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Playboy puts a man in lingerie on its cover and the MAGA crowd loses it, as they do

Bretman Rock in Playboy’s famous bunny suit

Playboy magazine, perhaps feeling a little starved for attention, decided to put a man in lingerie — the Playboy bunny suit — on the cover of its October issue. The man in question is “influencer” and former MTV star Bretman Rock, the first out gay man who’s appeared on a Playboy cover ever, looking a little bit fierce, if we’re still allowed to use that word.

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White knight scientists refuse to study semen retention because they know it gives men power over women, Reddit NoFapper argues

Scientist not studying semen retention

Men who retain their semen think that the practice gives them almost magical powers — increased energy, concentration, and charisma, to name just a few of the things these guys think they get from simply not jerking off for a month or two. The Semen Retention subreddit is filled with testimonies from guys claiming that their non-masturbation hobby has made them superior men.

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Reddit NoFapper takes LSD, convinces himself that all his lusty thoughts are the fault of a sex demon

TBF, these guys probably aren’t up to anything good

By David Futrelle

So I took a little stroll through the Semen Retention subreddit again today, and there were demons afoot. Or at least inside the brain of one of the gentlemen there.

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MGTOWs write virtual love letters to their Fleshlights: “Who knew $60 could replace a woman completely?”

MGTOWs do love them some Fleshlights

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By David Futrelle

So-called Men Going Their Own Way are some of the most ignorant motherfuckers on the entire planet. But they do have a certain expertise in a small number of areas — whining, cooking inedible food in great quantities, and of course the fine art of fucking inanimate objects.

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No-nut November NoFappers Need to Know: Am I not-nutting correctly in the eyes of God?

By David Futrelle

As No-Nut November nears its climax, one reactionary Catholic tweeter is asking those who’ve given up nutting to porn whether or not their intentions are pure.

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Aimee Terese: Vibrators are symbols of capitalist alienation

Emma Goldman is not impressed with this bullshit

By David Futrelle

Probably none of you have been wondering just what Aimee Terese has been up to lately but I’m going to tell you anyway.

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The Semen Retention subreddit is leaking (and not how you think)

By David Futrelle

A cryptocurrency guru who calls himself Crypto de Medici is celebrating the start of #NoNutNovember by bringing the gospel of Semen Retention to his nearly 90 thousand Twitter followers.

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“As a man, you hold the seed of creation within your ballsack,” and other reflections on semen retention from some mystical weirdo on Reddit

No, not THAT ballsack

By David Futrelle

Hardcore semen retainers — yes, I’m back to talking about them again — believe that by refraining from masturbation they can bless themselves with certain magical superpowers, most notably the power of attraction.

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What is “Globohomo?” A comprehensive guide to the alt-right’s new obsession, with tweets

Gay Atlas, deadlifting the earth

By David Futrelle

If you’ve spent any time arguing with right-wing trolls online, you’ve probably encountered the alt-right’s new favorite buzzword (that isn’t really a word): “globohomo.” And you may have found yourself wondering: What on earth is a globohomo, anyway, and why are right-wingers so mad about it?

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Incel jerks off to a grisly photo of a murdered girl, claims he sent the resulting “cum tribute” to the girl’s mother

Bianca Devins, RIP

CONTENT WARNING: This one is just brutal. If you’re feeling even the slightest bit queasy about the headline, please don’t read any further.