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The Daily Mail tracks Roosh V to his mother’s basement, where he lives. No, really.

Roosh Valizadeh, as he would prefer to be seen
Roosh Valizadeh, as he would prefer to be seen

This is just getting surreal.

The Daily Mail — yes, that Daily Mail — has tracked Roosh to his mother’s house in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he is currently living. In the basement.

The location of the pet shop has yet to be determined.

So, yeah. The Daily Mail literally staked out Roosh’s mom’s house, and snapped a few pictures of the man himself answering the door, looking a bit flustered, in a pit-stained t-shirt, after he called cops to the house to discuss the threats he’s been getting from people around the world unamused by his allegedly satirical article advocating the legalization of rape on private property.

Meanwhile, in the House of Commons — yes, that House of Commons, the one in London — Members of Parliament have been mocking the size of Roosh’s … following. As reported on,

Labour MP Chi Onwurah went a step further than this, suggesting he was ‘so insecure in his own masculinity’ that he felt the need to ‘augment the size of his… following’ – prompting giggles from around the Commons chamber.

Home Office minister Karen Bradley joined in, adding: ‘I join her in her comments about perhaps the reasons why this individual is doing what he is doing, ensuring he is getting publicity, in a way perhaps he needs for other reasons. I’ll say no more.’

Wink wink, nudge nudge. Say no more!

Oh, and Anonymous — yes, that Anonymous — now says it plans to dox Roosh’s supporters. Highlighting the many ironies here, their announcement of what they call Operation Glasgow Kiss borrowed most of its language from Roosh’s plan, announced several days ago, to dox journalists who’ve written about him in ways he doesn’t like.

Also, Roosh’s mom — no, not really Roosh’s mom — now has a Twitter account.

Have I missed anything? I’m pretty sure I have.

What do I make of all this? I’m frankly torn.

I’m certainly heartened to see so many publicly rebuking Roosh’s truly abhorrent ideas. Even if Roosh’s call to end rape by making it legal were absolute, 100% satire, he’s written literally hundreds of other things just as bad, if not worse, a point I made in my International Business Times piece yesterday. (For many more examples, take a stroll through my posts on him in the We Hunted the Mammoth archives, or read through the posts I highlighted here.)

It is also a little hard for me to feel much sympathy for Roosh on the doxxing question, given that he and his followers are simply having done to them what he has already done — or tried to do — to those he considers his enemies, including, well, me.

Does anyone remember the time he launched a campaign to “destroy” (his word) the life and reputation of a female journalist by falsely accusing her of (anti-white) racism?

“How far lost is Western society,” Roosh asked on Twitter, “if fat, ugly Indian [name and gendered slur redacted] has a platform to denounce a productive, intelligent white man?”

In a followup post, he explained that

Unless she’s applying for a position at Jezebel, no respectable company will touch a toxic individual who has been linked to racism.  …

It’s a slow-burn attack that will effectively punish these writers and scare their co-workers , whose income is low enough that they need to depend on corporate employment indefinitely … It won’t work on the big liberal writers like Jessica Valenti or Naomi Wolf, since any attention they get just helps them sell more books, but it does work on the young girl out of college trying to win feminist brownie points by denouncing a man for being “creepy” based on a bad joke.

And then he compared it with something he seems to have a certain amount of experience with:

Having your name destroyed on Google is the internet version of getting raped.

That’s right. He was comparing the smear campaign he was launching to rape — in what he saw as a good way.

I discuss some of Roosh’s other harassment campaigns, (as well as a violent and creepy revenge fantasy he posted on his blog) here and here.

So, yeah, Roosh isn’t having anything done to him that he and his followers haven’t done to others, with the exception of having actual MPs make unflattering insinuations about his penis in the House of Commons. Then again, if some MP were to call the target of one of his harassment campaigns a “fat ugly” c-word, I’m sure he’d be cackling with glee.

But at the same time, the public shaming of Roosh makes me deeply uneasy.

The Daily Mail literally staked out his mom’s house in order to get photos of him answering the door. He’s been doxxed; no doubt some of his followers will be as well. And I also have little doubt that Roosh is indeed getting the threats he says he’s getting. The answer to Roosh’s internet bullying isn’t to bully him back.

While some of the ironies of the current situation are admittedly a bit delicious — the man who preens on Instagram holding wads of cash turns out to be literally living in his mom’s basement — let’s not lose sight of the real issues here. There’s nothing inherently shameful about living in mom’s basement, or having a small … following. Indeed, jokes about Roosh’s penis rather trivialize the issues at stake here.

We should be exposing Roosh’s noxious ideas and behavior, not his mom’s address.

The real issues here are, I think, fourfold:

Roosh is teaching an abhorrent, woman-hating philosophy that encourages men to bulldoze past a woman’s no’s in order to, as Roosh puts it, “get their nut.” 

Roosh is preaching bigotry — against women, against people of color, against LGBT folk, even against that familiar scapegoat, the Jews. Already a conduit for many of the noxious ideas of the “alt right,” Roosh seems well on his way to becoming a literal Nazi.

Roosh is a bully, using his followers as his own personal army in an attempt to “destroy” individuals he doesn’t like, most of them women. He was a supporter and enabler of the roving internet harassment squad known as GamerGate

Roosh’s own writings strongly suggest that he may be a serial rapist. 

It’s that last one that troubles me the most, as it probably does most of you. If it’s true, I hope that the police return to his door, not because of threats he’s been getting online, but to arrest him. Will the current media firestorm over Roosh encourage women to come forward with specific charges against him? We will see.

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NelC | February 6, 2016 at 3:57 pm
I’m too full of schadenfreude to figure out how wrong doxxing Roosh is, but a couple or so have brought up a risk of violence to him. Is this a real risk? Has anyone actively threatened him? As bad as people around here think him, I haven’t seen anyone advocate violence against him.

While we don’t advocate for violence against people (no matter how vile they are), we don’t control the internet (contrary to popular manospherian belief, neither do feminists in general).

There are plenty of people out there (especially men who haven’t gotten out of the “I need to protect women with BRUTE FORCE” phase), who would undoubtedly like to beat the tar out of Roosh.

While I respect that they find him repugnant as well, I don’t want to see violence come to him, if only for the fact that he’ll blame it on us and martyr himself further.

I see the Daily Fail have published a sequel.

Roosh Valizadeh, who used a blog post – which he later said was satirical – to say that if a woman was on private property she could be legitimately raped, hired the bodyguard as global revulsion over his views grew.

When Daily Mail Online attempted to speak to Valizadeh at his mother’s basement where he is in hiding, his guard leaped up and warned our reporter off. […]

He said Valizadeh, 36, was not at home, but the bodyguard’s cell phone rang twice during the conversation and a voice could be heard saying: ‘Don’t tell him anything.’ […]

When Daily Mail Online called at his home yesterday an elderly woman answered the door, denying she was his mother and that she was the ‘house cleaner’.

She said Valizadeh was not home and that she did not speak English. She then ran her finger over her sealed lips before closing the door.

But Valizadeh emerged in his stained T shirt and shorts minutes later when police answered his call.

Ouch. I’m guessing they’re a might pissed that he doxxed the photographer who snapped photos of his house.

If we know anything about DM, they are already interviewing Roosh’s neighbors, their aunts, cousins, and pets. I suspect there will be more stories to follow, including quite likely a report from his “press conference” (it’s hard to type it without cracking up). Gotta stock up on popcorn.

Bins, Rooshsmom twitter is hilarious. David mentions it in the main post.

I actually suspected that David is its author, given this person’s advanced knowledge of the sphere. But I won’t ask, so he does not have to tell. In any case, it’s brilliant and funny.

I only said the last paragraph to sound like those guys, I didn’t mean it.
I am sorry society treats you like this. I hope someday you find a person who likes you inside and outside. On the bright side, I can testify that online dating DOES work. I wish you happiness.
And I wish those people yelling from the cars… I won’t even say it. Don’t care about them. They are disgusting people. Their opinions are worth shit.

I hope you didn’t feel bothered by my privileged complaining. I am so sorry if you did. I will never comprehend your oppression or how you feel and I do not wish to compare my problems with mine. I understand the difference between mild suffering and actual oppression, or try to.

Bins, Rooshsmom twitter is hilarious. David mentions it in the main post.

I actually suspected that David is its author, given this person’s advanced knowledge of the sphere. But I won’t ask, so he does not have to tell. In any case, it’s brilliant and funny.

Well, dang. And here I thought I had a scoop. Oh well.

I suspect it’s not him, though…the poster uses British spelling/punctuation. I hear a distinct Brit accent in there…

Bina, I see what you mean about the Britishisms. I didn’t see any yesterday and hadn’t checked the feed today.

This is also not exactly David’s type of humor, FWIW.

Wow. Just wow. This is how delusional they are:

“A 9/10 blonde, big titted attention whore was teaching a class at Beta University.
‘Before the class begins you should get on your laptops and like my Facebook updates and 50 new party and beach photos despite me never acknowledging your existence.’
At this moment a robotic, NEET, virgin, who was out of his house for the first time in a week, and fully comprehended the scale of female privilege and the easiness of their lives, stood up and held a rock. ‘What does this rock feel like?’
The ego inflated lecturer smirked quite Jewishly and enthusiastically replied, ‘It feels rough. It hurts my hand just by holding it!’
‘Wrong. If it hurts you and treats you roughly…then why haven’t you let it cum
on your face yet?'”

The lecturer was visibly shaken and dropped her chalk and copy of 50 Shades of Grey. She stormed out of the room crying those white knight summoning tears. The betas applauded and realized that if 20% of the men get all of the women, then they outnumber [alphas] 4 to 1. After one week all women were enslaved by the beta uprising and distributed equally among the male population.

The lecturer lost her tenure and was fired the next day. She committed suicide after realizing that none of the hundreds of men that offered to marry her were millionaires, and that her life was too hard.”

How the hell does one “smile Jewishly”? And who ever killed herself over hundreds of marriage proposals from not-rich dudes, or burst into tears because some idiot told her a rock — an inanimate object! — had rejected her by not ejaculating in her face (as if THAT were something women should want anyway)? And what self-respecting college instructor reads the 50 Shades of Dreck trilogy, much less gets seen carrying a copy to class?

It’s no wonder these guys can’t succeed with women. They haven’t had the slightest contact with a real one. They don’t need “alphas” to sabotage them by vacuuming up all the women — they’re doing a bang-up job of it all by themselves!


That’s a play on a copypasta from reddit, though I’m not sure if it is meant very sarcastically (like this is how these fools think) or by a manospherian.

And what self-respecting college instructor reads the 50 Shades of Dreck trilogy, much less gets seen carrying a copy to class?

Um. That would be me. I’ve never carried a copy to class, because my briefcase is too full, but my students know I’ve read it. I was writing a review of a parody of it, but I’ve had to focus on other things.

Otherwise, of course, it is bullshit.

Bina, yeah, isn’t that, er, special? And yet we have dudes like the douche who posted the top comment under David’s IBT article, saying that misogyny is a not bad thing. Unreal.

Speaking of misogyny and dudes with poor social skills, I found this blog by a former Christian fundamentalist-turned PUA-turned feminist, who writes about his improbable transformation. He is honest, insightful, and interesting.

No wonder he wants to rape women, he lives in a basement with his mother! I can’t imagine him getting many action any other way but through force. And what a hypocrite, too. He’s complaining about people harassing his family (including the women). I’m assuming he doesn’t think it is OK for men to rape his mother, sister, aunts and grandmothers? I dunno, just a hunch.

No wonder he wants to rape women, he lives in a basement with his mother! I can’t imagine him getting many action any other way but through force

Actually, most people who can’t get much action don’t rape or fantasize about raping.
I am not fighting with you or anything, and I am sure that it wasn’t the intention, but the use of the expression “no wonder” may sound like you are justifying it a bit. Just warning you so you don’t end up saying something like that somewhere else and getting misinterpreted.

most people who can’t get much action don’t rape or fantasize about raping.

Exactly. Decent human beings don’t become p.o.s. because of circumstances like these. And p.o.s. like Cosby are rapists not for any lack of opportunities to enjoy consensual sexual encounters but because they want to rape.

@ kat

An interesting insight into yellow press investigatory tactics is to examine the career of Benjamin “Benji the Binman” Pellow.

(Used to bump into him occasionally when I was walking my dog round the Temple)

@Bina and @newbie

That Bust essay was a disturbing read.

As for the revenge/power-trip fantasy, there’s so much wrong in it! How lost in self-delusion, as Bina points out, do you have to be to think that a sex “joke”, one that a teacher could easily argue is a form of sexual assault, is the ultimate brain breaker for women (conventionally attractive women in particular)? Like they (the self-labeled betas) are all Jokers waiting to unleash just the right insult on “one bad day” which’ll successfully reduce others to their level. He’d be lucky if he didn’t get suspended or expelled from the school for that “joke”. Or maybe he knows it, but wishes his fantasy were reality? Also, “dropped her chalk”? Do whiteboards not exist at schools anymore? And who sexually anthropomorphizes a rock and expects to be taken seriously? I know that reality and MRAs/PUAs/MGTOWs don’t coinhabit the same planes of existence, but the lack of self-awareness still boggles the mind.

Lastly, why is this fantasy about a teacher? Of all the possible women in authority archetypes to rail against, why a professor? My guess is that it’s because professors grade their students. This imaginary person is a woman who’s in a position of authority, with proof of expertise and knowledge because of their degrees and work as a professor, rating the quality of work done by men. For men who’re insecure and full of self-loathing and misogynistic spite, and maybe sees grades as representative of their worth as a person and not the quality of their output, perhaps they see it as a form of cuckolding?

Whatever the reason, it’s sad that they seek refuge in hate groups rather than try to get help in therapy.

So the King of Masculinity is 35 and still dependent on his mother? Can’t wait for the follow-up where someone shows her exactly what he’s been accomplishing down there and she cuts the cord.

I found this website only a couple of weeks ago. I have been reading avidly a lot of your entries.
Very entertaining stuff
I might make more comments at some point. I am just shy at first.

One thing I wanted to point out regarding the doxxing (and I am not saying is a good thing to do), is that when Anonymous did it, they didn’t know his family lived there. In fact, Roosh has been openly boasting in his posts that he ‘lived in Poland with his many wives’. Which obviously turn out not to be the case.

Like I said, I am not defending doxxing, but I honestly think that when anons leaked his address, they never intended to get his family in trouble. I might be wrong here, but is just my opinion.

I strongly suspect that the only ones that Roosh is serial raping are not women his loveshy legion of loser followers (and their wallets).

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