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The American Family Association attacks the “false prophets of sexual anarchy and gender confusion” after The Sims 4 game adds trans options

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Last week Electronic Arts announced that it would be adding trans options to its popular Sims 4 game–allowing players to customize their characters with top-surgery scars, chest binders, and other shapewear. Naturally, the right-wing American Family Association reacted as if someone had set fire to Jesus.

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Christian blogger hails Russia’s new “Don’t Say Gay” law as a brave assault on “state-sanctioned sodomy”

Vladimir Putin has just signed a draconian bill into law prohibiting so-called LGBTQ “propaganda” in Russia. The bill, a bulked-up version of a less sweeping 2013 law, is so broad in its scope it will effectively ban any and all discussion of gay or trans identities in Russia, a ban enforceable by fines of up to 4 million rubles (or $64,000). The bill also bans the advocacy of pedophilia, as if that is even remotely in the same category.

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Retired Greek Orthodox bishop: “A woman does not get raped without wanting it”

The Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Dodoni has a big mouth

A prominent retired bishop in the Greek Orthodox church — known honorifically as the Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Dodoni — has caused a bit of a stir with some bizarre comments about rape.

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Roosh V leads a “peasant revolt” against rootless cosmopolitanism, soybean oil, and beard trimmers

Roosh resists temptation

Back in his pickup artist days, Roosh Valizadeh was rather fond of fornication, engaging in it as often as possible with women he described as “lubricated holes,” and writing a small library of self-published books devoted to his distinctly rapey version of “game.”

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The demons are back in NoFap-land

I blame the devil for this terrible movie poster artwork

They’re back. The lusty demonesses, the soul-sucking succubi, even Mr. Scratch himself — they’ve all found their way once again to Reddit’s NoFap community. And the natives are having none of it.

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Roosh V wants to warn you about the space demons

Our old friend fiend Roosh V — the erstwhile PUA who has renounced his old life and converted to Christianity — recently read a book. It’s called “Orthodoxy And The Religion Of The Future,” and it’s by some dude called¬†Father Seraphim Rose.

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The Federalist: Dying of COVID is good, actually

Jesus wept

MAGA truly is a death cult, though it’s rare for anyone on that side to admit it outright. Enter The Federalist, which today published a piece by its executive editor with the utterly un-ironic headline “For Christians, Dying From COVID (Or Anything Else) Is A Good Thing.”

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“When you have sex with a porn video, you are uniting with a demon,” and other insights from the Christian NoFap subreddit

In the secular NoFap movement, participants talk all the time about fighting their demons — pornography and masturbation — but they’re only speaking figuratively when it comes to the demon bit.

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Do Not Bang: Pickup Artist Roosh V embraces Jesus, bans talk of “fornication” from his web forums

Roosh V: 40-Year-Old Born Again Virgin?

By David Futrelle

A couple of months back, you may recall, the infamous pickup artist and ironic rape legalization proponent Roosh V announced that he had taken “the God pill,” embracing Jesus and Orthodox Christianity, after getting really, really high on mushrooms. (No, really.)

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