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JK Rowling sets up a sexual violence support service that excludes trans women. Because of course

JK Rowling

Author and anti-trans activist JK Rowling has announced she is launching a crisis center for female victims of rape and sexual abuse. The catch? Beira’s Place, as the center is called, won’t allow trans women to use its services.

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Pedophile, kidnapper, child porn advocate and failed politician Nathan Larson dies in jail

Larson, doing his best “Blue Steel”

Newsweek has confirmed a rumor that has been spreading online: the wonderful human being known as Nathan Larson has died in custody. Last month, actually.

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Convicted sex offender and former A Voice for Men staffer Nicholas Alahverdian faces three new accusations of sexual assault

The last time we reported on the strange tale of convicted sex offender and former A Voice for Men staffer Nicholas Alahverdian, he was in Scotland awaiting extradition to the US on sexual assault charges in Utah. He was also telling whoever would listen — in a fake posh English accent — that he wasn’t Nicholas Alahverdian at all but rather a professor from Bristol, England named Arthur Knight, a victim of mistaken identity.

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Twitter threads reveal Johnny Depp’s long history of violence and abuse (allegedly)

Over the last several days, a number of threads have popped up on Twitter providing evidence of Johnny Depp’s long history of (alleged) violence and abuse, aimed at intimate partners and random strangers alike. I found these very useful; maybe you will as well. Just be warned that there’s a lot of explicit discussion of abuse that could be triggering.

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WorldNetDaily: “Transgenders” have launched “a depraved campaign to indoctrinate, seduce, groom and flat-out recruit America’s children into transgenderism”

Typical recruitment poster

The not-so-good folks over at, the far-right Christian media outlet, are devoting the latest issue of their print magazine Whistleblower to the question “What’s REALLY behind today’s youth transgender craze?” Their answers are even worse than you might expect even from this organization, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as “devoted to manipulative fear-mongering and outright fabrications designed to further the paranoid, gay-hating, conspiratorial and apocalyptic visions” of the site’s founder Joseph Farah.

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Did Marilyn Manson accuser Evan Rachel Wood just throw Amber Heard under the bus in a fruitless attempt to protect herself from harassment?

Evan Rachel Wood and Amber Heard were once in a picture together. That doesn’t make them BFFs.

Over the course of Amber Heard/Johnny Depp defamation trial, Heard faced what one social media research firm has called “one of the worst cases of cyberbullying and cyberstalking by a group of Twitter accounts that we’ve ever seen” — and the bullying continues even today, nearly two months after Heard lost the case.

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Some Johnny Depp fans are trying to turn Marilyn Manson accuser Evan Rachel Wood into “Amber Heard 2.0”

Longtime pals Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson

Some Johnny Depp fans, inspired by Depp’s win in his defamation suit against former wife Amber Heard, are hoping Marilyn Manson can win a similar case against former girlfriend and Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood.

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“Being an abuser appeals to me more than being a murderER,” incel sociopath explains

Not all incels spend their time fantasizing about being the next Elliot Rodger. No, some of them are less interested in contemplating mass murder than they are thinking about rape and other forms of abuse.

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Laura Ingraham guest chastizes Simone Biles for not “working through” her sex abuse trauma before competing in the Olympics

Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo 

Are Fox News hosts or guests human? It’s something I found myself wondering, and not for the first time, while watching a recent clip from Laura Ingraham’s terrible show in which she and guest Raymond Arroyo mulled over superstar gymnast Simone Biles’ decision to drop out of a number of events at the Olympics because she couldn’t get her head in the game.

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Marilyn Manson fans react to Evan Rachel Wood’s abuse allegations and most of them are surprisingly reasonable about the whole thing

Actress Evan Rachel Wood has been speaking out for years about the abuse she says she endured at the hands of one of her exes. Today, in an Instagram post, she dropped his name, and for most of those familiar with her story, it didn’t come as a big surprise:

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