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Fox News declares war on campus cats — and the students who might want to pet them

Get outta the dorm room, you filthy furry snowflake enabler!

A new study finds that college students can relieve stress through the simple act of petting a cat. It’s not exactly a revolutionary discovery — lots of studies have found that pets can relax people, which is part of the reason we let them live in our houses in the first place and why there are programs to bring dogs to campuses to help students chill out. Now maybe cats will be included in such programs, too.

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Happy Mother’s Day — now back to the kitchen! 17 weird, creepy, and sometimes cute vintage cards

Happy Mothers Day! Let us celebrate with a bunch of weird, creepy, retrograde, sexist, and sometimes cute vintage Mother’s Day cards.

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Coronavirus question of the day, courtesy of a Reddit incel

No human male can compete with this Good Boy

By David Futrelle

Incels: asking the questions that no one else dares to. Perhaps because these questions are really, really terrible.

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Red Pill Redditor: Show your true alpha nature by totally dominating tiny dogs

Alpha male making a tiny dog his bitch

By David Futrelle

Red Pill dudes agree that to be a true alpha male, you need to dominate the women in your life. Apparently the same rule applies to man’s best friend as well: Alpha males need to be the alpha dog to their own dogs — even if (especially if) these dogs are teenie-weenie cutie-wooties.

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No, you misogynistic dinguses, lab techs don’t regularly find dog semen in pap smears

Dog has questions. So do I.

By David Futrelle

I‘m sorry, everyone, but we’re going to have to talk about “the dogpill” again.

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Open thread for personal stuff, like if there’s a cat always sitting on you

BFFs, or cat tyranny in action?

By request, a long overdue open thread for personal stuff! No trolls.

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Everything I know about Brexit I learned from Janey Godley, including the stuff about Big Theresa’s flute

Janey Godley in happier times

By David Futrelle

Some days I just can’t stand the thought of immersing myself in raw hate long enough to produce a post. Today was one of those days, so instead of the usual stuff I thought I’d offer you all a sort of crash course in Brexit, the ongoing political disaster that’s sort of the UK’s equivalent to us Americans (or at least a minority of us) voting Trump into office.

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From Dogpill to Fishpill: Incels think women regularly have sex with dogs. But dogs aren’t the only animals that make them jealous.

Chadfish (Image taken from

By David Futrelle

So have you heard of the “dogpill?” Apologies in advance for possibly ruining your dinner, or your entire day, but if you haven’t, the Dogpill is what incels call their, er, theory that many of the very same women who refuse to have sex with them are regularly, and enthusiastically, having sex with dogs.

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I regret to inform you that the incels are still talking about the “dogpill”

How can incels compete with THIS cool dude?

By David Futrelle

I suppose I should begin my telling you what the dogpill is, in case you don’t already know. And I should probably apologize in advance, because things are about to get really, really gross.

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Pledge Drive! Late November 2018 Phone Kittens Edition

Operators are standing by!

By David Futrelle

It’s Pledge Drive time again! If you appreciate what we do here at We Hunted the Mammoth, please show this appreciation with whatever donation, large or small, you can afford. THANKS!

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