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Right-wing snowflakes are terrified by a singing drag queen on a kids’ cartoon show

Nickelodeon kids’ show Blue’s Clues has decided to celebrate Pride Month by making what is probably the most relentlessly LGBTQ-inclusive childrens’ cartoon the world has ever seen.

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The Great Disappointment: Can QAnon survive the inauguration of Joe Biden?

QAnoners expected Trump to signal the start of “the storm” with messages on the presidential emergency broadcast system.

Today was supposed to be THE DAY for QAnon true believers, the day that Donald Trump and his secret military allies would swoop down upon the inauguration, arresting Biden and the Clintons and Lady Gaga and many others. in a swift and brutal crackdown on an evil cabal of politicians and billionaires and celebrities who murder children and drink their blood to get high.

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Parler, we hardly knew ye!

Parler is dead, for now. The very loosely moderated Twitter clone — designed to appeal to the sort of people who get kicked off of Twitter — went dark last night after Amazon pulled the plug on its web services.

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No, the racist mass shooter in Hanau, Germany was NOT an incel

A makeshift memorial for the victims in Hanau

By David Futrelle

On Wednesday night, a gunman opened fire on patrons at two separate hookah bars in Hanau, Germany, killing nine; he and his elderly mother were later found dead in his apartment.

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Right-wingers lose it over Celine Dion’s clothing line for kids — and its alleged Luciferian, pro-trans, anti-male, antifa agenda

Maybe the kid’s just really into New Order

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By David Futrelle

Last week Celine Dion launched a new clothing line for children with a slick but exceedingly strange little video in which the oddball Canadian chanteuse, playing the part of some action movie heroine, slipped into the maternity ward of a hospital and magically replaced the pink and blue outfits of a roomful of newborns with gender-neutral, black-and-white onesies from her collection — before being wrestled to the ground by a security guard.

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Blazing hot takes on mail bombs from the #MAGA crowd

Yes, they’re already starting to make NPC memes about it

UPDATE, FRIDAY 10/26: They’ve nabbed a suspect, a 56-year-old Florida man whose van is covered with pro-Trump stickers, alongside “CNN SUCKS” stickers and  pictures of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats depicted in crosshairs. Somehow I don;t think this is going to stop these people from crying “false flag.” 

By David Futrelle

At yet another of his endless series of rallies this Wednesday night, Donald Trump responded to the news that pipe bombs were sent to the homes and offices of a number of his top Democratic bete noires, as well as to CNN, another favorite Trump target, by offering only the vaguest possible condemnations of these acts of terrorism.

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I have seen the future of #QAnon meming, and his name is BD-13 67

Another classic “are we the baddies?” moment, courtesy of BD-13 67

By David Futrelle

So I was browsing through the #QAnon hashtag on Twitter, as one does, and admiring the amazing graphic design abilities of the Q Believers and MAGAheads in general, when I ran across a couple of memes that made me wonder if I was hallucinating.

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Q Believers respond to the head-spinning news on Rosenstein and Kavanaugh with rationality and restraint. JUST KIDDING!

It’s really all very simple

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Bannedit? Two days after banning alt-right MillionDollarExtreme subreddit, Reddit nukes its QAnon forum

A sad night in QAnonsville

By David Futrelle

Is Reddit finally learning how to ban correctly?

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The QAnon conspiracy snowball gets bigger and dirtier: A visit to the GreatAwakening subreddit

The world looks pretty scary once you start seeing sinister patterns everywhere

By David Futrelle

By now you may be familiar with the broad outlines of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which might be described, in essence, as Pizzagate on steroids.

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