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MRA decides to avoid the pains of divorce by not marrying — and moving to Kentucky. And that’s just the start of his wonderful plan

So that’s the plan, dudes, whaddya think?

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Jacare_o has it all figured out. In a post on the Men’s Rights subreddit today, the imaginative young man lays out a foolproof plan to raise a family “safely” in the gynocentric world of today.

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MGTOWs have lots of thoughts about the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates and some of them are really quite remarkably weird

The formerly happy couple

The just-announced divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates has the boys of the MGTOW subreddit all riled up.

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MGTOWs: “Soulless” Meghan Markle is luring Prince Harry to Canada to “divorce rape” him


By David Futrelle

I‘ve seen plenty of hot takes on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s breakup with the royal family, but the hottest one I’ve seen thus far comes from the collective mind of the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, where the regulars have convinced themselves it’s all a dastardly plot by the evil Meghan to lure Harry to Canada, which they think “has the worst anti-male divorce laws than even the US,” so she can steal his fortune in a divorce settlement.

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MRAs and MGTOWs are outraged that Jeff Bezos may only be the FOURTH richest man in the world after his divorce

By David Futrelle

Feminists, in addition to eating babies and occasionally saying mean things about dudes on Twitter, actually do a lot of distinctly unglamorous and often unappreciated work providing help to people who are suffering. They staff crisis hotlines, build and run domestic violence shelters that provide services for women and men, work to provide menstrual products to poor girls so that they can go to school, that sort of thing.

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We shouldn’t listen to teens for the same reason we shouldn’t listen to women, declares woman who wants people to listen to her

Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield, explaining why no one should listen to her

By David Futrelle

Attention-seeking alt-lite antifeminist Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield has managed to get the attention of Vice News for the second time in four years, starring in a recent Vice video (embedded below) as “the woman against women voting.”

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Just a bunch of creepy pics of Donald Trump Jr in the wake of his wife filing for divorce

20 minutes into collusion and chill and he gives you this look

By David Futrelle

Some people like to crochet while they watch TV. Me, I like to take pictures of Trump family members and/or administration officials and run them through weird DreamscopeApp filters that make them look as creepy on the outside as they are on the inside.

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Roosh V: Governments pushing education for women are depriving me of a good wife

Russian girls, being raised right, 1909
Russian girls, being raised right, 1909

Pity poor Roosh! The widely despised pickup artist and wannabe philosopher spent the last decade and a half as a man-slut, riding the vagina tilt-a-whirl around the world, having what he insists was consensual sex with women in an assortment of sometimes colorful, sometimes colorless places from Paraguay to Siberia.

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Red Pill Redditors hope #AshleyMadison leaks will lead to influx of embittered losers

Take the Blue Pill! The Red Pill turns you into a giant douchebag.
Take the Blue Pill! The Red Pill turns you into a giant douchebag.

So it’s not just #GamerGaters, 8channers, Gawker editors, and divorce lawyers who are hoping to benefit in a big way from the data dump of illegally hacked user information from, the once (but probably not future) dating site for would-be cheaters.

Over in the Red Pill subreddit, the regulars are hoping it leads to a giant wave of angry, newly redpilled recruits. In a post with nearly 300 upvotes, one Red Piller offers his predictions: 

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MRA Graphix Challenge! Design a meme more misogynistic than this one from A Voice for Men

Real AVFM meme

Here’s a meme posted recently to A Voice for Men’s Facebook page. I know, a graphic suggesting that any man who enters into a relationship with a woman is bound to end up “miserable, or divorced and broke” is pretty darn misogynistic.

The creator of this graphic, who has imaginatively picked “John Galt” as his pseudonym, explained his thinking thusly in several comments on the Facebook page:

In making it I was in fact thinking of the Nash Equilibrium in Game Theory, popularized by Russell Crowe in the Movie ‘A beautiful mind’. In a society where the hypergamous instincts of many women are driven to cruel extremes by feminism It is ever more relevant to highlight to men that being shamed or encouraged to compete for something that is repeatedly demonstrated as worthless is not only important but very healthy. …

[I]t is in fact Marriage I had in mind but these days cohabitation is the same as marriage under the law. Effectively it is impossible for men to trust even a purportedly good woman simply because of the law, but then it is up to women to change that – all we can do is defend our own freedoms and rights and that is what is most important to me. Of course competing for the right to be treated like garbage is the main point and intentions mean nothing without actions…for men that action must needs be self interest first – ironically the one thing we have been trained and bred to ignore.

So, yeah, in addition to being nearly incoherent, this is pretty much misogyny turned up to 11.

But I think we can do better. Let’s consider this graphic a challenge. I invite any readers here who have graphic talent — and those completely lacking graphic talent whatsoever — to come up with a fake AVFM meme that’s MORE misogynistic than this. BONUS POINTS if you can incorporate an actual quote from an AVFMer in the graphic.

To inspire you, here are some completely unrelated gifs of tiny animals being adorable. (I found them all here.)

antifeminism divorce evil wives evil women misogyny MRA

He was a Men's Rightser before Men's Rights was cool. (Note: Men's Rights has never been cool.)

I don't know, I think he could use another sign or two.
I don’t know, I think he could use another sign or two.

I found this amazing pic of “Husband Libber” Harry Britton posted to the Blue Pill subreddit; it was taken in 1972 by the father of Blue Piller smileybird.

According to Cape Girardeau History and Photos, which has another pic of him,

New York Magazine wrote that he was a fixture who had been supporting himself wearing placards, carrying signs and selling his leaflets for 25 cents each for several years. “Harry makes only $2,000 a year [roughly $12,000 today –DF]. He’s not in this for the money, though; he says his only goal is reconciliation with his wife, from whom he is, not surprisingly, separated.”

Another account said he was the “president (and probably sole member) of the National Association of Dissatisfied Husbands subsisting on sales of publications extolling ‘Husband Lib.(‘It’s not men’s lib,it’s Husband Lib. The Bachelors are not oppressed yet’).”

Here’s that pic, and a couple of others; thanks to SquashedBananas in the Blue Pill for tracking all this down. (And thanks to the reader who emailed me about all this.)

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