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The Week’s Worst Tweets From Terrible People, feat. @RooshV, @StefanMolyneux, @RichardBSpencer

Angry dudes typing with their thumbs

By David Futrelle

For your convenience, a small collection of awful tweets from some of the delightful individuals who have appeared in the virtual pages of We Hunted the Mammoth over the years, and a few who haven’t. You will be happy to learn that I have included no tweets dealing with the Mueller report in any way. [EDIT: Ok, I lied about the Mueller thing.]

Let’s start with our old friend Roosh V, continuing his pivot from traditional pickup artist misogyny to far-right crackpottery. Like our incel friend from yesterday, he is exercised by women with tattoos, and thinks that they should probably be exorcised.

Here’s racist YouTube “philosopher” Stefan Molyneux, who some people incredibly still see as some sort of intellectual, with the deepest of Deep Thoughts.

Truly a galaxy brain insight right there.

Oops, wrong gif. I meant:

Here’s (allegedly) Dapper Nazi Richard Spencer working himself into a pure white froth over the Notre Dame fire, and managing to spell the name of the cathedral wrong in the process.

Here’s white nationalist and women’s-suffrage-opponent RAMZPAUL with a somewhat, well, puzzling take on antisemitism:

Right-wing weirdo and Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter started off the week with some truly weird and possibly extremely drunken tweets, but he seems to have deleted them, alas. But this Extremely Serious and Sober tweet of his is nearly as strange.

Aging actor James Woods, who is turning out to be as creepy and assholish as many of the characters he’s played, apparently thinks that Ilhan Omar’s election was the result of some extremely elaborate plot by secret Muslim Barack Obama.

Let’s end this little parade of terrible with a post from permanent GamerGater Ian Miles Cheong, who apparently has convinced himself that a video of some random dude getting really, really emotional about the new Star Wars trailer is somehow a harbinger of The Death of Manly Men, or something.

Ian Miles Cheong
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The unfuckable blubbering manchild is the perfect nu-male. He’s infantile, effeminate, unthreatening, and lacking any agency whatsoever. He can’t control his own emotions let alone anyone else.

He is what every leftist wants men to become. Sorry, they made it political.

Enjoy your weekend, and do your best to refrain from tweeting anything as bad as any of these terrible tweets! I will do the same.

EDITED TO ADD: Just discovered this one from alleged leftist and Trump/Russia Denier Glenn Greenwald. It’s … something!

Glenn Greenwald
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Skeptic and critics of Trump/Russia conspiracists are like those who helped keep slavery in place: one of the cheapest & most craven exploitations of one of history's worst evils you'll ever hear: the result of believing you're so woke & enlightened you can use slavery that way.

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64 replies on “The Week’s Worst Tweets From Terrible People, feat. @RooshV, @StefanMolyneux, @RichardBSpencer”


Thankfully, the FBI is responding to this terrorism by issuing arrest warrants against the militia.

Thanks, Bookworm! I’m out of town visiting a friend, so no seder this weekend. But it’s always nice when friends remember!

tfw Spencer sees both “Notre-Dame” and “Norte-Dame” and can’t figure out which one’s right.

The white superiority is so overwhelming I might just self-combust and melt.

On the other hand, look how far we’ve come. From “those dumb brown people can’t have carried out 9/11 on their own, government musta helped them” to “Ilhan Omar can burn down cathedrals with her mind !” in just under two decades.

Progress ?

Fascists: OMG you guys a building of great cultural significance is on fire, shadowy forces are almost certainly responsible!!1!
Everyone else: Yeah, no, we’re not falling for that one again.

First as tragedy, then as farce, right?

I used to like Glenn, but I absolutely can’t support Putin apologists.

@Cat Mara:
Without watching the video…

Why Do We Get Columbine So Wrong?

Because nobody who thinks they benefit from the status quo want to admit that these people aren’t aberrations, they’re just the status quo (i.e. toxic masculinity) taken to its full ‘logical’ extent.

@Rabid Rabbit:
HJ Hornbeck summed a number of things up here:
pointing out that Trump has, despite his tagline on The Apprentice, almost never actually fired anybody; and when he has, he’s generally not even in the room. Trump never actually did fire McGahn. Comey got fired via a letter hand-delivered to the FBI headquarters while he was in California. Priebus was removed as Chief of Staff while he was in a motorcade heading to meet Trump on Air Force One. You could probably write an entire book about the employment term ‘Constructive Dismissal’ using Trump examples. Trump has lots of bluster, but when push comes to shove, he prefers somebody else do the pushing.

(If people aren’t familiar with the term, ‘Constructive Dismissal’, or I think ‘Constructive Discharge’ in the U.S., essentially means ‘firing’ somebody by deliberately making their working conditions unbearable so that they quit on their own, meaning the company doesn’t have to pay severance. Many places have active laws against this, and companies can be forced to at least pay severance as if they had actually fired the person.)


Hello 🙂

I’ve been discreet lately, my state of mind usually runs afoul of the comments policy and/or decency, but I’m still trying to keep up. I dunno how the rest of y’all haven’t devolved into mindless and nearly blind anger, but at any rate I hope everyone’s doing as well as possible.

>>>>tfw Spencer sees both “Notre-Dame” and “Norte-Dame” and can’t figure out which one’s right.

Yes, but you can bet that if a black man wrote “Norte Dame”, he’d use it as “proof” of the black savage’s inferiority.

Ever noticed the guys going on and on about Western Civilization tend to know the least about it? How much do you want to bet Spencer never visited France, let alone Notre Dame?

@Sinkable John:

On the other hand, look how far we’ve come. From “those dumb brown people can’t have carried out 9/11 on their own, government musta helped them” to “Ilhan Omar can burn down cathedrals with her mind !” in just under two decades.

Progress ?

From “then they laugh at you” to “then they fight you”, from the look. Only one step to go then?

What…does slavery apologists and Russian conspiracists / Trump critics have to do with each other? For that to even start to work as an analogy the later two have to be actively oppressing a third group somehow. Who is that third group the critics / conspiracists are (allegedly) oppressing here?

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