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Tucker Carlson gets canned; his fans blame the Deep State, Big Pharma, AOC, and/or the Jews

Check out my new blog My AI Obsession, and my latest post there, “My AI girlfriend broke up with me”

The big news today is that Tucker Carlson, hero to racist grandfathers everywhere, is out at Fox, reportedly canned on the orders of Rupert Murdoch himself.

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Roosh V blames Satan for his boners. But he’s not the only alt-lite grifter obsessed with the Dark Lord

Could it be?

By David Futrelle

Our old friend Roosh V is sounding a bit like a fundamentalist preacher these days:

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Porn star Mercedes Carrera was a Gamergate icon. Now that she’s been charged with child sexual abuse, ex-fans pretend they never knew her

Carrera and her porn director boyfriend ” Daemon Cins” have each been charged with eight counts of child sexual abuse

By David Futrelle

Porn actress Mercedes Carrera was enthusiastically embraced by the Gamergate crowd after she spoke out in favor of the journalism ethics movement misogynistic harassment campaign in its heyday back in 2014.

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Oh the Sean Hannity! Today in Tweets


By David Futrelle

So the big mystery in the court hearing today over the raid on Michael Cohen’s offices and residences was: who was Cohen’s mysterious Client #3, alongside Trump and Republican National Committee fundraiser Elliott Broidy.

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Inept Jared, Bus Seat Burqas and Anthony “Ten Days” Scaramucci: Today in Tweets

At least this explanation makes some sense

In today’s Tweet roundup: Bus-seat burqas, Jared’s “incompetence” defense, and a cute little puppy!

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Mike Cernovich accuses guy who trolled him at Politicon of being “a replicant, a demon” out to kill him

Cernovich regularly livestreams from his bed

By David Futrelle

Is loopy alt-lite “journalist” Mike Cernovich losing it? Admittedly, with Cernovich his normal behavior is already so bizarre it would be hard to tell, but his unhinged reaction to a guy who gently trolled him at Politicon the other day has me wondering.

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Suffracattes, Daddy Mooch, and Tampons as Masturbatory Aids: Today in Tweets

Sneaky, sneaky girls!

By David Futrelle

In today’s Tweet Pile: Cats fight for the right to vote (for women), Mooch meets his new baby, Trump threatens to destroy Obamacare himself if congress can’t, and incels offer some very interesting theories about tampons. With cameos from long-time WHTM favorites Scott Adams, M*ke C*rnovich and Roosh V!

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Cry Moar, Mitch McConnell: Tweets of the Day

Poor Mitch, I’m just so sorry you couldn’t steal my healthcare you goddamn weasel

By David Futrelle

I find a lot of interesting and funny stuff on Twitter every day so I thought I’d try rounding some of that up for you all on a regular, perhaps even daily basis. Today, it’s all (or mostly) about the FAILURE of the Republican’s attempts to destroy healthcare. A good day (so far, but it’s not even noon yet where I live)!

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Check out the profile of We Hunted the Mammoth in the New York Times today!

Please do not poke the mammoth with sharp sticks

By David Futrelle

So this little blog of mine (and yours!) got a nice writeup in the New York Times today by fellow Illinois writer Peter C. Baker. Check it out! Nice to see the Paper of Record take note of what we’re doing here.

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For Mother’s Day, give the gift of Mike Cernovich’s stupid face!

Mom will love it! (Snoop Dog not included.)

Looking for last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? Look no further!

As we all know, there’s nothing that moms love better than t-shirts featuring the disembodied heads of horrendous dudes they’ve probably never heard of, so why not get them this ACTUAL T-SHIRT YOU CAN REALLY BUY NO REALLY featuring the grim visage of ALPHA JUICE GORILLA MAN and famous “journalist” Mike Cernovich!

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