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Scott Adams still thinks Donald Trump is winning, bigly

Scott Adams: Has many opinions, most of them dumb

By virtually all measures, Donald Trump’s presidency is a disaster, lurching from self-inflicted crisis to self-inflicted disaster.

His inauguration day crowds were dwarfed by massive protests the next day. He’s delivered on none of his signature promises. Investigators are snooping around his administration and his businesses, and talk of impeachment is in the air. The White House is in perpetual chaos, with demoralized staffers leaking embarrassing details to the press almost hourly — when they’re not literally hiding in the bushes to escape questions from the press. Every day brings new evidence that Trump has no idea what he’s doing.

Today, after more than a week of relentless bad news, his historically terrible popularity rating has fallen close to its all time low. Even his wife refuses to hold hands with him.

But to Dilbert-cartoonist-turned-dillweed-pundit Scott Adams, everything bad is good for Trump, whom he sees as playing a masterful game of 4th-dimensional chess that most of us are too dumb to understand. Whenever Trump pulls some new boner, Adams is there to tell us, like Pee Wee Herman after his famous bike fail, that Trump “meant to do that.”

It’s been a while since we last checked in on Spinnin’ Scott, so I thought I’d grace you all with some of the highlights of his Trump-related Twittering over the last month or so.

In late April, Adams suggested that Trump’s opponents were running out of steam, or at least air:

He informed us that the world was coming to see all of politics through a Trumpian lens:

He groused a little about the French election with a Tweet one can only assume was deliberately designed to break irony meters around the globe:

He declared that the widespread belief that Trump has no fucking idea what he’s doing is actually … good for Trump, a step in the right direction, perception-wise.

Clearly Adams doesn’t realize that Trump’s “brand migration” hasn’t actually gone “from Hitler to incompetent” but from “Hitler to incompetent Hitler.”

He’s also apparently unaware that in a democracy, a politician’s popularity actually counts for quite a lot, given that our leaders are chosen through literal popularity contests known as “elections.”

He repeatedly tried to hypnotize Americans into forgetting the name “Comey” entirely.

Then he tried to convince us that Trump’s short attention span is a good thing because his advisors are so terrible:

I can’t say I dispute Adams’ contention that Trump’s advisors suck, but, dude, WHO PICKED THESE ADVISORS? (Hint: His name rhymes with Bonald Glump.)

Currently, Adams is trying to push his rather unique take on Trump’s cringeworthy world tour:

Apparently one ‘”powers up” abroad as a president by:

  1. Curtsying to Saudi royalty
  2. Forgetting that Israel is in the Middle East
  3. Grasping a giant glowing orb from the Home Shopping Network’s Illuminati Collection

But, hey, maybe the real story of the world tour is how much everyone LOVES Ivanka!

Keep spinning, Scott! Just keep spinning.

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5 years ago

Oh, right, I forgot, sorry and I even read many comments about this aspect, so I should’t have, right. Of course used not literarily, I meant to use the term going for Trump logic :). Not to insult people based on clinical diagnosis or alleged one, on pills, etc, even more so for people suffering more serious problems.

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
5 years ago

Of course used not literarily, I meant to use the term going for Trump logic :).

That makes it worse, not better.

5 years ago

Well I don’t know about that, I’d say it doesn’t make it better because I shouldn’t have used it and I immediately realized why. Trolls and bullies use such insults in a vile way, to deem people inferior based on things they wouldn’t even have fault of and don’t control, even if those were true, first because they shouldn’t be insults in first place and are as such ad hominem irrilevant to the discussion.
I’m open to the possibility that how I used could have been even worse not knowingly, not sure if I expressed what I meant by “going for Trump logic”, which of course doesn’t mean sharing it. But I admit the mistake as I said. And realized it indeed felt iffy and out of place, a bit forced, compared to the rest of my message.
I hope we’ll get along, from now on, indeed language is important and we all should pay more attention to it, starting from myself in this case, of course.
Peace .

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
5 years ago

Well I don’t know about that

Then take my word for it. Using “crazy” and synonyms metaphorically is worse than using them literally. I’d explain why since you clearly don’t know already, but I’m pretty burned out on this topic tonight so I’ll refer you to the commenting policy.

5 years ago

It’s no problem, don’t worry :). I didn’t take it as a personal attack, especially seeing a long story where even long time regulars have been reminded, You don’t owe me the explanation, but nor even need it because, well I knew that rule since long and recently read the policy again, but thought about it superficially when I wrote, somehow. I know that intent, however it counts, can’t be an excuse even though I’m not ableist, but as said, although the “fair” use is so widespread it still might conserve an ableist stigma with “crazy” and such. Basically I thought I was inserting that word in a context in which him and his supporters typically used it, against her, it’s not that I myself wanted to use it directly, even metaphorically, but, my bad, it came out clumsily. More like a way to wonder how would anyone seeing a let’s say “deranged” or “narcisistic” over the top behaviour on her, would not see it tenfold in Trump, but now I’m aware that might indirectly have enabled their logic, by saying that about him, in that they are indeed ableist and often sexist all around in such remark.
I’ll pay more attention to such words and how they are used in which context.
Sorry if I might have expressed it badly in words, here, I’m Italian and I’m also quite burned :). Good night (which will come later, so good evening, in case).

Paul Graham
Paul Graham
3 years ago


Can we please have an update on this post given that Trump is in trouble again with all the people leaving his administration?

Maybe something about how he has accomplished nothing since taking office and how he is doing a bad job??? Please please….


weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Paul Graham,


Feel free to do all the Trump bashing you like in any current thread. We don’t mind going off topic here.

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