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A Taste of Memeday: Women as Money Extractors, Men as ATMs

Women seducing ATM into giving her free money
Wpmen seducing ATM into giving her free money

Every Friday is Memeday here at We Hunted the Mammoth. So why am I posting memes on a Thursday? Well, because I’ve been collecting so many memes there’s no way I can confine them to one day a week. Also, it’s my blog and I can break the rules if I want, I mean jeez lay off me for a second why don’t ya?

Today, let’s look at some Men Going Their Own Way memes on the subject of money. Specifically, on the subject of men making all the money and women spending all of it. Which is apparently how many MGTOWs think the world actually works.

Since these MGTOWs aren’t planning to let themselves get ENSLAVED by any money-draining lady monsters — I mean, that’s in the MGTOW mission statement, pretty much — you would think they wouldn’t need to go around yelling about this and making memes and so forth but again, it appears that the only thing these guys are doing with all the time they’ve freed up for themselves by NOT BEING SLAVES TO WOMEN is to yell at the women they’re not being slaves to and make memes about them and so forth.

Seriously, dudes, there are much better hobbies than that. But who am I kidding. They’re never going to give up the yelling at ladies thing.

So we might as well take a look at the fruits of their labor.


I guess they have a point. If you type your PIN into that dude sitting there he probably won’t regurgitate $20 bills. Score one for A Voice for Men here: they’ve managed to produce a meme that is actually true!


Dude, dude, dude. You know that the point of one of these sorts of memes is to get an idea across quickly and memorably, and with a touch of humor. All you had to do was to put that “Talking ATM” on that guy’s head, and, ta da, you would have made your point. A dumb point, to be sure, but seriously, that’s all this needed. But then you started typing and typing and ended up with this mess.


Ok, so let’s set aside for a minute the question of whether or not there are literally small groups of women stalking the streets of affluent communities in search of rich guys they can extract money from.

What I want to know is how the “divorce court industry” can be illegal, but “embezzling men’s property” is … legal?


Ok, maybe it’s this guy’s casual attire, or his scruffy beard, or a his baby face. Or maybe it’s the lack of an incoherent, angry, misogynistic rant. But this is an awfully, well, chill MGTOW meme.

I mean, sure, the premise is a little presumptuous –are you really sure, beardy dude, that every woman who wants to get with you is really out to ENSLAVE YOU FOR LIFE?

But, hey, dude, you be you. If you want to just hang out drinking PBR, then just hang out drinking PBR. That’s your right as an adult human being. And it’s certainly a better use of your time than pasting man-sterical misogynistic rants into terrible memes.

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Don’t have time to catch up on comments yet, but wanted to ask this anyway. What is the ‘wpmen’ in the caption of the top picture supposed to be? A misspelled ‘women’ or a misspelled ‘wampum’? Or given the way these guys think, ‘whamp-um’ might be the correct word there, too. 😀

(Will now find ten typos in this post after the edit clock runs out. That’s the rule in cases like this, yes?)


What makes me laugh about MGTOW is that increasing numbers of people are actually adhering this ‘lifestyle’, and yet are able to go about it without becoming a bigot or needing an online community to support us.

Men have always done this. When I was married in my early twenties (back in 1969), there were heaps and heaps of men who didn’t get married young. They stuck with their footy club or surf life-saving or motorbike groups or time (and money) consuming hobbies or activities.

And lots of men still do this. They just don’t want a medal or a chest to hang it on for doing so.

Mr. Hangin’ Out in the Tool Shed with My Beer: The Reality Show
“I will not be seduced into a life of servitude.

“Except possibly to my Pabst Blue Ribbon.”

MGTOW – To not willingly chop off your own balls and hand them to a woman. See marriage.

Women – Emotional and financial succubi. See divorce.

I don’t need a shed, but I would consider killing that Alan Davis guy if it meant getting a proper fence in exchange for doing so. Andplusalso – I’d totally wait (seeing as I’ve gone without a proper fence for quite some time already) for whoever to marry him and get the necessary paperwork to be named as beneficiary(ies) of his entire estate, before proceeding to murder the dude.

Is murder for hire still a crime when it’s for a proper fence instead of money? Probably should have asked a professor back when I was in law school still…Anyways, back to my job working for the illegal divorce industry. I also arrange child support embezzlement, which occasionally involves setting men up for fraudulent charges of domestic violence!

I won’t do evictions though. Something about having to serve people with Vacate in 3 days orders around Thanksgiving and Christmas was a little soul-crushing.

@Sir Bodsworth: Brilliant, and hilarious! I’ve missed your memes so much. Glad to see you back!


Last Meme Guy’s moustache looks like two tiny Hitler moustaches dueling for possession of the philtrum.

It’s a fractal mustache. Even his neckbeard has littler neckbeards.

I see Pierre is in top form tonight. Well done Katz.

Also, and it pains me to say it… that debit card kiss painting is . . . good? As art, I mean. It’s both visually striking and somewhat pleasant, memorable, unique, open to a variety of interpretations, yet still easy to tell what the painter wanted to say. At least one MRA in the world is not a complete creative failure. Bizarre.

The Crime Stoppers meme has more fonts than a magazine cutout ransom note. MRAs understand graphic design about as much as they understand feminism.

“This is Stalking.” No, it’s really not, not even a little.

The Pierre comic is great. The MRA peeking from behind the bushes is the most precious thing I’ve seen today. I should have put my cup of coffee down before looking at it though.

AVFP comics are always great. katz, you’re superb when it comes to making the world a happier place.

It might when you’ve been hit, though the (ab)use of the word “hero” in headlines is commonplace. One of the other forums I frequent cheerfully mocks it.

If PBR guy fixed his hair and trimmed his mustache, I actually might take a shot at seducing him into a life of servitude.

So much response-worthy material here:

The return of Pierre! Katz, you’re still a genius.

Alan Robertshaw
February 25, 2016 at 5:04 pm

In London there’s a thing called Oyster Card. It’s basically an RFID in a credit card sized holder that you can use on all public transport. If you take the RFID chip out and put it in a stick you can tap open the barrier gates at Tube and train stations and pretend you’re a wizard.

*Starts eyeing Ventra card*

On the Kansas shooting:

Arguably, a cop who goes into a situation where there’s a gunman, with the intent to save lives of others, meets the definition of ‘hero’ even for those of us who hate the overuse of the term.

On the shooting itself, it doesn’t surprise me to find out it was a guy who was pissed because a woman left him. Entitled piece of crap.

Whoo! Joining in the applause for the return of Pierre, and for the always amazing artistry of Sir Bodsworth.


You’re doing activism right! 🙂

I couldn’t comment when I first saw them, and then it slipped my mind. I particularly like the first one because it’s not even an exaggeration. 4channers are actually complaining that actual women aren’t more like videogame girls or anime girls.

I didn’t get the reference in your 2nd meme though. :/

Who’s that guy in the “one of these things is not like the other” meme? He’s hot!

PI: Your first meme is, bizarrely, even more effective than most MRA memes in making their case. Like IP (hey, waitaminute… does one of you have a goatee?), I didn’t quite get the second one though.

And yes, Sir Bodsworth, you may be justifiably proud of your own contributions.

It was a reference to a divorce case from the 90s where a divorced couple was splitting their beanie babies between themselves as part of their settlement, and that’s when the picture was taken. I recently saw it on tumblr, and thought about it after reading the article.

Chef Robouchon is a very expensive beanie baby, hence I suggested the wife would get it.

(I think I did MRA memes properly if I have to explain them to everyone. XD)


Re: man-sterical.
I’ve always preferred himsterical

Oh! That’s a good one! Rolls right off the wossname.

Woah woah woah, that second one needs to slow down a bit. 500 TRILLION dollars?! Even if you’re using Australian dollars, that’s almost 5 times more money than actually exists!

And I thought comparing divorce settlements to slavery was silly and over the top.

Your blog is such a treat for the eyes and for the soul. I just wish all adveetisrments can be fun and glamorous and stylish like the images you present. Enough with fake beauties without personality.

The truth hit a nerve with this one. Why did so many women sleep with Tiger Woods? Tonnes of studies show women find wealthier men as more attractive as well. The memes generally show the truth.

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