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Some Star Trek fans, missing the whole point of the franchise, are mad that the current comic book version is too “woke”

Lt. Uhuru would like a word with you

Bounding into Comics, one of the more boneheaded of the culture war blogs, which routinely blasts what it sees as excessive “wokeness” in comic books and films, has turned its attention to the latest comic book version of Star Trek, demonstrating in the process that it has completely missed the point of the whole franchise.

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Western incels furious they’re being denied a hologram waifu in a jar

No “Japanese jailbait holo gitls” for you, incels, unless you speak their language

By David Futrelle

Several years ago, I wrote about a holographic “virtual companion” that seemed designed to fulfill the romantic fetishes of every anime-obsessed incel. “Azuma,” as she was known, was basically a tiny, chatty waifu encased in a jar she could never escape from — seemingly a Black Mirror episode waiting to happen.

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So how creepy is Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh’s prep school pal and self-described Catholic Bikini Paparazzo? Let’s go to the videos

Mark Judge: Would you buy bikini pictures from this man?

By David Futrelle

Several days ago, a strange fellow named Mark Judge made his debut as a bit player in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination tragicomedy that now grips the nation. Judge, a hard-partying pal of Kavanaugh back in his Georgetown Prep days in the early 1980s, was allegedly on the scene when his then 17-year-old buddy Brett allegedly tried to rape the then-15 year old Christine Blasey Ford.

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Presenting Matt "How to Crush A Girl's Self Esteem" Forney, the new king of #Gamergate!

Hail the king!
Hail the king!

GamerGate provides a rare example of rats climbing aboard a sinking ship.

As the “movement” stews in its own conspiratorial rage, a small army of reactionary misogynists, sensing opportunity, have joined the cause. Sure, right-wingers like Adam Baldwin and Milo Yiannopoulos have long been Gaters, but it’s only in recent days that they’ve been joined by some of the better-known manospherians, from angry lawyer and juice seller Mike Cernovich to the charming Roosh V.

The latest manosphere douchebag to take up the GamerGate cause is the lovely and talented Matt Forney, who has promptly claimed for himself the mantle of GamerGate leader and hero.

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Gamebro Redditor laments: "I'm not going to get the job … Cause I'm a penis, and that's all I am."

How women get ahead in the workplace, according to men who hate women
How women get ahead in the workplace, according to men who hate women and don’t know shit about anything

A bitter gamebro wandered into the Men’s Rights subreddit last night to deposit an angry little manifesto on the evils of women and Social Justice Warriors. He didn’t get a terribly friendly reception from the regulars — last I checked he’d been voted down to zero — but his manifesto is such a classic example of self-pitying gamebro misogyny that I sort of felt obliged to bring it to you all here.

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then let’s begin.

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