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Lil Nas X is “a tool being used to feminize little boys” declares batty writer

Lil Nas X isn’t literally pregnant

When gay-as-hell rapper Lil Nas X announced the upcoming release of his debut album by saying he was pregnant with it — and posed for pictures with a fake baby bump — he no doubt knew it would cause some less enlightened folks to blow a gasket.

But I’m not sure anyone could have imagined just how blown out some of these gaskets would be. Consider the post’s Jason Whitlock wrote in response to Lil Nas X’s photoshoot with People magazine. Whitlock’s post is a masterpiece of incoherent spew that somehow manages to suggest that the rapper is a secret cultural agent for the Chinese Communist Party working to sissify the United States.

“On Thursday,” Whitlock noted,

China’s lawmakers announced a ban on television programming with incorrect political positions, including shows featuring effeminate men. The Chinese Communist Party is pushing back against the feminization of men. Meanwhile, here in America, we’re celebrating it.

Well I should hope so!

Whitlock’s example of this allegedly terrible trend: Lil Nas X’s faux pregnancy photoshoot “to promote the fallacy that he’s having a baby.”

The fallacy? Do you not know what words mean?

Whitlock continues, explaining that we can’t just treat Lil Nas’ wry publicity stunt as a wry publicity stunt. No, it has a much more sinister aim: it’s part of an attempt to turn America’s boy children gay.

Lil Nas is important because he has the support of our cultural puppet masters. There’s a reason People Magazine supported his pregnancy photos. Lil Nas is bait for the minds of young people. He’s a tool being used to feminize little boys.

I’m pretty sure Lil Nas is his own puppetmaster.

Old Town Road made him an icon among grade-schoolers. Now that he’s an influencer, he’s putting out music to influence young boys in the LGBTQ direction.

The “LGBTQ direction?” Just say “gay,” dude; he’s not trying to lure young boys into lesbianism.

Every other month, he executes an attention-grabbing stunt connected to a sexual taboo. When he’s not giving the devil a lap dance, he’s twerking naked in a prison shower or posed in a white satin dress with a huge baby bump.

Sounds like someone’s being triggered.

Just a few years ago, we were (perhaps falsely) led to believe that 3% to 4% of Americans were gay. Now, when you turn on the television or open a social media app, society is presented as a narrative centered around alternative sexual identities.

You’d think that if this were so pervasive Whitlock would have a zillion examples to provide as proof. Nope; he’s got nothing but Lil Nas.

Transgenders make up 1% of society and 50% of our conversations about society. This is by design and manipulation.

That’s because transphobes are trying to take away trans folks’ basic rights.

Whitlock brings the topic back around to China:

If China is attempting to build a more masculine society, what kind of society would it love for its chief rival to adopt?

Maybe one riven by cultural conflicts that guys like you specialize in creating?

Oh, you were hoping I’d say “feminine.”

America is ruled by toxic femininity. The pleasing of emotions and feelings is our highest priority. We take so seriously the protection of feelings and emotions that thought crimes are judged more harshly than actual crimes.

Says the guy who’s harshly judging Lil Nas X for a cheeky publicity stunt.

After a brief detour discussing the Jan 6 insurrectionists — sorry, good sensible people — Whitlock declares that “[s]upport of Trump offends the sensibilities of feminized Americans.” Which I suppose is true; men are Trump’s biggest supporters.

“Man can never fully please a woman,” he then declares, like someone who’s just been reminded that it’s his turn to empty the dishwasher.

It’s not in her nature to feel fulfilled. There’s always more, something better. I’m sorry if that offends. It’s my belief.

You’re not sorry it offends. You’re trying deliberately to offend.

It’s my belief that we’re building a society that makes laws and rules based on feelings, fleeting, flighty, and filthy emotion. Emotions and feelings drive the behavior of weak people. Modern culture says men are weak when they don’t express their emotions. The truth is men are weak when they don’t control and tame their emotions. So are societies.

Take a look at this video of the Proud Boys beating up people on the streets of new York. Do these glorious paragons of toxic masculinity look like they know how to control their emotions?

Whitlock then turns once again to trans people, dismissing their gender dysphoria as little more than “confusion” on their part. He then seems to suggest that trans people should not be allowed to transition.

I do not doubt that [dead name] Jenner felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body. I don’t doubt it for one second. We can’t make laws based on people’s feelings, though. Feelings change. A fair society presents challenges for all of us. Should airlines be forced to change the size of their seats because I feel uncomfortable in a standard coach seat?

Did he just jump from trans rights to … airplane seats? (And why shouldn’t airlines install slightly bigger seats if their passengers find the current seats uncomfortable?)

There are consequences for our untamed feelings and desires. I feel like eating McDonald’s five times a day. There’s a price for that.

A burst stomach?

There’s a price America will pay for its emasculation of men. China is taking steps to collect that debt. Lil Nas X is just another maxed-out credit card in the Mold War.

The “Mold War,” in Whitlock’s befuddled brain, seems to mean the war to “mold” citizens, which apparently China is winning because it’s banned “effeminate” men from television. I’m not sure why Whitlock thinks the “Mold War” is a clever joke. Then again, with all his unsupported arguments and leaps from topic to topic, he seems a bit addled.

Lil Nas isn’t trying to “mold” anyone. He’s breaking the mold. And it’s damn refreshing.

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Jesalin, Sapphic Goddess of Lust
Jesalin, Sapphic Goddess of Lust
9 months ago

“Man can never fully please a woman,” he then declares

I love how they always tell on themselves.

epitome of incomrepehensibility

It’s my belief that we’re building a society that makes laws and rules based on feelings, fleeting, flighty, and filthy emotion.

“My belief” sounds like a fleeting, flighty, and filthy feeling, not like a cold, tough, masculine fact. (Facts are so manly they don’t need filthy feminine frills like alliteration.)

Ninja Socialist
Ninja Socialist
9 months ago

Lil Nas X is a genius at publicity and pissing off the right. Right wing moral scolds have been falling for this forever and providing endless, free publicity.

9 months ago

Toxic femininity is NOT a thing for obvious reasons (we don’t insist women behave a certain way to be see as a proper representation of a woman in the same way we do for men. There is no female equivalent of the term “emasculate”.)

Trans women, butch women, lesbians, gender nonconforming women, and Black women would probably disagree with you about the whole “we don’t insist women behave a certain way” thing – probably also disabled women, fat women and any other woman who does not fit the Western mold of the ideal woman. As a non-binary person who was socialised female, there was definitely a way that I was supposed to behave that I was not living up to. It may not have the same consequences as it does for men (although there are still consequences), and I wouldn’t necessarily call it toxic femininity, but you are definitely wrong about there not being expectations of how women should behave which are socially enforced and which result in a person being seen as “not a real woman”.

Also, I think that the equivalent of “emasculate” for women would be something that gave you greater autonomy/social power, since femininity in social terms still signals “lesser”: if you’re becoming less like a woman in social terms, that means more like a man (obviously non-binary doesn’t really get considered in this) i.e. more powerful.

9 months ago

Yes, they need to read up on the masculinizing stereotypes used against Black women to declare how we’re not really women, especially when er were on positions of power, or do anything to the disapproval of men, which has been going on for some four hundred years.

The standard against which all other women are compared, is straight, white, and conventionally thin, and depending on how far away a woman is from that standard, the repercussions could be anything from being chastised, ostracized, and shunned, or in the case of non-binary, lesbian, and ace women, experiencing corrective rape, or in the case of trans women, being murdered.

But yes, the parallels are there. Any human whether male female or any other gender identity outside that binary, being that behaves anywhere outside the gender standards of straight white male, or straight white female, will experience varying levels of pushback, right up to being killed (I’m speaking here about anyone in the lgbtq community, especially.)

8 months ago

Should airlines be forced to change the size of their seats because I feel uncomfortable in a standard coach seat?”

Well, if they want to keep their paying customers happy, sure. I’d have thought Mr Conservative here would be in favor of the old adage about the customer always being right.

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