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Makeup is essential, because women’s only job is to look pretty, Red Pill douchebags argue

Most manosphere misogynists have a love-hate relationship with cosmetics for women — they love to hate them. As far as the typical MGTOW or Men’s Rights Redditor is concerned, makeup is a devious and deceptive tool women use to look prettier than they really are. Using makeup is akin to fraud, and probably should be outlawed or something.

evil sexy ladies evil ugly women makeup is a lie misogyny red pill reddit

Devious women use makeup to “hide their true level of attractiveness” and gain “immense privilege” over men

Woman getting ready to trick some dudes

To hear some incels and incel-adjacent Red Pillers explain it, the gravest human rights issue today is protecting the sacred right of all men: to date women exactly as good-looking as they are, no more no less.

But what if one’s seeming “looksmatch” isn’t really one’s looksmatch at all, but a sneaky uggo who uses artificial means to inflate her Sexual Market Value (SMV) to gain access to men who should be out of her league? What if women could buy magical elixirs that can turn a 2 into a 6 or a 6 into a 9 at every drugstore in the land?

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12 reasons why the MGTOW subreddit deserved to be banned

Yes, they are the baddies.

Yesterday, at long last, Reddit banned the MGTOW and MGTOW2 subreddits for promoting hate.

After I posted the news to Twitter one angry respondent asked why:

makeup is a lie MGTOW misogyny

“Make-up is for psychopaths,” explains angry MGTOW in intermittently ALL-CAPS rant

Ugly woman deceiving men with makeup

MGTOWs have a bit of a thing about makeup, which they consider a dastardly way for ugly women to fool men into thinking they’re hot. MGTOWs dismiss makeup-wearing women as con artists and “spineless, mindless c*nts.” Some MGTOWS even think women should be denied equal rights until they give up the lipstick and eyeliner; others argue that the makeup-wearers are destroying the gene pool by flooding it with their ugly DNA.

jordan "slappy" peterson makeup is a lie misogyny reddit

Jordan Peterson fans mansplain makeup: “You try to cheat men’s brains by presenting a more sexually attractive face than you really have”

WTF are you talking about, lobster-boy?

By David Futrelle

Reactionary Canadian fussbudget Jordan Peterson was roundly mocked for suggesting that women wearing lipstick are trying to mimic the look of sexual arousal, when women’s lips apparently all turn dark red or pink or perhaps No. 19 Fuchsia Rouge.

body shaming boobs makeup is a lie men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny reddit

MGTOW Redditors: Women use sophisticated boob-presentation technology to confuse and enslave men, or something

Those can’t be real

By David Futrelle

Fellas! Have you heard about this thing called a “bra?” The ladies wear them on their boobs and get this, they don’t just wear them to keep their bazoongas from going all floppy when they walk around. No, sometimes ladies use sophisticated bra technology to make their boobs look bigger than they really are! So they can hypnotize you with their big boobs … even if they don’t have big boobs!

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Stefan Molyneux says his YouTube career is in a “death spiral.” I may bust out crying.

Stefan has had a “brutal year”

By David Futrelle

Stefan Molyneux is having a bad time. In a recent YouTube video, the white nationalist philosopher-impersonator chronicles what he calls his “brutal year,” with YouTube views dropping precipitously — due, he says, to alleged unspecified YouTube machinations against him —and his other moneymaking attempts failing. He throws himself on the mercy of his 929,000 YouTube supporters, begging for donations and promising half-seriously to write a new book on whatever subject they collectively demand.

gender policing makeup is a lie MGTOW misogyny

Women are getting plastic surgery perma-smiles to counteract Resting Bitch Face

Why so serious?

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By David Futrelle

So the latest trend in plastic surgery. according to the New York Post, is women giving their so-called Resting Bitch Faces a little surgical pick-me up, turning their frowns upside down with the help of strategically placed Botox and fillers.

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Six fun and kicky makeup tips from YouTube racist Stefan Molyneux

By David Futrelle

The last time we checked in on YouTube philosopher racist crackpot Stefan Molyneux, he was trying his hand at slam poetry, sort of. Now he’s become a beauty blogger. Or beauty tweeter, anyway, unleashing a veritable tweetstorm on the subject of makeup over the last several days.

cultural marxism entitled babies evil sexy ladies makeup is a lie men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny

If women want equality, they need to stop wearing makeup, MGTOW political theorist contends

Woman systematically oppressing men with some sort of diabolical lipstick technology

By David Futrelle

You, in your foolish ignorance, may believe that men and women — and everyone else besides — deserve equal rights, because, at the end of the day, we are all human beings.

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