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No, the racist mass shooter in Hanau, Germany was NOT an incel

A makeshift memorial for the victims in Hanau

By David Futrelle

On Wednesday night, a gunman opened fire on patrons at two separate hookah bars in Hanau, Germany, killing nine; he and his elderly mother were later found dead in his apartment.

Like many mass shooters today, he left behind a manifesto (link available on request), one that revealed him to be a genocidal racist and eugenicist who wanted the people in a wide swath of countries — from North Africa all the way to the Philippines — to be wiped off the face of the earth. His massacre — which seems to have been directed at Turkish immigrants, the main patrons of the bars he chose to target — was his way of getting attention to his genocidal ideas.

He also wove a strange and paranoid tale about his own life, claiming that he had been monitored since birth by a shadowy agency eager to hear and capitalize on his thoughts. He claims, among other things, that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were his idea, that Donald Trump stole his slogan “America First,” and that he came up with the basic premises of a number of Hollywood movies and TV shows, from “Look Who’s Talking,” “The Cell,” and “Prison Break.” He also believes that the “invisible people” monitoring him can read (and control) minds. This portion of his manifesto reads less like a political declaration than the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic.

The 43-year-old shooter also made a few remarks, almost in passing, suggesting that he had never had a girlfriend, and some have taken this to mean that he was an “incel” This non-factual “fact” has made it into several news stories so far, and even onto Wikipedia,with The Sun describing him in a headline as an “‘Incel’ terrorist” and offering up a potted history of the incel movement to explain his rage. Meanwhile, The Independent (which should know better) made the contradictory claim that he

identified as an “incel”, and wrote that he had not been in a relationship with a woman, out of choice, for the past 18 years. 

You can see the problem immediately; this is a claim that rebuts itself. “Incel” stands for “involuntary celibate”; anyone who claims to be celibate by choice is by definition not an incel. The shooter claims that in his younger years, from his mid-teens through his early twenties, he simply could not find a girlfriend who lived up to his exacting standards. “[T]o take a less good looking woman,” he wrote, “was out of the question – I wanted the best or nothing.”

In the years since then, he claimed that he remained single because “I know that I’m being monitored.”

There is no trace of the incel ideology anywhere in the shooter’s manifesto — no incel lingo, no rants against too-picky “femoids”or too-handsome Chads, no disquisitions on some lost golden age when every good man was able to date and ultimately marry his “looksmatch.” Unlike incels, the shooter did not blame women for rejecting him, nor (as far as we can tell from the manifesto) did he blame society for encouraging these women to “ride the cock carousel” with everyone but him.

Incel ideology is all about cultivating a deep sense of grievance toward women and feminism; the shooter’s grievances were directed at immigrants and Muslims and people of color generally — mostly North Africans, Middle Easterners, and South Asians — and at the people he imagined were monitoring him. If the shooter was even aware of the incel movement, there’s no evidence of it in the manifesto itself.

Indeed, though one imagines the shooter was radicalized at least in part online, as every right-wing extremist seems to be these days, there’s little in his manifesto suggesting just where, online or off, he got any of his ideas. There are no references to other mass shooters, no mention of the “great replacement” theory or the alt-right vision of “white genocide”, no sly allusions to 4chan memes. And while he lists Israel as one of the countries whose people deserve to die en masse, his conspiracy theories make no mention of Jews at all. A brief video he made aimed at Americans referred to an underground network of satanic baby-abusers, but made no reference to Pizzagate or QAnon.

In short, he’s given those us trying to make sense of his motivations plenty to work with. But, while his genocidal racism is certainly clear and obvious, he remains in many ways a mystery — and will remain so unless and until we find more evidence of his beliefs.

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184 replies on “No, the racist mass shooter in Hanau, Germany was NOT an incel”


Yeah it’s always the same thing

“you did this horrible thing I asked you not to do repeatedly”

“well your just mean spirited for pointing out that I am a dumpster fire of a human”

Haven’t read all the replies yet, but

this is why I feel sexual act may be proto-violent for a woman even if its not explicitly violent.

One experience where you explicitly describe having no knowledge at all about the vagina or how it works doesn’t prove a universal truth, my dude.

@SR guy

You seem to be posting here rather obsessively. Assuming you are more-or-less as you represent yourself, have you considered that you have merely traded one form of onanism for another?

Anybody who thinks Buddhism and Buddhists are all about non-violence has never been to Sri Lanka. Or Myanmar/Burma, for that matter.

Thanks David. SRLO (who may have been MRAL) may claim to not touch himself, but he sure was a dick. Maybe if he jerked off once in a while he’d be less frustrated and wouldn’t come into random comment sections like that.
(I’ll show myself out)

Re: the possible connections to MRAL
I wasn’t here for MRAL’s time here. Did MRAL have any other similarities besides the name? Did they use similar language patterns? Have similar talking points?


I thought it might be Walter with how obsessed he was with penises and wouldn’t engaged with me straight forward. But Walter never said anything as horrible to a rape survivor as jacking off is the same as being raped

Also how old would mral be by now? Wasn’t he a college kid here like 10 years ago? Would a person seriously be obsessed with trolling a site for 10 years and well into their adult hood instead of just entitle college white guy?

I mean I’ve been reading this site since I was 16 but I actually enjoy it and the stories told here. That just seems like a long time to obsessed over a bunch of women who don’t want anything to do with you. If it is he would he the most pathetic human I’ve ever heard of them

MRAL used to make up new personas a lot, and each would have its own fixation (please correct me if I am remembering the wrong troll here). He would get super nasty after playing around for a while, and that’s what made me think it might be him. I didn’t suspect it was him until this thread.

Then it sounds like he probably isn’t MRAL then. I just heard a few people suggesting it and was wondering what more we had in support of or against that.
The other weird thing would be that he would disappear then remember it all against a decade later and start trolling again with no activity in the mean time. That seems somewhat implausible.

If it is he would he the most pathetic human I’ve ever heard of them

Well, the trolls we get here are consistent contenders for that title but it does seem this would be a new level. SRLO got annoying and awful faster than many trolls.

I still find it weird that such a person would go dormant for years then resurface like this. It’s possible, but weird that he wouldn’t have any activity in the interim.

Walter disappeared for years and came back fairly recently, so who knows? Then again, it’s not like getting really nasty is an uncommon trait in a misogynist.

If I remember correctly because I always thought she was so cool, there was another attractive, young, 5″2 bi sexual white woman on this site who was also into bdsm but was a dom instead of a sub like me, whom mral used to be really obessed with. Probably because she was everything he hated, an attractive woman with body anatomy, love, and a pleasurable sex life. It’s just interesting the person on this thread semen latched onto is pretty similar in that regard.


Then again, it’s not like getting really nasty is an uncommon trait in a misogynist.

Indeed, so it seems quite possible he’s just another misogynist asshole, there’s no shortage of them.

I wonder if reading this thread about 2 hours after everything has finished happening is what walking into the aftermath of an explosion feels like.


Yes. Yes it is. Or so I imagine; thankfully I’ve never seen the aftermath of an explosion IRL.


You’re welcome. Sorry for the belated reply, and thank you back.

I have seen the aftermath of some explosions. Less mess than this!


You are a mean spirited human being who wants to cast every conversation as a gladiatorial battle and then win the same battle at any cost

So projections the craven clod who celebrated the death’s of innocent people at the hands of a racist, murderous white supremacist to push a gortesqe, false narrative about “muh white oppression” bs, trying to equate sex, and masturbation with rape and shoving your socially and sexually maladjusted nonsense on other people and trying to falsely claim your asserted anecdotes are fact when they aren’t.

Also for the record: I’m a straight, cis, het, white male: I and no other straight, cis, het, white male’s are being oppressed: it’s the PRAT of self aggrandizing, persecution complexing, racist bigots who are having a sad that that can’t oppress and abuse minorities without getting called out for their bs. They are kin slayers and I condemn and denounce them for the craven, suicide cult ilk of grave makers that they are.

Or do Italian’s like me not count as “white” to you? That said: the whole concept of “whiteness” is a made up construct by “white” racists to justify being bigots towards others; it litterally didn’t exist as a concept until the 1500’s – 1700’s. And frankly it’s a construct that lacks any consistency since Italians like myself, as well as the Irish and Slav’s: seem to be treated by the same “white” racists as being “white until we aren’t” or “not white until we are”; to white supemists, racialists and Eugenics type ilk: such groups are “Schrodinger’s White Person”; and it’s shows the whole construct as being nonsense.

This terrorist murderer is a traitor to all mankind and i see and treat him as such: he is not my kin. I condemn him and all of his ilk, and I find it disgusting and amoral of you to try and suggest he is someone that the rest of any decent white person would want to be associated with, which I can say: I. DO. NOT/WE, DO NOT.

Go jump in a lake of rabid wolverines; you myopic misanthropic person.

A pity trollboy got banned. I was wanting him to explain this little item from one of his posts on page 1:

The same madness that led these countries to use nuclear weapons upon children and pregnant women of Fallujah…to this day children are born with serious birth defects

Assuming this is the same city that’s in Iraq, and that this happened during the Iraq War around ‘03-11 (Wiki states three battles happened there over that time period)…how exactly can a nuke be set off there and no-one said a word about it over a decade later?

Especially with how social media was even back then, there’d be some sort of visual record that would’ve gone viral if a real nuke went off there. A news blackout so good that no-one knows one was done would require the absolute obedience of so many people on all sides of that war, which I don’t think is remotely possible.

I was just wondering how he would have explained that. Or even explain why he had to invent an atrocity when there’s more than enough real life atrocities that would have lent support for his arguments.

These newspapers should really know better than to run with this stuff. This is one reason the media’s reputation has been in decline lately.

It sounded like he was referring to the fact that US troops used incendiary weapons and possibly depleted uranium on civilian areas of Fallujah. Depleted uranium, which may or may not have been used (it’s unclear, I can’t find many sources), is radioactive but is primarily used for its density in projectiles. It appears that there are higher rates of cancer and birth defects there, so there is some truth to what he said. However, nuclear bombs were not used in Fallujah.


All it benefits from is money. In the case of right wing outlets, also influencing people to go back at least one or two centuries.


Nuclear weapons have actually only been used in war once, when the U.S. dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. There have been a lot of tests and posturing since then by the nuclear powers, but so far they’ve never been used as weapons again.

These newspapers should really know better than to run with this stuff. This is one reason the media’s reputation has been in decline lately.

This thread has already exceeded its quota of wankers. Door’s that way.

For some reason, I get the feeling that srlo and much of his ilk are mad that the difference between sex and rape is consent because it makes consent into a type of magic somehow.

But they seem to think it’s bad magic because of its power and that it protects women (even though it protects everyone involved, regardless of gender or orientation).

The SRs have countered with even more powerful magic of their own, though! They declare that any type of sexual feeling is bad, that acting on it is rape, and that penis-having, cis-sexuals are grievously harmed by any of the aforementioned. By denying the world their essence, they have become magically powerful again* and more importantly, they’ve taken back their rightful power from the womz.

*POWERFUL, I tell you!!!11!

I did not know about this latest murder spree in Germany.

How utterly awful, those poor people. I have no compassion for the murderer but his innocent stranger victims and mother; what did any of them ever do to him?

I’m appalled that newspapers are deflecting from the right wing racist ideology by calling the murderer an incel. If he were also an incel, it’d be fair enough but nothing suggests he was. It seems more than a bit disingenuous on the part of The Sun.

Wow, was gone for a bit and then this happens… Kinda wished I’d been there.

Thoughts and moral support @Lainy (sorry I can’t do more).

@Nagflar, Talonknife,

Thanks. That tallys with what I already knew about those things. I was just wondering why the troll would use something so easy to disprove in his rant against the West, rather than the things that were actually used there. Like, there’s conspiracy theories that have a grain of plausibly in them, and then there one like this that can only happen in a subpar political fantasy book.

At least in my opinion; ymmv.

ETA: forgot to add in assorted warm blankets, pillows, assorted comforting foods and drinks, and choice of cute critters for Lainy and anyone else upset by the troll of the thread.

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