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MRA: We shouldn’t tolerate misogyny in the Men’s Rights movement. Reddit Men’s Rights mods hit the delete button.

You must be THIS MAD to post in the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Here’s a suprisingly candid comment from an MRA in the Men’s Rights subreddit, challenging the misogyny within the movement:


Oh, wait, that’s not from the Men’s Rights subreddit. HalfysReddit did originally post this to the Men’s Rights subreddit, but the mods deleted it, and so now the only reason it’s still available is that there’s a bot that automatically reposts all self-posts to the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Before it was deleted, HalfysReddit’s post did inspire some discussion amongst the Men’s Rightsers. Well, it was “discussion” only insofar as a bunch of comments telling HalfysReddit to stuff it counts as discussion. Here’s one thoughtful comment:


Sorry, did I say “thoughtful?” I meant “delusional.”

Though I’m pretty sure he’s right that feminists aren’t going to fight for anonymity for rape defendents or the “right of paternal surrender.”

Oh, and here’s a guy comparing Men’s Rightsers to the Black Panthers.


The Men’s Rights subreddit, where the notion that MRAs should tone down the misogyny a bit is too radical to even debate.

260 replies on “MRA: We shouldn’t tolerate misogyny in the Men’s Rights movement. Reddit Men’s Rights mods hit the delete button.”

(Points at other thread)

Apparently it’s impossible to perform a blog exorcism – the assholes always come back.

Shit, guys, Dusty caught us having fun, and now they know we’re not proper, fun-hating feminists. Good job blowing our cover, everyone!

Not caught up in general, so no clue on the other thread’s exorcism, but thanks guys. I’m hoping new-psych isn’t so…sure she’s right? Not sure how to put that (I’m pre-coffee currently)

As for spanx and the welcome package, yeah I added it because someone, Virgil I think it was, said spanx was all women had invented. I really must remember to include the cupcakes too. I do hope that “here are cupcakes, delivered by penguins in spanx” doesn’t imply cupcake eaters may need spanx…I’m awkward about such things…

Corsets = back support, yes. You basically can’t slouch. As a matter of personal preference more than anything else, mine’s late 17th century — it’s sort of vest like, with nice wide shoulder straps and a solid back. Idk if the later ones that were more wrap around your torso really provide that support.

Kitteh — if you don’t mind me asking, do you know what style your bff’s is? Ren faire suggests same era as mine, but I’m guessing.

We should not worry about misogyny or any such mythical concept. Human society is based on certain human principles like truth, justice, reason…… we should stick to that. If you are speaking the truth, and it looks like misogynist- so be it. Ultimately truth, reason and justice will prevail.

So… resurrecting this old thread to say something again about hypomania and why this can be bad for you, despite how pleasant it feels.

Just got an article rejected from a prestigious philosophical periodical. They had been mulling over it for two months and finally rejected it for the reason that a) it’s a bit messy in its structure, and b) I claim that a certain conclusion follows from some premises when in fact it doesn’t follow.

THIS is an article I wrote in a largely hypomanic state. Looking at it again with sober eyes, I can see that yes, the basic idea is good. But when certain premises merely lend support to the conclusion, I claimed that it followed, and that’s TYPICAL HYPOMANIC PHILOSOPHY MISTAKE. Basically, the exaggerated sense of being super smart also makes me see logical implications where there is, in fact, merely some degree of support. Plus a bit of a messy structure is also, obviously, something that can result from the way your mind just spits out ideas super fast when you’re in that state.

As I said, the basic idea is good, so I’m gonna rewrite it and try again with a different periodical. BUT this is the reason hypomania is bad for me in my job. The big problem with hypomania isn’t that other philosophers are gonna percieve me as being an arrogant jerk, it’s that I produce philosophy texts of a lower quality when I THINK that I’m super smart and therefore cannot see the flaws in my own writing. This may not be a problem if you’re already super famous and can make money from writing POPULAR books – but it’s a serious problem when you’re in the beginning of your career and need to publish papers in actual peer-reviewed periodicals.

In society today we’re constantly told how important confidence is, and if you’re just confident enough in your own ability everything will come to you – and that may have a grain of truth in it, but REALISM and CLEAR-HEADEDNESS are important AS WELL.

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