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Woman who’s been banned from Uber Eats for racism is now running for congress | Brand New Ugly

Laura Loomer: I have no platform but I must scream

Professional troll Laura Loomer — famously banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for her anti-Muslim bigotry and other sins — has come up with a new way to garner herself some attention: she just filed to run for Congress as a Republican in Florida’s 21st Congressional District.

She faces a bit of an uphill battle. As the Daily Beast notes, even if she somehow wins the Republican nomination, she’ll be running against an incumbent, Democrat Lois Frankel, who beat his Republican rival by 27 points in his last contested election. In 2018, the Republicans didn’t bother to run a candidate against him, give how heavily favored Frankel was in the largely Democratic district. And even among far-rightists she’s not exactly universally loved.

It’s also not clear how Loomer will be able to get around during her campaign. She first gained notoriety after claiming that some mean political opponent had slashed her tire, though photos of the tire suggested that it was simply a very old tire that had popped on its own. So who knows if she’s got four functional tires now. And she can’t call an Uber or a Lyft since she’s been banned from both services after refusing to ride with Muslim drivers.

Hell, she may have trouble finding herself late-night snacks, a campaign trail necessity, as she’s been tossed off of Uber Eats as well.

It will certainly be an, er, interesting campaign to point and laugh at. Some have already started.

H/T — The Daily Beast

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15 replies on “Woman who’s been banned from Uber Eats for racism is now running for congress | Brand New Ugly”

It’ll be a grift, of course. One thing I guess will happen is that she’ll now claim that her Twitter account must be reinstated.

She’s gonna leverage this into MAGA victimhood when she inevitably loses. She’s one of Jacob Wohl’s pals. Much lulz was had at her expense in the Wonkette non comments…until we heard about the latest shooting….

“Why is this so hard for you leftists to UNDERSTAND,” he asked, sarcastically, “the social proscriptions against publicly abusing people who don’t look like them DO NOT APPLY TO WHITE trumpANZEES!!!!! They only apply to people who are NOT trumpanzees!!!”

damn, people, get with Big Toddler’s platform!!!

In a debate, I’d challenge her to describe ONE ISSUE facing this country the cause of which could not be linked with white bigotry….

(she’d just say “nuh-UH” of course)

@ C4t

nobody plays the victim like a conservative white….

What the fuck was she doing in my state? Stay out of Minnesota, you useless puddle of hotdog water, we don’t want you here.

The whole “Muhammad was a pedophile” bit always makes me laugh because as far as the record shows, his underage wives were political marriages to obtain alliances with other tribes in the Middle East in his struggle against the Quraysh that controlled the Kaaba and either were never consummated or were only consummated after the brides came of age. Of course, you’ll never hear a white nationalist call European royalty that engaged in the same practice during that time period pedophiles. It doesn’t suit their narrative.

@ Talonknife:

It doesn’t suit their narrative.

that might be the overwhelmingly most common basis for white supremacists decisions about truth or falsehood.

@Ooglyboggles, Ann K
I am hoping the GOP has no future and goes defunct, so my future children don’t have to worry about getting shot in school or getting attacked by neo-Nazis in the streets.
Though I do worry that even if the party dissolved, the people in it would just go and make a new, possibly worse party.

While I can think of many possibilities for the future of the GOP, I think the most likely one is that the party implodes once their unpopularity exceeds their ability to manipulate vote totals in their favor. At that point, they will be a minority party competing with other minority conservative parties for whatever seats they can manage to get.

Sooner or later one of them will emerge victorious as the main conservative party, and the GOP has enough memetic momentum that they’ll most likely be it (but it might not be). Years of living in a liberal paradise will turn some centrists’ thoughts to greed, resulting in an explosive comeback – but by that time “conservative” won’t mean exactly what it does today. I suspect whatever form it takes, it will be more friendly to women and a least some racial minorities, but not to LGBTQIA+ folk. Or alternately, it will embrace most sexualities and/or identities so long as they’re expressed in a sterile and anhedonic manner. (If you don’t know what “anhedonic” means, sub in “anti-hedonistic”. The terms aren’t exactly the same, but close enough for my purposes here.) Whether there’s a strong religious component depends on how long it takes to revive and how fast fundamentalist and dominionist Christianity declines.

But if their unpopularity continues to increase and their ability to cheat keeps ahead of it, eventually very bad things will happen. Worst case scenario is a civil war with nukes.

I’d link to the YouTube of her having a meltdown in the lobby at FB HQ, but a. it’s probably been removed, and b. on the off chance that it hasn’t, I’d be reluctant to send her the traffic.

Sigh. As much as I support women standing up and working together to create a world most of us really want to live in, I have to admit that there are a few of us who are as awful as the men.

Happily, I believe the majority of us to be far better.

It’s just another grift. She can argue that even if Laura Loomer the person has been banned from *checks notes* everything, a “Loomer for Congress” account should be allowed. And of course she can collect “campaign funds”, just like she collects money for her kajillion-dollar lawsuit against Facebook that is definitely not going to get tossed. Those fillers aren’t going to inject themselves! (I know, I know, mocking women for how they look is generally Not Done, but Loomer has CHOSEN to look like she’s wearing the start of cheap foam fatsuit prosthetics on her lower face, so IMO that is fair game the same as Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Disney villianness eyebrows.)

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