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Battle of the Banned (Man Boobz trolls)

An army of miniskirted shooterers prepares to oppress men with their legs.
Miniskirted cyclists prepare to oppress men with their legs.

Feeling nostalgic for some of the Man Boobz trolls of yore? Well, head over to the Men’s Rights subreddit, where two of the greats most terrible are having a battle of wits. It all started when Man Boobz Troll of the Year 2011 NWOslave offered his opinions in a thread discussing Swaziland’s recent banning of “rape-provoking” miniskirts.

Most of the Men’s Rights regulars in the discussion seem to understand that blaming women’s clothing for rape is a bit backward, and rests upon the notion that men are slavering beasts who can’t control their violent and sexual urges when “provoked” by women who aren’t completely covered up.  (Funny how the Men’s Rightsers seem to forget this every time a Slut Walk gets mentioned.)  But NWOslave, who hasn’t posted much here since I put him on permanent moderation, has a slightly different take on the whole miniskirts-causing-rape issue.


As you can see, his theories on the rape-causative properties of miniskirts did not go over well with the regulars.

But NWOslave perservered, explicating some of the implications of his theories.


And who needs logic or proof when you have “reality” on your side?


Despite all the downvotes, NWOslave managed to find a couple of allies, including prolific  r/mensrights regular MaunaLoona (whom we discussed only yesterday), who offered this sarcastic response to those downvoting Slavey, before moving on to outright rape apologetics:


He also got some support from someone going by the name of Pecanpig.


Then someone else very familiar to long-time Man Boobz readers arrived on the scene, and the battle kicked into full gear. By which I mean it degenerated into bitter namecalling and weird accusations.

That hero for truth and righteousness against NWOslave’s backwards notions? None other than the prolific and infuriating long-banned Man Boobz troll Eoghan, who posts under the name Sigil1 on the Men’s Rights subreddit. Sigil1 started off his attack with one word:


Yes, that’s right. Apparently unaware that Sigil1 is a fellow former Man Boobz troll of great repute, NWOslave assumed that he was one of those miniskirt-wearing harlots.


But Sigil1/Eoghan had an accusation of his own:


Perhaps it’s time to reveal my grand secret: I am NWOslave. I am Sigil1/Eoghan. I am Paul Elam, JohnTheOther, and GirlWritesWhat. I am WF Price. I am Tom Martin. I am Roissy/Heartiste. I am RooshV. I am every gropey PUA. I am every MGTOWer. I am every teenage boy who calls women “cunts” on XBOXlive, every angry OKCupid dude who hurls threats and invective at the women who turn them down. I am every Anita-Sarkeesian-hating video gamer, every Rebecca-Watson-hating atheist. I do not merely mock misogyny; I am misogyny!

And I am really, really busy.

76 replies on “Battle of the Banned (Man Boobz trolls)”

Pierre in a fur hat and bathing suit would be fun to draw.

I also wanted to do one where he’s working at a furniture store and meets Tom Martin.

Sorry kitteh, is that old thread one I linked to?

Also, Pierre meets NWO must happen.

Do teenagers in Canada wear bathing suits?
At the beach? It’s generally a bit cold for that, but at pools of course, how else would they go swimming?
Little whores acting like animals in heat just to tease men with their sexuality!
…what was your name again sir?
So you can add me to some Rothschild ruled super list? Feminist propaganda! You’ll never get my name! *click*
Actually, I just wanted to warn border patrol to alert lifeguards near his destination, but good riddance.

…that was far more fun than I’d have thought 5 min ago

Oh Eoghan. Oh NWO.

And nowadays, we’re stuck with goddamn talacris. *shakes head with sadness*

Also, in all this ranting about men and women being so different, I notice nobody bothers to ask any trans people. I’ve experienced a nice myriad mix or hormonal and physical states, and hate to break it to you, trolls, but individual differences > gender differences, every goddamn time.

Don’t Canadians wear fur swimsuits? 😛

Yeah, the thread I’m reading is the “Is Reddit a magnet for pedophiles?” one. Though Owly was outdone at the end by Whatever for sheer wtfuckery. Which took some doing, I must say.

I can’t quite imagine a drawing of NWO! My brain shuts down and hides.

But I’m so glad Katz has given Pierre his own page. ::rubs hands in anticipation::

“I can’t quite imagine a drawing of NWO! My brain shuts down and hides.”

Good point, I just picture him as a pair of shackled hands, it is his avatar.

I’d have to do one of those shots of the noise coming out of the phone so loud that Pierre’s hair all gets blown back (and his hat gets blown off).

I am Canadian and I don’t wear a fur swimsuit. Although at times swimming in the ocean in West Vancouver, I may have wanted one.

LBT: The nym is talacaris, goddamn

The pierre comics are excellent. Maybe Pierre and Tom Martin on an antarctic expedition.

“Or Br**don explaining his system for secret surveillance of sex acts.”

He is “he who shall not be named” – never ever summon the whiny kraken!

“Silly superstition. … there are wards …”

Lol, that was intentional, right?

I’m really just a bit sick of the sock puppets – I almost miss NWO’s terrible math.

These “male activists” are damaged people in my opinion. It is very sad. They are also, from what I have seen, highly hypocritical. For instance, on the Roosh v forum, rule #1 is ‘don’t be a d*ick’ (I added the *), however that’s all his followers do. No girls are allowed either. He’s just trying to preserve this little world where he has a lot of false power. If he interacted with normal people on a daily basis instead of being on his blogs all the time, I’m sure he’d realize how completely empty his life is. These guys tear great women down to feel better about themselves; if they focused on their unhappiness & what is actually wrong with themselves, they couldn’t handle it. Are all of these ‘activists’ like this? Sad.

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