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The 3 worst reactions to the Ukraine invasion I’ve seen so far

The first one is terrible; each of the following ones is worse than the last.

Let’s start with a woman whose head is deep in her ass, delightedly smelling the source of her own farts.

might get cancelled for this one but this aesthetic feels so special. i get that you might worry about this situation if you are russian or ukranian but the rest of the world should just enjoy the apocalypse vibes 4. Events like this are rare and we should live the moment "-^

This one is equally narcissistic, but somehow its bland opportunism is more appalling than the Tweet from Ms. Apocalyptic vibes above.

While Russia is taking over Ukraine, we're taking over the Amazon event industry. 
Pulling off the most exclusive Amazon event of the year next week, and then we get to work on the biggest event of the century in June, and so on and on. 
Whoever can't handle it, take shelter.

This one, what can I say? CW: Rape.




Have the rapes started in Ukraine? We all know that during war, rape is one the weapons because in war everything is acceptable. Have the Ukrainian pink pussies and holes started to smashed? Any pics/videos?


H/T — I found these, like the screenshot in the last post, in the IAmATotalPieceOfShit subreddit, which is a something of a gold mine of awful.

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Alan Robertshaw
2 months ago

@ gaebolga

There’s a phenomenon called ‘stress inoculation’. That’s where you’ve been through something traumatic; but survived it. So the next time the situation occurs your brain sort of goes ‘been here before; was fine; so no need to worry’. Maybe there’s a bit of that going on?

Also, dire as the situation is, it’s not quite as hair-trigger as the 80s felt. Remember all the scares? Like when that airliner got shot down?

Ironically I think what we’re seeing here is a demonstration of the ‘stability-instability paradox’. So even if Putin isn’t a rational actor; the military probably is. And under Russian doctrine they’re very much part of the loop for escalation; just in practical terms.

Also, Arthur C Clarke came up with the idea of ‘peace hostages’. His thesis was that you had a lot of Russian people living in ‘enemy’ countries; and they tend to be disproportionately the families of important people. So you don’t target your kids private school.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
2 months ago

The problem here is that the stability-instability thing only applies if the presidents on both sides are rational and have something to lose.

But we have this:

Evidence that Putin is either not rational, or in some kind of undisclosed medical trouble. If the latter escalates into a terminal diagnosis, he’ll have nothing to lose.

An added reason to suspect he’s received a serious medical diagnosis of some kind is that he seems to have gone from maintaining a homeostasis to trying to cement some kind of legacy. “Reassemble the Soviet Union/earlier Russian Empire” seems like a plausible bucket-list item for him …

There’s also the question of if this backfiring situation goes so far south for him that he’s facing being dragged out of the Kremlin and strung up in the Red Square, much like what happened to Qaddafi. Only Qaddafi had no way of giving the world a final “fuck you” on his way out, because Libya lacks nuclear weapons …

Basically, I’m concerned that Putin might end up pulling a President Clark at some point.

2 months ago


Basically, I’m concerned that Putin might end up pulling a President Clark at some point.

“The ascension of the ordinary man.” This is one of the things that I was most afraid of TFG pulling if his coup attempt went far enough that the Secret Service came to arrest him.

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
2 months ago


If “TFG” means Donnie Douchebag, I had the same concern. I thought inauguration day was going to be even worse than the Capitol Riots. And then… nothing happened. Thankfully.

As for this whole Ukrainian invasion and what Putin might do, it’s obviously a concern, but I’m not ready to start preparing for doomsday just yet either.

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