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Those who need to wear masks won’t; those who don’t need to, do

Not how it’s supposed to work

The CDC has made it official, or at least as close to official as we are likely to get: If you’ve gotten all the vaccination shots for COVID, you don’t need to wear a mask — definitely not outside, and possibly not inside a shop or restaurant.

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Young man worried his girlfriend has a cancer because his dudes keep spilling out of her gynecological region

The other kind of cream pie

By David Futrelle

A couple of days ago, a young man turned to the Relationships subreddit for advice on what he saw as a troubling health issue with his somewhat older girlfriend. And then things got weird.

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There is no such thing as a woman good at sex: Part 1 in a new series, “MGTOWs explain sex”

If a woman moves during sex, she’s probably a slut

By David Futrelle

So today I’d like to present the first post in what I hope will become a long-running series: MGTOWs Explain Sex.