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The 3 worst reactions to the Ukraine invasion I’ve seen so far

The first one is terrible; each of the following ones is worse than the last.

Let’s start with a woman whose head is deep in her ass, delightedly smelling the source of her own farts.

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Female orgasm is a myth, proclaims man who’s never given a woman an orgasm

Clitemis , Goddess of Vibrators, would disagree

By David Futrelle

Today, a brief visit to the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, where men who claim they’ve given up women — and don’t even think about them any more — spend all day every day talking about women. This time, they’re talking about female orgasm, which according to them doesn’t exist.

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Still struggling to get over their unrequited crushes on Taylor Swift, Nazis are trying to convince themselves “she’s a he”

When she doesn’t text back, and she’s also a fat whore, and probably “a he”

By David Futrelle

Pity the poor Nazis, who are evidently having a difficult time dealing with the fact that Taylor Swift is never ever, ever getting back together with them, even though she was never ever, ever together with them in the first place.

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Tweet of the Day: Women not wanting to be slapped on the ass is “identity politics BS” at its worst


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So how creepy is Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh’s prep school pal and self-described Catholic Bikini Paparazzo? Let’s go to the videos

Mark Judge: Would you buy bikini pictures from this man?

By David Futrelle

Several days ago, a strange fellow named Mark Judge made his debut as a bit player in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination tragicomedy that now grips the nation. Judge, a hard-partying pal of Kavanaugh back in his Georgetown Prep days in the early 1980s, was allegedly on the scene when his then 17-year-old buddy Brett allegedly tried to rape the then-15 year old Christine Blasey Ford.

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My Normal Partner Who Shares My Opinion on Sluts: An incel self-own for the ages

Normal as hell

By David Futrelle

Today, a Twitter self-own so perfect, so pure, that it may well bring a tear to your eye.

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Friday Mailbag: Creepy incel explains why men should be glad to be raped

Speedy delivery!

It’s time for another roundup of Comments I Don’t Let Through Moderation! There are some doozies this time. Well, there always are, but these doozies are even doozier than usual.

facepalm schadenfreude scott adams trump twitter

Scott Adams still thinks Donald Trump is winning, bigly

Scott Adams: Has many opinions, most of them dumb

By virtually all measures, Donald Trump’s presidency is a disaster, lurching from self-inflicted crisis to self-inflicted disaster.

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Trump accuser is lying because she used an expression other people have used before, Trump fans claim

Trump: Hands like an octopus?
Trump: Hands like an octopus?

Most of us like to think of ourselves as originals. But when it comes to communicating with other human beings, we’re not quite as original as we think.

When we talk, and write, we not only use words; we use a wide assortment of stock phrases that we’ve picked up along the way. Some of these phrases are basic building blocks of language, more or less essential to communication; others are, as the expression goes, worn-out clichés. Some of these clichés are so burned into our brains that we almost can’t help using them — though we sometimes apologize for it afterwards (or even before).

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Fake news site trolls Flat Earthers with story claiming Donald Trump has gone flat (earth)

Donald Trump did not say this. Flat earther meme found on; I added the word "fake"to it 7 times
Donald Trump did not say this. Flat earther meme found on; I added the word “fake”to it seven times in six different fonts

There’s been a bit of excitement amongst the Flat Earthers over the past couple of days, as word spread that none other than Donald J. Trump had come out publicly as a Flat Earther, telling an Associated Press reporter that:

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