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Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie attacks Beyonce fans as “feral animals,” threatens murder

Andrea Hardie attempts blackface
Andrea Hardie attempts blackface. No, really. This literally is her attempt at blackface.

Not-so-nice white lady Andrea Hardie — perhaps better known on the internet as Janet Bloomfield and/or JudgyBitch — is still ostensibly the Social Media Director of the fading Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men.

But with AVFM no longer grabbing the headlines it once, if briefly, did, the attention-seeking Canadian has apparently decided to hitch herself to the hate movement that’s really going places these days — the so-called alt-right, a loose collection of white supremacists, anime Nazis, and cuck-clucking Trump fans who enjoy trolling Twitter with hateful garbage as much as Hardie herself does.

Her latest publicity stunt? An almost gleefully racist Twitter tirade against Beyoncé and her fans as “feral animals” and “thugs.” As the singer’s fans took to Twitter to celebrate the premiere of Bey’s “visual album” LEMONADE, Hardie jumped into the fray with Tweets designed to offend:

UPDATE: Hardie’s Twitter account has evidently been suspended; I will replace the missing tweets with screenshots when I get a minute. Luckily the text remains:

When one Puerto Rican woman took offense at her not-very-well-disguised racist language, Hardie cranked the racism up further:

Hardie followed up her Twitter tirade with a blog post titled, with her characteristic subtlety, “Beyoncé fans are feral thugs, like her.” In it, Hardie managed to find an excuse to use the word “feral” five times, “thugs” and “thuggish” six times, and “animals” four times. Here she manages to use all three in once sentence:

What I am saying is that #BlackLivesMatter thugs can scream to high heaven they are just frustrated victims of racism, but their actions are those of feral, wild animals.

Beyoncé’s recent, Black-Panther-referencing, Super Bowl performance was “an attack on the police officers of America,” Hardie sniffs. LEMONADE is worse, a sign that Beyoncé has fully “embrace[d] the violent thuggery of #BlackLivesMatter.” And while Beyoncé’s music and music videos won’t

cause anyone to go out and shoot an officer … these thugs are already so inclined, and it sure does provide a nice musical background!

In her blog post, Hardie makes much of the fact that that some women responded to her racist Tweets with threatening language. “When I tweeted to the hashtag #Lemonade asking why Beyoncé was embracing such ugly stereotypes about Black women as feral,” Hardie writes, “a legion of her fans showed up to prove they weren’t feral at all! Good job, ladies!”

Hardie posts screenshots of Tweets in which women offended by her Tweets tell her to “shut up, bitch” and “die slow.” One women, whose account seems to have since been banned, threatens to “slice [her] like a f**ing cheesecake” as well as to do some exceptionally disturbing things to, and with, the penis of Hardie’s father.

While acknowledging that when people on Twitter threaten her, she “threaten[s] them right back,” Hardie for some reason neglects to post screenshots of any of her responses. Here are several of them, which may strike you as a tad feral, animalistic and thuggish themselves.

As it turns out, Hardie is something of an old hand at threatening Twitter foes with gruesome violence. Apparently she regularly fantasizes about flaying off the skin of her enemies, gouging out their eyes, and/or bolting their heads to cars and doors. Among other things.

In the interest of keeping this a SFW blog, I will refrain from posting a Tweet in which Hardie pulls out the c-word before threatening to “gouge out [the] eyes” of a woman before stuffing them up her posterior.

I will also refrain from posting a Tweet in which Hardie told another Twitter foe how much she would enjoy “bolting your head to the roof of my car” because Hardie, who regularly affects great concern over being doxxed, included what I presume is her home address in the Tweet.

There are more examples, many more. And she is not shy about threatening people off of Twitter either.

But I think the point is fairly clear. If we were to judge all white women by the Twitter timeline of Andrea Hardie, we would have to conclude that they are feral, animalistic thugs — with a rather vivid imagination when it comes to imagining how they might torture, kill and dismember their foes.

Despite her penchant for floridly violent threats, Hardie — the wife of a Canadian academic — has so far refrained from explicit racial slurs, at least on Twitter.

And while she has occasionally dropped the alt-right buzzword “cuck” — once when referring to me — she hasn’t taken up another alt-right favorite, the racist slur “dindu.” She seems content, at least for now, to stick with racial-slur-substitutes like “feral” and “thug.”

She feels no such compunction about using the word “faggot,” which she trollishly pretends is not the slur that it is.

And these are just from the past 24 hours. I left out the worst one, a crudely sexual bag of insults directed at the excellent @TakedownMRAs

Hardie, while perhaps not the credit to her race that she evidently thinks she is, continues to celebrate (as she has been doing for some time) what she sees as the superiority of “white culture,” or at least the more traditionalist aspects of it.

As that last Tweet suggests, Hardie not only apes the rhetoric and the obsessions of the alt-right; she has begun to embrace the label as well.

And then today, this rather inept attempt at blackface.

I suppose it’s only a matter of time before she starts dressing up as Hitler.

For more on Hardie’s Twitter meltdown, see Janet Bloomfield Has Racist Twitter Meltdown; Says She Wants to Tweet a Photo of Herself in Blackface on Hail to the Gynocracy, which helped point me to some of the Tweets I used in this post.

If you do check out that post, do some poking around in Hail to the Gynocracy’s archives. The site, which tracks the alt-right and other reactionary doofuses, deserves a lot more attention that it gets.

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6 years ago

How does Beyonce perpetrate racist stereotypes about black women? She’s wealthy, hard working and successful. She’s in a stable marriage. She never had children out of wedlock.

She’s the complete opposite of misogynoiristic (I know, that’s probably not a word) stereotypes.

One Super Bowl halftime show that was supportive of Black Lives Matter and all of a sudden she’s a feral thug not to ever be taken seriously despite that fact that unlike most people who became famous at a young age, she has always had her shit extremely together. Right. That’s all Beyoncé’s fault. It couldn’t possibly be that Hardie and F. Harper here are just racist assholes. Sure.

6 years ago
6 years ago

There needs to be a new internet law:

If someone declares themselves to ‘only think things through rationally and objectively’ then expect them to present nothing but biased opinions.

I have a somewhat more objective standard than feelings. .

Last I checked, hubris is a feeling.

And I ignored your attempt at linguistic sorcery because it was pointless. Futrelle spins the story to his own ends.

And how does he spin this story? If you’re as objective and rational as you claim, I expect an explanation purely based on logic.

Hardie originally criticized Beyonce for perpetrating black stereotypes.

Your bias is showing. You refer to Andrea Hardie’s tweets as ‘criticizing’, as if she said “hey beyonce, I think your music perpetuates black stereotypes”

So let’s see those tweets again?

Wearing fur, trashing everything – you literally look and behave like an animal. WTF are you thinking? #LEMONADE #BlackTwitter @Beyonce

— Janet Bloomfield (@AndreaHardie) April 24, 2016

Way to dispel those stereotypes about feral, violent Black people. #LEMONADE #Thug #BLM

— Janet Bloomfield (@AndreaHardie) April 24, 2016

Covered in fur, behaving like a predator, wanton violence. Yes, that’s nothing at all like an animal. #Idiot @theAshLeon

— Janet Bloomfield (@AndreaHardie) April 24, 2016

So even if her criticism is simply that Beyonce is ‘perpetuating black stereotypes’, would you agree that she chose an abysmally poor and offensive way to go about it? If not, please explain why.

Oh and let’s take a look at this tweet, where she very obviously isn’t just ‘criticizing Beyoncee for perpetuating black stereotypes’ and literally calls her a ‘feral animal’

I called #Beyonce a feral thug after she BEHAVED like a feral thug #LEMONADE @glitzyhive

Then people started tweeting abuse at her as though she had used those stereotypes herself.

Uh, she did use the stereotypes herself, right here:

I called #Beyonce a feral thug after she BEHAVED like a feral thug #LEMONADE @glitzyhive

After one person essentially dared her to put on blackface, that’s exactly what she did.

So by that logic, if someone dares me to do something, that means I’m not to be held responsible for my actions?

The abuse that followed escalated, and she did not back down, returning it in kind.

Your bias is showing. When Andrea Hardie does it to beyonce, it’s just ‘criticism’, but when her detractors do it to her, it’s ‘abuse’.

So, do tell, what is this terrible abuse that poor Andrea Hardie suffered? Clearly it had to be much worse than calling people of color ‘feral animals’.

This is where we are now. We, the well-adjusted and rational, have been subject to the abuse of intersectional feminists such as yourself for long enough.

So you just accused Scildfreja of being abusive towards you. Yeah, you’re going to have to back up that assertion with some evidence.

Also, earlier you made this assertion

If you claim that all white males are angry and bigoted, it takes only one example of a calm, rational white male to disprove it.

So if I present to you one example of a non-abusive intersectional feminist, then I can easily disprove your assertion that “intersectional feminists are abusive”?

We won’t submit and we won’t back down any longer.

Call us racist, sexist, mysogynist whatever-phobes and it will slide off us because we simply do not care anymore.

Hahahahaha, sure, you totally don’t care. That’s why you totally don’t care that we call Andrea Hardie a racist. That’s why you posted a comment on this blog, to show us all how much you totally don’t care!

Truth matters. Your anger at our lack of capitulation does not.

Well I can’t speak for anyone else, but I certainly am relaxed and giggling to myself over yet another ‘I’m totally rational and to prove this I will present my subjective opinions’ troll.

And what exactly have ‘we’ done that constitutes capitulation? I mean, we’ve asked people for proper capitalization but that’s about it.

Scaly Llama
Scaly Llama
6 years ago

@F Harper

Look, the word is perpetuate, meaning to continue or carry forward something (eg. an action, a tradition).

The word you used (perpetrate) means committing/doing something, with a strong implication of wrongdoing. It’s where the law enforcement term “perp” comes from.

Maybe you did mean “perpetrating” racial stereotypes, but context suggests otherwise. I can get the gist of what you are saying, but is that really good enough? Someone devoted to logic and rationality should value clarity of communication above all. Do check things next time.

(Rating: Entertaining but generic trolling – 6/10)

6 years ago

Doesn’t Andrea Hardie hunt animals with bows? I’m sure I read that she does. While the fur trade is probably worse than bow hunting she’s hardly in the position to take the moral high ground about animal cruelty. Plenty of white people wear or produce fur – Kate Moss, Anna Wintour, Paris Hilton etc – so while I thoroughly condemn Beyoncé for contributing to skinning animals alive it’s hardly a race issue.

Pillbo Baggins
Pillbo Baggins
6 years ago

her attempt at blackface was worse than Chris Lilley as S.mouse because at least he tried to look like something other than orange with dirt smeared on the hollows of his cheeks.

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