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The worst “nice guy” rage comic in the history of the universe

[TW: Rape]

Have you ever said to yourself, “my life won’t be complete until I see a reprehensible rage comic in which a ‘nice guy’ decides to solve his ‘friendzone’ problem by violently raping women?”

If so, it’s your lucky day! I found this lovely comic on the Tumblrverse; the dude who put it up has since taken it, and his Tumblr, down. Be warned: this really is the worst rage comic I’ve ever seen. Click here to see it. Or don’t click; that might be the better choice.

This is why “nice guys” can’t have nice things. BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT REALLY NICE.

Below, something of a palate cleanser. No trigger warning for this one. Just some lovely schadenfreude. (Thanks to blitzgal for posting this in the comments.)


EDITED TO ADD: I just noticed this lovely discussion in the Men’s Rights subreddit about my post. You may notice that many statements in the discussion are not what you might call “true.” Also, they deliberately misspell my name in a most hilarious manner! (If you are 5 years old.)

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I think the funniest thing about the reddit thread is that David got 4 downvotes for pointing out that there are no ads on Why you bringing reality into it, David?!?

@Diane, I don’t think you’re a troll, but I think you need to read what jumbofish and Snowy said above and really think about it rather than being defensive.

They deserve to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital involuntarily. If that is “stigmatizing” mental illness and “not cool” I am sorry to offend.

The thing is, being committed isn’t something that happens to people because they “deserve” it. It happens because they are unfortunate enough to be severely ill. When you use phrasing like that, you are unambiguously conflating being severely mentally ill with being a “bad” person who “deserves” to endure unpleasant things. And that’s a shitty thing to do, since there’s not actually any particular correlation between being mentally ill and being a bad person, and the mentally ill are frequently regarded with fear and derision as it is.

Think of it this way – if I said, “MRAs deserve to be sent to the cancer ward for chemotherapy, because they’re sick, like cancer patients,” doesn’t that seem like it would be kind of insulting to cancer patients, who are mostly nice, ordinary people who don’t want to rape everyone they meet? (And that’s not even getting into the additional implication that the cancer patients should be locked in with a bunch of people who want to violently rape everyone, which seems awfully dangerous for them.)

Earlier in this discussion, I told Arks that if he seriously considers raping people on a regular basis, he should seek help, because that is not a healthy mindset. I kind of think that’s the message you might have been going for, but what you actually said came out less as “wanting to rape every woman you meet is not healthy; please get some sort of help dealing with those impulses before you actually hurt someone” and more as “MRAs, like mentally ill people, suck and should be punished, like they deserve.” And if you honestly can’t take a step back and see why that’s problematic, I don’t know how to help you.

RE: Jumbofish

Okay, thought it was you, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a coincidental similar name. (Also, you had very little info up, and I’ve had a couple issues with Ruskie spambots lately.)

RE: Diane

I know at least three people who were committed. They were committed to GET BETTER. I don’t want them around creepy rapist assholes who’re otherwise sane, because, y’know, that tends not to help people mentally. Certainly won’t help the assholes. (Leaving aside my personal opinions of our mental health system, which are catastrophically low.)

My friend makes joke that eventually Chronic Assholism will become a diagnosis in the DSM-V, but it’s not there yet. And as a fellow crazy person who thus far has managed to avoid committment… please, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Also, for all those people I knew, being involuntarily committed was FUCKING TERRIFYING. I don’t wish it on goddamn HITLER, never mind these run-of-the-mill assholes.

I’ve worked in a hospital with a psych-ward. It was… interesting. I won’t say the attitudes weren’t, sometimes, a bit callous. But I can’t really think of any of the people I worked with who would have said that sort of thing.

I worked security. We went through the ward once an hour (it was a stupid way to ensure we made rounds of the entire campus), and we also had to back-up the psych-ward techs who were responsible for applying restraints; as needed, when we had an involuntary committment.

Those were scary; for everyone.

I also, when I was in the Army, had to help with several people who were committed for worries of self-harm.

Being an asshole, or a sexiast jerk, so not a mental health issue. It might be a socialisation issue, but that’s a lot different, and the solution is to change society, not to malign all who have mental health related conditions.

Famous fictional Nice Guy: Clark Kent. He has the benefit of being able to be Superman and see how hypocritical Lois Lane is for rejecting him and fawning over Superman.

I think this may be the root of all the “women say they want a good man but they only want a guy with looks and muscles and money.” (Supes can crush coal in his hand to turn it into diamonds.)

Of course he doesn’t give her what she wants.

I’ve heard the finger/ear “joke” before, but I don’t remember in what context and I’m not sure what it’s in aid of. Is it a tenet of MRAdom that women enjoy sex more? What relevance does that have?

@oldfeminist: Nah, Superman’s just a dick.

Of course, it’s not just Lois he’s a dick to; he’s been a dick to just about everyone (Jimmy, Perry White, Batman, Pat Boone …).

But he doesn’t tend to hang back and pine when he’s got a crush on a woman; he’s had successful relationships with Lana Lang and Lori Lemaris in the past. So I don’t think Clark Kent is a Nice Guy; he’s not passive enough.

Dammit, I should have thought ahead and put a big trigger warning on both of those links.

Not everything on Superdickery is as violent as that last link, but there’s also wartime propaganda on there and DC was not kind to the Japanese during the war.

Sorry for not thinking ahead like that.

Sometimes my boyfriend puts his finger in my ear (it amuses him I guess?) and I can say with great confidence that his finger enjoys it more than my ear does.

Fortunately my vagina is different from my ear in several important regards.

Erm. I can state for an absolute fact that there are people reading this thread who have been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital and really do not appreciate being classified in the same group as MRAs or called vile. (HI.) Involuntary commitment doesn’t make you a criminal, or evil, or an asshole, or a rapist: in fact, the people I was in the hospital with, most of whom were also involuntarily committed, were some of the kindest people I’ve met.


Oh Jesus Christ…when you tell him you’ve never joked about male rape his response is “yeah but you probably think it!!!!”

What a fucking dumbass. So much for MRAs and their “facts”

and yeah…they have no problem with this comic because its a female rape victim, if it were a male all hell would break loose and the artist would be doxxed and put on register her.

Ozy: Yeah. Most of the people in the ward were fine. We weren’t allowed to stay, and interact with them (which we were allowed to do on all the other wards), but It wasn’t a place full of people having violent breakdowns. Mostly it was people sitting around, playing games, or looking out the windows, or talking to each other.

And the people I saw, or had to have, committed when I was in the Army… It was mostly suicidal ideations. All of the ones I knew, came through it all right. It’s funny, for all the shit it gets, the Army is pretty good about not jumping the gun and committing people. When I was in basic we had several people on suicide watch, here and there, because they’d done/said things which were flags, but the immediate reaction was to talk to them, see what was bothering them; and try to find the root problem (basic is a high stress environment, and some of the people who are in it, ought not be. Some of them get vicious to other soldiers. I can say at least one person who was being that kind of shit was kicked out of my basic training company. I know of about half a dozen others who have been discharged for the same reason. Sadly I know others who ought to have been, but managed to stay below the threshold of notice. When I noticed them I did my best to keep them on a short leash, while I tried to get documentation).

He went Super Saiyan, but he’s barely over 9000? He won’t have much luck against Frieza with an embarrassing power level like that. In any case, he’s ruining old anime and being a tool. No good.

As someone who has at times spent a lot of time in psychiatric wards, for one reason or another and was committed against my will once, the implication, that for some reason unknown to me, I somehow ” deserved” to be locked up with violent rapists makes me want to spit! As if recieving medical treatment, however painful, is a punishment and that the patient ” deserved” it. It really really misrepresents people who actually need to be committed. Most of them are far more likely to harm to themselves than others, IMHO.

Most bad people are not that way due to mental illness. That’s just a cop out. It enables us to say that people who commit violent crimes are just poor misunderstood victims of the system and absolves the rest of society for dealing with them at the sharp end.

Of course, people who commit crimes because of a genuine mental illness belong in hospital, getting help, not in prison, being punished.

Every time I hear someone say, “such and such should be put in a mental ward” I think one word.

Любянка (Lyubianka)

The “psychiatric” hospital the Soviets used for dissidents,and others.

If you’re mentally ill it is still your responsibility not to be an asshole.

Now, “not an asshole” may mean different things, depending on what mental illness you have. Sometimes I have to flake on things because I can’t leave the house. Someone with ADD may have difficulty showing up to a lunch date with a friend on time. Someone with Asperger’s might accidentally say something offensive. Even though those would be asshole behavior in neurotypicals, in mentally ill people they may not be.

But nevertheless it is your responsibility not to intentionally cause avoidable harm to others, even if you’re mentally ill! And “making a rage comic about raping a friend” is definitely intentionally causing avoidable harm to others.

@yup Not “this” guy – all these guys. Check a few more posts out

I always thought necro meant necrophile, like having it off with dead posts. I’m missing the point, aren’t I?

There are probably trolls out there who are obsessed with commenting on dead threads… so you could both be right in a way?

Considering it happens often enough that I made a damned gif, yeah, they seem to enjoy it.

Archeoholmes — I am reminded of a Criminal Minds with a dude screaming about how he’s not the only guy in town who likes dead people. Like that’s totally something plenty of people do.

God, I am the person from Criminal Minds whose mind goes to necrophilia immediately. But, be honest, doesn’t everyone’s?

archeoholmes — no no, his mind was on necrophilia because he was being accused of murdering children and dressing up their bodies (hair cut, nails trimed, nice clothing) because he was a necrophile (spoiler! Turns out it was a mentally ill woman whose infant had been taken by the state, it was a Very Very Sad episode…one of those ones where you want to hate the unsub, cuz murderer, but you just can’t, cuz tragic circumstances)

It’s less unpleasant than much of what this blog comments on, lol.

Fair enough I suppose. Though it was kinda break the cutie and I like Reid…

Lol, go figure eh? I have a thing for the brainiac math whiz who seems to live off coffee? Who’d have ever guessed?!

OMG, that cartoon was really, really horrible.

On the other hand, it’s good to know what’s going on in the brains of woman haters. Education is a good thing!

Still, I feel sick.

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