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Chad and the Virgin are getting it on for #PrideMonth. And wait a minute, so are Stacy and Becky!

A happy ending for everyone!

By David Futrelle

By now you’ve all seen endless variations on the Chad vs. Virgin meme, and probably a few featuring Stacy and Becky as well. Most of them, like the originals, tend to be more depressing than funny, reflecting the spread of toxic incel ideology into the “normie” world.

But yesterday on Twitter I ran across some fanart that flipped the script on both of these memes and ended up actually sort of heartwarming.

Happy endings for everyone — though not quite as the makers of the original memes imagined. It’s as if the wannabe swinging couples in 1969’s Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice had decided to skip the Bob & Alice & Ted & Carol stage and try a little Bob & Ted & Carol & Alice instead.

Several hours later another Pride-ified Chad & Virgin & Stacy & Becky meme popped up on my Twtter, combining Chad and Virgin from the original meme with a reworked Stacy and Becky from @Hatie_Kunt.

(This is the pic I turned into my graphic above, BTW.)

As it turns out, people have been shipping each of these couples for awhile now. After a little poking around I found an entire subreddit (albeit a teensy weensy one with only eight posts total) devoted to celebrating the blossoming friendship and/or love of Chad and Virgin, who may not actually be a virgin any more. (Click on the images to see sources.)

This meme-ist imagined the two as happy parents:

Outside the subreddit, which isn’t exactly the most active place on Reddit, I found even more. Here’s another one designed to tug at the heartstrings:

But my favorite has to be this one with the pregnant Chad:

I didn’t find as many romantic Becky and Stacy memes. But here’s one memorable one I ran across from @allygnnn on Twitter.

And here’s yet another variation, featuring a girl Chad and a sort of Beckified Virgin that I found on Reddit:

I also found an older meme featuring a remarkably similar couple, based on a bit of Tumblr art by someone called Beekkake, contrasting her slightly nerdy self with Stacy-esque “other girls.”

Naturally, other Tumblrites wondered: But what if they were to kiss? And Creamsicle was born, the name a nod to the contrast between the orange skin of the “other girl” and the pale white of “me.”

The art ranges from the cute:

… to the (somewhat) raunchy.

You can find countless more on Fuck Yeah Creamsicle.

And while Creamsicle is kind of an old meme now, one artist brought the two back for this little masterpiece:

Happy Pride Month, everyone!

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39 replies on “Chad and the Virgin are getting it on for #PrideMonth. And wait a minute, so are Stacy and Becky!”

Stacy walking her lovely girlfriend Becky to the library to study and pick up books. And wonderful chad respecting his boyfriend boundaries while going to the movies.

Maybe this is why Chad pursued all those Stacies and never settled down with one. Maybe this is why the Virgin was always moping.
Glad to see them both happy. 🙂


Yes, her breast and booty shrink while her waist stays the same because of reading. No one said incels were smart lol.


Knew I recognized them from somewhere. I still wonder how hard incels’ heads would explode if I pointed out that my male gaze, for one, finds the righthand side of that progression a lot hotter than the left. And not just because brains are hot and people carrying books at least suggests the possibility they might have brains.

Third and fourth, for me. But the real “blow their minds” epiphany would be if they realized that this seemingly magical transformation is actually because the woman dresses for comfort and speed to go to study hall, but puts on high heels, a miniskirt, a padded bra, and a blonde wig, plus makeup and lots of other laboring on her appearance, to go out clubbing or whatever. The women you see in study hall look systematically different from the ones you see at the bar because, by and large, people chose to dress and make themselves up differently for different contexts, not because becoming into books magically shape-shifts you.

If memory serve well, the stripe was made as a piece of specific fetish porn (something about transformation). It was detourned by misogynes just like Pepe the frog was by racists.

So glad to see that everyone found love.

I’m a bit creeped out by seeing “white” listed as a positive, even if it’s in comparison to “orange”.

I must admit to finding old-cartoon-Chad’s physical deformities a bit disturbing (he looks as if his torso is facing in the opposite direction from his pelvis. Did a supernatural intervention rip him in half at the waist and stick the two halves back together again the wrong way round?) but apart from that these are such wholly heartwarming, happy ships!
(that yellow triangle is Chad’s hair, tho? I honestly thought it was meant to be a hat. Maybe now he’s happy in love he’ll let it relax a little)
Those new cartoons are very sweet 🙂


I’m a bit creeped out by seeing “white” listed as a positive, even if it’s in comparison to “orange”.

I’m so glad it wasn’t just me who felt this way.


Tbh, chad always reminded me of John Bravo. Which is funny because John Bravo lived with his mother and all the women he came into contact with would turn him down.

Slightly (well ok, completely) O/T, but I hope David doesn’t mind if I put this here.

Executive summary: This is to fund a legal case. The issue is about a chap who worked for an animal rights charity. He then found out the company pension fund invested in areas that involved testing on animals. He raised this as a concern and, long story short, got penalised for it.

There are two issues at stake.

First, is ethical veganism a protected belief under our Equality Act?

Second, considerations around what we call PIDA. That’s our Public Interest Disclosure Act. Basically, it protects whistleblowers, when certain conditions are met; and we’d like to set a precedent that these sorts of disclosures would meet the criteria.

If you can chip in; or just spread awareness; it would very much be appreciated. Ta.

Why does the middle one look like she’s never seen a book before?

I see it as she’s checking out the blurb on the back of the book to see if its of interest to her while standing in the classic “I’m not putting my glasses on for four lines” pose.

@Luzbelitx: Yeah, I was going to say – there are a million of these out there. The transformation featured in the extremely good pride works seems to have chiefly got attention because some misguided Christian groups found it and thought it was about the Bible turning women away from a life of vice and sin – or something. For all I know, that could have just been a further layer of irony.


Regarding the first issue, I would think it depends on whether:

A) Your Equality Act recognizes creed as a protected ground; and

B) If so, does that protection extend to non-spiritual matters.

I would imagine that if the answers are yes and yes, then ethical veganism should be a protected ground.

We have a similar case in Ontario at the moment regarding an ethical vegan firefighter who was denied compliant meals while deployed out of province.

That being said, and assuming the Equality Act is similar to our OHRA, I would guess that it may be difficult to establish that an employer’s choice of investments can amount to discrimination?


Looks like a queue at the library to me. I’m glad public institutions such as these are still so busy xD

Naturally, other Tumblrites wondered: But what if they were to kiss?

TBF, this is how 90% of the content on Tumblr comes into existence to begin with.

@ doethreetwoone

As well as protection based on religion, or lack of (a particular) religion; the Act explicitly protects ‘beliefs’.

To be protected a belief must satisfy a five part test:

The belief must be genuinely held,

Must be a belief and not an opinion based on present available information .

Have regards to a weighty or substantial aspect of human life and behaviour,

Have a level of cogency, seriousness, cohesion and importance

Be worthy of respect in a democratic society as well as being not incompatible with human dignity or conflict with others’ rights.

Ethical veganism, as opposed to health based veganism, almost certainly passes the test.

The Defendant has conceded that; but, because of the wider public interest element, the tribunal wants to have a preliminary hearing on the issue.

A belief in the sanctity of animal life passed the test (can’t be sacked for hunt-sabbing); so we should be ok here.

Then there’s to be another hearing on the PIDA point.

Begging your pardon; but what is “hunt-sabbing” a typo of? I can’t immediately think of any plausible candidate except “hunt-stabbing”, which doesn’t sound like it would be consistent with “a belief in the sanctity of animal life”, so I conclude that you actually meant to type something different from that as well.

It’s not a typo of anything. But you could have found that out yourself with a quick (and free!) web search. 😉

RE: the Stacy turning into Becky cartoon. Arghh!, here we go again with the blondes-can’t-be-intellectual trope. That is wrong on SO many levels (only one of them being that my very intellectual partner happens to have long blonde hair).

As for the cartoon itself, the woman second from the left (where she sees the book on the ground and bends down to take a look) actually kind of looks like Ms. Pavlov’s House (whose attention, if she was walking long, would definitely be drawn to any book in her range of vision) … except for Ms. Pavlov’s House that there would be an exasperated statement “why is this important book on ground; someone does not know books should be respected. Look at this, this is copy of [insert title of book], someone probably needs this…my darling, if this is a library book we should return it right away. What is wrong with people?”

Also, Happy Pride Month everyone.

And oh yes, good to see everyone. Had to be a away for a while.

Just taking a moment 2 say how much I *really* like the girl Chad & Beckified (sp?) Virgin. That one could *so* be my partner & me–except I’m not quite that nerdy (though I am a bookworm), she’s black-haired.

I also find the one of Chad giving the Virgin a piggyback ride extra sweet.

On a slightly OT note, does it say something odd about me that I just realized my anniversary w/my partner lands in Pride month🤔?

Sorry, last part of the 1st sentence should read “and she’s black-haired.”

I know, somewhat OCD on my part, but, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve got nuns in my head–& sometimes they won’t shut up!

I agree with Alan that Ethical veganism certainly passes the tests for a protected belief. Actually I would go as far as to say that to lay claim to the vegan identity means you should be doing it from an ethical rather than health reasons. It’s a matter of some debate that vegans who are doing it solely for dietary reasons aren’t actually vegans at all, they are “plant based” (incendentally those tend to he the ones who crash and burn out of the diet after treating it like a fad diet and run off chasing the next one, the “carnivore” diet where only animal flesh and offal is consumed is currently popular sadly).

reminds me of that transphobic meme where a “transtrender” was contrasted with a more accepted (by that meme maker anyway, stereotyped as “doesnt flaunt it” or w/e) masculine trans man, and trans people quickly shipped them as a couple who accepts & supports each other as all trans people are valid. (Sky & Damien if you want to look for it.)

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