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Masculinist India: A woman-hating "Men's Rights" group even more extreme than its Western inspirations

Feminists made me a misogynist: from Masculinist India
Feminists made me a misogynist: from Masculinist India

Congratulations, A Voice for Men. You are having an impact upon the world.

Or at least upon one organization in India, a truly reprehensible group called Masculinist India, which has adopted the histrionic rhetorical style, and even some of the specific arguments, advanced by AVFM and other North American Men’s Rights groups for a series of graphically challenged “masculinist” memes posted on Facebook and on the group’s web page. Masculinist India has even adopted AVFM’s preferred nomenclature, describing its members as “Men’s Human Rights Activists.” They are of course the complete opposite of “human rights” activists, campaigning instead against basic rights for women.

The influence of AVFM and other Western Men’s Rightsers can been seen again and again in Masculinist India’s posts and memes, which have all the sophistication and subtlety of Chick Tracts.

The “feminists made me a misogynist” logic of the meme above, for example, echoes the argument made in “Hate Bounces,” an influential MRA screed by MRA/MGTOW elder “Zed,” and by countless other MRAs including former AVFM Number Two John Hembling.

Other memes borrow not only the arguments of Western MRAs but recycle the same tired stock photos, like the angry woman in this meme, a favorite amongst Western MRAs.

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GirlWritesWhat’s delusional defenses of MGTOW misogyny. Also: Mary Daly, and why the moon is not a potato.

That's no moon!
That’s no moon!

So yesterday I had a strange conversation, of sorts, with blabby FeMRA videoblogger Karen Straughan, aka GirlWritesWhat, via private message on Reddit.

Given that, in the recent WoolyBumblebee controversy, she put herself in the position of defending Men Going Their Own Way against WBB’s mostly accurate attacks on them, I found myself wondering what she might think of my post yesterday on the MGTOWers who felt it was appropriate to let a four-year-old-girl drown because she might grow up to be the next Betty Friedan or even the next — gasp! — Amanda Marcotte.

I was especially interested in what she might have to say about MGTOW elder Zed, the friend and mentor of her A Voice for Men boss, Paul Elam; in the MGTOWforums discussion, you may recall, he was firmly in the “don’t rescue little girls” camp.

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MRA icon Zed: Let little girls drown, because they’ll probably grow up to be terrible women

What kind of monster will she become?

“Zed,” also known as “The Zen Priest,” was one of the originators of the Men Going Their Own Way “philosophy” and is treated as a wise elder by many longtime MRAs.

WF Price of The Spearhead described a compilation of Zed’s writings as “really quite profound as well as a great read” and used to give it out as a bonus for everyone who signed up for his email newsletter. Paul Elam of A Voice for Men laid it on a bit thicker, saying of the man he described as both a mentor and a friend:

antifeminism dozens of upvotes evil women hate men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny MRA oppressed men reddit your time will come zed

Zed the MGTOWer: “Feminism and women have been proceeding on the unshakable belief that men are still going to want and care about them no matter how awful they get.”

Men’s Rights a hate group? Pshaw! MRA’s don’t hate women! I mean, really, it’s more like an emotional numbness based on how objectively awful women are. Combined with a deep desire for revenge. That’s not hate, is it?

Apparently a good chunk of Men’s Rights Redditors don’t think it is, I gather from their positive reaction to this lovely quote from Men’s Rights/MGTOW elder Zed:

Not that many people would be proud to admit that they’re basically pickled in the juices of their own resentment, but, hey, this is why brave Zed is a Men’s Rights hero.

EDITED TO ADD: And now this Zed quote has 88 upvotes, which gives me the excuse to use my “dozens of upvotes” tag.

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