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Men’s Rights Redditors are aghast that their subreddit has been declared “controversial” by Wikipedia, blame it on “cunts” and “soyboys”

Always mad about something, usually women

By David Futrelle

Men’s Rights Redditors are getting their boxer briefs in a twist over news that Wikipedia is now including the Men’s Rights subreddit on their list of “controversial Reddit communities” alongside such names as r/TheRedPill and the toxic pro-Trump subreddit The_Donald.

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Crying Nazi Chris Cantwell: “I hope Kavanaugh really did rape that whore, and I hope she spends the rest of her worthless life crying”

The Crying Nazi takes a selfie

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By David Futrelle

If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you probably know that, long before the reprehensible Christopher Cantwell gained worldwide fame as the “crying Nazi” who broke down in tears on video when he learned he might face some legal consequences for pepper spraying antifascists in Charlottesville, he was a Men’s Rights Activist penning screeds for A Voice for Men on such topics as “rape accusation culture” and how we live in “a matriarchy in which women can have men caged with a snap of the fingers.”

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From the Archives: Candace Owens meets Gamergate — and things get weird

Candace Owens: Has a thing for terrible dudes

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By David Futrelle

Candace Owens — self-proclaimed “Red Pill Black” conservative — is having a bit of a moment, hanging out with new Trump fan Kanye West, posing for selfies with Don Jr., getting an effusive Twitter shout-out from Don Sr,, threatening to sue people who talk about her in what she considers the wrong way.

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Paul Elam: The SPLC is calling A Voice for Men a hate group — so you should send me money

Paul Elam wants your money, again

By David Futrelle

Paul Elam, the founder of A Voice for Men, has responded to his site’s inclusion on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s official list of hate groups rather predictably, lashing out against the hate-tracking organization with what he thinks is righteous indignation. And then asking people to give him money.

antifeminism cassie jaye doxing entitled babies gullibility irony alert johntheother lying liars men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA paul elam

Yes, Cassie Jaye, Paul Elam’s Register-Her site was intended to vilify and intimidate women

Paul Elam: Mr. Reasonable

By David Futrelle

So Cassie Jaye‘s execrable “Men’s Rights” documentary The Red Pill has been causing a bit of a stir in Australia. Yesterday, the Sydney Morning Herald published a lengthy puff piece on Jaye and her film.

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Whaa? Neo-Nazis shocked to discover that a popular Neo-Nazi podcaster has a Jewish wife

What Neo-Nazi has an index finger and a Jewish wife? This guy!

Do you remember way back, oh, about ten months ago, when Breitbart tried to convince the world that alt-rightists were really just a bunch of lovable scallywags who didn’t actually believe all the horrible racist and anti-Semitic garbage they were so energetically dumping on the internet (and in the email inboxes of their assorted enemies) every day?

alt-right andrea hardie doxing empathy deficit entitled babies FemRAs hate hate speech homophobia hypocrisy irony alert Islamophobia judgybitch literal nazis misogyny MRA racism threats

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie attacks Beyonce fans as “feral animals,” threatens murder

Andrea Hardie attempts blackface
Andrea Hardie attempts blackface. No, really. This literally is her attempt at blackface.

Not-so-nice white lady Andrea Hardie — perhaps better known on the internet as Janet Bloomfield and/or JudgyBitch — is still ostensibly the Social Media Director of the fading Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men.

#gamergate anti-Semitism antifeminism doxing empathy deficit harassment hypocrisy irony alert literal nazis lying liars men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny penises PUA racism rape rape culture red pill return of kings rhymes with roosh

The Daily Mail tracks Roosh V to his mother’s basement, where he lives. No, really.

Roosh Valizadeh, as he would prefer to be seen
Roosh Valizadeh, as he would prefer to be seen

This is just getting surreal.

The Daily Mail — yes, that Daily Mail — has tracked Roosh to his mother’s house in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he is currently living. In the basement.

The location of the pet shop has yet to be determined.

#gamergate doxing swatting terrorism

Congresswoman Leading the Fight Against Swatting is, You Guessed It, Swatted

Rep. Katherine Clark
Rep. Katherine Clark

From the Boston Globe:

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Staying Safe(r) Online, With Anita Sarkeesian


Online, too.

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