented writers with a lot of options, sometimes do.

Over in the Manosphere, though, the fellas had a rather different interpretation, which went something like this HA HA THE FAT SLUT GOT FIRED HER CAREER IS OVER WE WON YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!

Or, as the always charming Roosh Valizadeh put it, in a comment on his site’s forums:

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A Voice for Men takes on feminist [rhymes-with-bunts] with new poster campaign

No, this is real. I didn't make it up. I just blurred out the c-word.
No, this is real. I didn’t make it up. I just blurred out the c-word.

Last week I wrote about the fondness of a certain Men’s Rights website for a certain four-letter word starting with the letter c. This week they’ve topped themselves — with a postering campaign based on the c-word.

Yep: A Voice for Men has thrown its support behind a postering campaign with the slogan: “Having a vagina is no excuse for being a C*NT.”

They don’t use an asterisk.

The postering campaign, spearheaded by a Youtube antifeminist calling himself Bane666au, feature what purport to be real quotes from feminists alongside not-exactly-subtle stock photos depicting comically angry women. For example:

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The worst “nice guy” rage comic in the history of the universe

[TW: Rape]

Have you ever said to yourself, “my life won’t be complete until I see a reprehensible rage comic in which a ‘nice guy’ decides to solve his ‘friendzone’ problem by violently raping women?”

If so, it’s your lucky day! I found this lovely comic on the Tumblrverse; the dude who put it up has since taken it, and his Tumblr, down. Be warned: this really is the worst rage comic I’ve ever seen. Click here to see it. Or don’t click; that might be the better choice.

This is why “nice guys” can’t have nice things. BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT REALLY NICE.

Below, something of a palate cleanser. No trigger warning for this one. Just some lovely schadenfreude. (Thanks to blitzgal for posting this in the comments.)


EDITED TO ADD: I just noticed this lovely discussion in the Men’s Rights subreddit about my post. You may notice that many statements in the discussion are not what you might call “true.” Also, they deliberately misspell my name in a most hilarious manner! (If you are 5 years old.)

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Man Boobz on Tumblr! It's now a thing!

Reddit, in a nutshell. An example of the sort of hilarity you will find on the brand-new Man Boobz on Tumblr!

The Man Boobz Empire is expanding into new territory. Namely, Tumblr, with the grand opening of Man Boobz on Tumblr! I will be using the new platform to plug posts here, to blog and reblog about interesting stuff beyond what I write about here, and of course to post more pics. Like the one here, which is a fairly accurate summary of way too many discussions on Reddit and elsewhere on the internets. Will there also be pics of kitties? Yes, yes there will.

There’s a big social justice/feminist contingent on Tumblr, and this will help to reach them, and also to relay some of what they’re talking about to you all. It’ll also allow me to respond to stuff that’s going on a lot more quickly.

And kitties.


Also, while we’re talking about Tumblr: Alexander Ryking, that misogynist Tumblr dude we were talking about the other day? He’s been removed as a politics editor on Tumblr. Ta da!

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