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Check out the profile of We Hunted the Mammoth in the New York Times today!

Please do not poke the mammoth with sharp sticks

By David Futrelle

So this little blog of mine (and yours!) got a nice writeup in the New York Times today by fellow Illinois writer Peter C. Baker. Check it out! Nice to see the Paper of Record take note of what we’re doing here.

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Check out my interview on Vice about harassment of women online


I’ve been so busy the last several days I forgot to put up a link to this interview I did with a writer from Vice. Check it out!

I’m happy with the interview overall. Though I should point out that my comments were edited somewhat, and there are a few places where the writer removed some of the context and/or simplified what I said by removing some qualifying statements. Thus, for example, where I talk about how rape threats towards men have less of an impact, I don’t want to suggest that no men outside of prison fear rape; obviously that’s untrue, and obviously there are many men outside of prison as well as inside who have been raped. What I was trying to say — and what I suspect would be much clearer in the unedited transcript of my interview  — is that the typical (straight, cis) man outside of prison doesn’t spend much time worrying about rape, and is much less likely to take rape threats seriously than women, who have every reason to take them much more seriously.

Anyway, that caveat aside,  check it out.

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Check out the interview of me on Vitamin W

None of these people were involved in the interview, actually.
None of these people were involved in the interview, actually. Not even Aldo Ray.

The website Vitamin W did a little interview/profile of me; check it out here. When I was talking to the writer I got a bit more ranty than usual, so some of the quotes are a bit blunt.

One point of clarification on the references to my feminism at the start of the piece: what I was trying to convey was that while I was very much a feminist when I started Man Boobz, this was just a sort of taken-for-granted aspect of my life, not something I spent a great deal of time thinking about on a daily basis. Doing Man Boobz has made me much more of a feminist, both ideologically and in terms of how much of my time I spend thinking about and reading about and discussing feminist issues.

Also, the thing about me being driven by how much these guys annoy me was a reference to my motivation when I started the site, not to why I do the site now.

There are a few points where the author, well, oversimplifies things. To say that PUA sites “generally promote rape,” for example, isn’t quite right, though there are certainly PUA sites that encourage various forms of sexual harassment and have seriously problematic notions about consent. Our old nemesis Roosh, of course, has flat-out stated that by the standards of American law he raped a woman who was too intoxicated to consent.  (You can find his confession quoted here.)

Anyway, let me know what you think. I’m sure the MRAs will.

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The Man Boobz Survey is up! Go take it! [UPDATE: Survey closes Thursday at 8 PM, EST]

Survey says: Actually, none of these are options on the Man Boobz survey
Survey says: Actually, none of these are options on the Man Boobz survey

Thanks to the hard work of Argenti Aertheri and the suggestions of various other Boobzers, the Man Boobz survey is now up and ready to be taken. It will give me — and all of you — a better picture of just what sort of people read Man Boobz on a regular basis. It’s completely anonymous. Go take it! It will only take a few minutes.

I will probably leave it up for a couple of days, and will report the results here as soon as the numbers are crunched.

I think pretty much any other question you might have about it will probably be answered on the survey itself, so hop to it!

Thanks Argenti!

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T-Shirt Sale! 40% Off! One Day Only!

If you’ve been wanting to get a Man Boobz t-shirt, but are tight on funds, you can get one today for 40% off!

Just go to the Manboobz  Zazzle store and enter the code 12DAILYDEAL1.

Just for today! We’ve got Mammoths! We’ve got Cupcakes! We’ve got Cock Carousels!

See how happy JohnnyKaje is in the “We Hunted the Mammoth” shirt she designed! (I don’t know what happened to her face.) She also did the art for the Cock Carousel! And Shaenon K. Garrity did the cupcake! I’m going to order a second cupcake shirt because the first one got ripped!

Man Boobz t-shirts always get compliments!

You can buy other Man Boobz stuff, too, but most of it is only 15% off! Which is still a sale!

Man Boobz t-shirts make ideal stocking stuffers! If you like stuffing t-shirts into stockings! Which some of you might be into, I don’t know!

Profits go to Planned Parenthood!

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Man Boobz Pledge Drive, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Operators are standing by. (Pic from The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee website. Click on the pic to see the full photoshoot.)

Welcome to the 2nd twice-annual Man Boobz Pledge Drive!

I’ll keep this brief: If you enjoy this blog, and can afford it, please click on the “donate” button below and sending a few bucks my way. Or, if you’d prefer, a massive quantity of bucks. You don’t need a PayPal account to donate; you can use a credit card, and I think there are other options as well.

Things are still a bit lean here at Man Boobz manor, so any donations you can spare will be enormously appreciated by me and the kitties, and (indirectly) by my landlord.

If you can’t afford it, I completely understand; so many of you already contribute enormously to Man Boobz with your awesomely hilarious and smart comments, and strange drawings, and links to videos of kittens, and the like. At the time of the last pledge drive, back in March, you all had left a little more than 125,000 comments here; the total has just now gone over 200,000. Which is amazing to me.

So, congratulations, and thanks.

If you really want to get into the proper Pledge Drive mindset, watch the clip below from a KCTS9 Seattle PBS Pledge Drive sometime in the 80s (presumably) in which a slightly addled Pledge Wrangler gets some of her facts about the station a little confused. Including what channel she’s on.

If you want to get into a slightly different state of mind, watch this video instead, from eccentric (and extremely indie) musician R. Stevie Moore. I think this is what ELO would have sounded like if all their songs had been recorded in a basement in New Jersey.

EDITED TO ADD: I found the kitty pic atop this post on the web, uncredited. But a reader points out it’s actually from a photoshoot from The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, a website set up by foster cat parents which uses its adorable pictures of kittens to find homes for said kittens as well as to raise money for the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society, from whence the kittens come. They’ve actually done a whole bunch of fundraising photoshoots over the years with new batches of kittens and an ever-more elaborate set. Check them out and maybe send them some $ too.

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The Five Million Mark

Change “years to earth” to “page views,” and forget about all that “cities in flames” stuff to make this picture actually relevant to the matter at hand.

Just wanted to let you all know that Man Boobz has just passed a milestone of sorts: FIVE MILLION page views. Thank you, loyal visitors and annoying trolls alike! No, seriously, thank you!

We’re also just a handful of NWOslave screeds away from 180,000 comments. Which is actually even more amazing. Thanks again, loyal readers, for making the comments here so entertaining and educational. And thanks again, trolls, for giving us so much more material to work with.

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About those ads …

If only all ads were as awesome as this one.

So, yeah, I’ve added ads to the site, at least on a trial basis. I’ve avoided them in the past to avoid cluttering up the site, and because ads don’t pay all that much, but times are a bit lean here at Man Boobz manor, and with the traffic this site now gets – we recently passed 4.5 million views – ads won’t make me rich but will definitely help. Hopefully they won’t be too obtrusive.

A couple of requests:

I don’t get paid unless people actually see the ads, so if you’re using ad-blocking software, please consider disabling it for (If you’d rather not, maybe consider a donation? Donations are always welcome here.)

And if you want to help me make a few bucks more, and spread the word about the site in general, don’t hesitate to use the little “share” buttons below each post. Share on Twitter, on Facebook, on Reddit, or anywhere else you can think of. Some of you already do this, and I appreciate it a great deal.

One other thing: WordPress handles the ads; I don’t have any say in the specifics of what gets put here. Let me know if you see any weird or inappropriate ones.

So let the great ad experiment begin.

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A quick preview of my Northwestern talk tonight on “How to hate women and have terrible sex.”

Here’s a preview of the talk I’ll be giving at Northwestern tonight.

Remember, the talk — on “How to hate women and have terrible sex: Misogynistic sex myths, and how they ruin sex for everyone” – will be at 8 PM in Room G02 of Annenberg Hall on the Northwestern Campus in Evanston.

(Here’s a map.)

See you there!

Oh, and also, The Spearhead has discovered that I will be giving a talk. W. F. Price writes about it with his usual objectivity, by which I mean that his piece is filled with lies and weird projection.

EDITED TO ADD: And now the Men’s Rights Subreddit gets in on the fun! Apparently they are also very concerned about my weight.

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I’m giving a talk at Northwestern University on Monday. Topic: How to hate women and have terrible sex

Hot sex talk

Just a little heads up for any of you in the Chicago area: I’ll be speaking at Northwestern University on Monday, as part of its annual “Sex Week.”

My topic? “How to hate women and have terrible sex: Misogynistic sex myths, and how they ruin sex for everyone.” Nice Guys, Friend Zones, and the Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel will all make appearances.

The talk will be at 8 PM in Room G02 of Annenberg Hall on the Northwestern Campus in Evanston.

(Here’s a map.)

There will be free condoms and lube. (Apparently.)

For more about sex week, see the official website, or take a look at this piece in the Daily Northwestern.

Sex week is sponsored by the College Feminists; I’m talking at the invitation of Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault.

I’ll be writing the lecture over the weekend, so please feel free to offer suggestions as to which misogynistic sex myths I should talk about.

EDITED TO ADD: The Spearhead has discovered that I’m doing this talk. W. F. Price writes about it with his usual objectivity, by which I mean that his piece is filled with lies and weird projection.

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