brand new ugly feminism

Apple’s Siri programmed to deflect questions about feminism with carefully evasive answers

The Women’s Liberation movement, according to Apple

If you get bored one day and decide to ask your Google Home device whether it’s a feminist, it will reply forthrightly: “I’m a strong believer in equality, so I definitely consider myself a feminist.”

abortion brand new ugly

Rep. Steve King: Rape and incest make the world go ’round

Steve King: Just imagine the awful shit bouncing around in his brain

Everybody’s favorite malignant baboon of a congressman — Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa — is one of those politician dudes who opposes abortion SO HARD that he even opposes it in cases of rape and incest.

bad faith brand new ugly douchebaggery men who should not ever be with women ever oppressed white men racism

The Federalist falsely accuses a black man of calling for white genocide, sort of

Elie Mystal: Does not actually want to kill white people

How do you falsely accuse a black man of calling for white genocide, when you know full well he didn’t actually call for any kind of genocide?

baby men brand new ugly gender policing homophobia masculinity

Are guys refusing to use reusable shopping bags because they think it makes them look gay? | Brand New Ugly

Science has now provided a preliminary answer to the most pressing question of our time, at least for men: “Does this reusable shopping bag cause you to question my sexuality?”

alt-lite alt-right brand new ugly crackpottery cringe Islamophobia laura loomer

Woman who’s been banned from Uber Eats for racism is now running for congress | Brand New Ugly

Laura Loomer: I have no platform but I must scream

Professional troll Laura Loomer — famously banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for her anti-Muslim bigotry and other sins — has come up with a new way to garner herself some attention: she just filed to run for Congress as a Republican in Florida’s 21st Congressional District.

bad science brand new ugly creepy cringe eugenics men who should not ever be with girls ever men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny sexual assault sexual exploitation

Jeffrey Epstein dreamed of creating a baby ranch to spread his DNA far and wide | Brand New Ugly

Jeffrey Epstein, baby daddy

Accused serial sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein isn’t just a fan of underage girls; he’s also, apparently, a big fan of eugenics — and like most of those into the crackpot science, he believes that he’s packing some superior DNA that needs to be spread far and wide.

"ethics" brand new ugly empathy deficit entitled babies mass killing mass shooting men who should not ever be with women ever scott adams

Scott Adams tries to cash in on the Gilroy shooting by selling eyewitness interviews through his app | Brand New Ugly

Scott Adams: Mr. Ethics

You may have reacted to the news of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting with anger, or sadness, or frustration, or some mixture thereof. Dilbert creator and freelance persuasion guru Scott Adams responded by asking himself “what’s in it for me?”

brand new ugly racism

A dollar store chain was selling black dolls for people to beat up | Brand New Ugly

“Economic anxiety” has struck again, this time in New Jersey, where until recently stores in the One Dollar Zone chain were selling dolls designed to be mistreated by (presumably) white people whose days weren’t going well.

bad anatomy bad science brand new ugly butts homophobia men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny

Bishop: Pregnant women turn their babies gay by having anal sex | Brand New Ugly

The anal sex understander has logged on

Hey, vagina-havers! If you don’t want your babies to turn gay, don’t have butt sex when you’re pregnant!

brand new ugly racism

White lady says she was “forced” to use the n-word in racist confrontation | Brand New Ugly

Nancy Goodman, n-word user

Earlier this week, a white woman was captured on video confronting several black women at a restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina, telling the women they were being too loud and, when challenged, calling them “stupid n***ers.”

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