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As Kiwi Farms struggles to stay online, transphobes hail it as “one of the last free places on the internet”

Kiwi Farms, the infamous stalking/doxing site with an especial animus towards trans victims, is facing an energetic campaign to get it booted off the internet. If you haven’t been following the story, there’s a quick explainer here.

So-called “gender critical” transphobes, who recently cheered on the swatting of the trans streamer now leading the campaign against Kiwi Farms, are praying it survives.

On Ovarit, a Reddit-like forum that has become a haven for transphobes who left the real Reddit when the mods took down the Gender Critical subreddit, assorted commenters have professed their love for the site, which a commenter known as fistcity described as “one of the last free places on the internet and i hope it lives forever tbh.”

“Honestly I love KF,” fistcity confessed.

I’ve learned so many interesting things there that I would never have known about otherwise just because so many different kinds of people are there. Also some of them are crazily good documentarians. Bonus: very funny shit.

Fistcity has a vision of Kiwi Farms that seems to have come from a not-so-parallel universe.

They drove no one to suicide. They don’t harass people. They do not contact them. They don’t swat. They observe, and they take what is publicly available information that people voluntarily put out there and archive it. If someone wants to look at their thread, fine, but that’s on them. It’s nobody else’s problem but their own, and it’s a problem that can be easily solved by stepping away from the fucking computer lol.

For the real story, see here.

Ave_Lucifuge replied:

Kiwifarms is a big reason I peaked [became a TERF]. NOT because they’re “transphobic”, but because they document all the hideous shit TIMs do/say. Idk why TIMs put so much focus on shutting the fruit farms down when they could just simply not be degenerates (lies, we all know why).

When a commenter called littleowl12 pointed out that Kiwi Farms is “pretty racist and anti-Semitic,” other commenters, while not denying this was true, were quick to dismiss Kiwi Farms’ bigotry as no big deal.

“I’m a jew and the antisemitism doesn’t bother me,” wrote our old friend fistcity.

that’s just how it is in certain parts of the internet. …

I don’t know … that i’ve ever seen someone who was scary. I guess maybe the people who are really good at doxing might be scary to people. Kind of impressive really. A lot of stuff is also said in jest or just for the sake of profanity. Yeah, sometimes you see some wild ass psycho but that’s actually not most of the users. Feel like I’ve seen lots more people with normal lives, jobs, and families than I have seen like, basement dwellers.

“It’s a gossip site,” added WholeGrain.

They aren’t a hivemind and have a lot of diverse users. Threads on Jewish people will see anti-semitic users, threads on black people will have racist users, threads on right-wingers will have left-leaning users, and the threads in the beauty parlor have female users of all kinds. This is just how it is when everyone is allowed to say what they want to.

LuckyStar was pretty much ready to excuse any behavior.

I really dislike all the hate speech that is used on that website, parts of it feel like a bunch of edgy 7th graders super excited to finally use “the n word”. But tbh if the price of maintaining free speech — and thus being one of like two places left on the internet where we can speak honestly and accurately about TIMs [trans women] and call them out on their bullshit — is a bunch of edgy tweens trying out whatever bad word they learned from South Park last week then honestly I’ll take it.

Like fistcity, Lucky Star appears to live in a different universe than the rest of us.

The ugly language is gross, but TIMs are out here pushing the wholesale destruction of all of women’s rights and spaces and mass sterilization of gay and autistic youth, the urgency with which we must document their behavior and make others aware, to me far outweighs that

None of that is true, of course, but it does provide convenient cover for supporting a hate site under siege.

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Brony, Social Justice Cenobite


Whole concept of transgenderism can be subject of critique but trans activists say it is always hateful and should be rejected.

The existence of of a group of people is not in doubt. You have no problems with handedness, optimism, pessimism?

Acceptance of self-identification as notion of gender is also counterintuitive and weird.

No. People with common experiences are self-sorting.

“Non-binary” gender etc. is especially stupid…

You use words like “stupid” and act surprised when people are insulting back. You get as you give.

… for me but trans activist will say I have to validate it and use some pronouns, otherwise it’s hate speech.

If it’s painful to specific language on someone and you choose to do it anyway, hate seems a reasonable possibility. You can tell me what emotion you use in those moments though.

Otherwise you keep gossiping about these “trans activists”, you seem to like to use individuals to judge groups.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
8 months ago


I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone so bombastically wrong.

You were successful in blocking all of 2016-2020 from your memory?

You lucky duck!

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
8 months ago

@Surplus: He could make millions selling that technique! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, here we come! Sign me up!

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
8 months ago

@Cyborgette: SORRY! I meant to say “she” but I didn’t proofread and thought it was something Turtle said. Then the edit window ran out.

Please please please forgive me. I’m sorry I did that.

(Look, rightwingers — an actual apology)

Anywho, be it fetishizing murderous Soviet henchmen or incompetent dotards* like Agent Orange, they’re all the same.

BTW, my brother and his friends called Allende’s office in the middle of the night once to congratulate him. They got up to the level of his #1 assistant and left a message that they really appreciated what he was doing. Of course, about a month later, he was gone. He never stood a chance. Even the Soviets couldn’t/wouldn’t protect him against the CIA. There’s no way he could have collected a big enough army, since the Chilean army was firmly RW.

Yes, kids, some of us are actually old enough to remember these things as they happened. We remember watching the Watergate hearings too, the trial of the Chicago 8, and the debacle in Vietnam, and the Reagan/Thatcher years, and the fall of the Soviet Union… We don’t have to read dodgy web sites written decades later. Go away kid, ya bother me.

*the only phrasing out of Kim Jong-Un’s mouth I’ve ever agreed with. Hey, my dad was in the war that saved South Korea from his grandpa! Serving with soldiers from many UN countries. As I’m sitting here on my Samsung listening to K-pop and having bulgogi for dinner, that seems to have worked out pretty well for them. Not so good for the North.

Elaine the witch
Elaine the witch
8 months ago

@gss ex-noob

I mean this very lovingly but hearing you say all that makes me feel like a vampire describing how they like helped Charles Dickin write a Christmas carol for funsies or where they were standing when some French noble lost there head.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
8 months ago

@Elaine: Interesting things have happened to men I know who are older than me.

Me, not so much. So I only have their stories to tell.

The bulgogi was good but had too much salt. Other than that, delish. Threw it in the wok with the remains of a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and there ya go. Hubs had the leftovers for lunch today.

An Impish Pepper
An Impish Pepper
8 months ago

As much as I’d rather not wade into this looking like I generally agree with Turtle or Feliks on their politics, I feel the need to object to the framing of the Korean War as South Korea being “saved” from Kim Il Sung. The anti-communist side installed a fascist dictator to rule the South, and the country went through several military juntas doing coups on each other until eventually the last guy let democracy happen, but not before hosting the Olympics and doing what countries usually do to prepare for the Olympics (i.e. not great stuff). One of those dictators even brought out the army to fight protesters, a few years before China did the same thing in Tiananmen Square. For most of this 40-year period, the South was worse off than the North, before entering a period of economic growth due to policies enacted by one of the dictators – a command economy, one might call it.

I’m not saying this to suggest that the North was/is better than the South or that it’s necessarily good or bad overall that the South exists as a capitalist-aligned political entity. I just think it’s at least a little hypocritical to make sweeping statements about how bad the South could have had it when it has the history that it does.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
8 months ago

@Impish Pepper: Yeah, but the right-wingers frame it that way. Because Commies.

Or at least they used to before Agent Orange got a man-crush on Kim the 3rd, who probably has many LOLz when talking to Vlad about Dolt 45.

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