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Some Star Trek fans, missing the whole point of the franchise, are mad that the current comic book version is too “woke”

Lt. Uhuru would like a word with you

Bounding into Comics, one of the more boneheaded of the culture war blogs, which routinely blasts what it sees as excessive “wokeness” in comic books and films, has turned its attention to the latest comic book version of Star Trek, demonstrating in the process that it has completely missed the point of the whole franchise.

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Superman comes out as bisexual, and some conservative critics are taking it personally

Superman and his new boyfriend

On Coming Out Day yesterday, DC comics made a big announcement: Superman is bisexual.

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Perpetually angry dudes now angry that She-Hulk is a woman

By David Futrelle

So Disney just announced the imminent arrival of a new She-Hulk series on Disney+. Most fans seem pretty psyched about the news. “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” wrote one She-Hulk lover on Twitter. “I’M NOT KIDDING I STARTED CRYING,” wrote another. “SHE-HULK … WAS THE FIRST MARVEL FEMALE HERO THAT I LOVED.”

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A female Marvel comics editor posts a milkshake selfie — and fanbabies throw a fit

The Milkshake Menace

By David Futrelle

Like the titular character in The Princess and the Pea, the members of the Great Internet Lady Hating Machine have developed a truly impressive sensitivity towards the slightest perceived discomfort. And so it shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise that a small army of perpetually outraged comics fanbabies are currently losing their collective shit over a milkshake selfie.

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Comics fanbullies refuse to believe comics fanbullies drove Mockingbird writer offline

Modified detail of cover art for Mockingbird #8

Yet another woman has been driven off Twitter by misogynistic fanboy bullies angry that she had invaded their putatively male turf. This time, the arena is comics, and the woman in question is writer Chelsea Cain, a bestselling novelist who brought her feminist sensibility to the Marvel comic book series Mockingbird, which recently came to an end after eight issues.

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MRA’s and Their Future-tense Schadenfreude: Memeday, Early Edition

Found on AVFM's Facebook page
Found on AVFM’s Facebook page

Every Friday is Memeday here at We Hunted the Mammoth, but this week I’m going to start the celebration a day early, with a collection of “told you so!” memes I found, mostly, on Men’s Rights and other antifeminist Facebook pages.

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Men’s Rights Cartoonists Take on Females, Waterfalls, and Today’s Lace Curtain Dominated Media!

Ok, but why is Louis CK wearing a suit?
Ok, but why is Louis CK wearing a suit?

Every Friday is Memeday here on We Hunted the Mammoth. Today, we’re taking a look at some terrible antifeminist cartoons. But not just any terrible antifeminist cartoons: terrible antifeminist cartoons done in the style of old-school editorial cartoons. You know, the kind with stuff all labeled and shit.

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#GamerGate explained in 8 terrible, horrible, no good cartoons

Some people should probably not try to draw cartoons
Some people should probably not try to draw cartoons

Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words clearly hasn’t been looking at the artwork of #GamerGate — unless by “a thousand words” you mean the word “poop” repeated a thousand times.

Nonetheless, to honor the hard work of GamerGate’s unsung graphic heroes, and on the off chance that I might not be fully grasping the subtle meanings of these aesthetically impaired visionaries, I would like to present to you all today a series of [] incomprehensible GamerGate Cartoons, which I have collected from 8chan and Twitter and various other places I don’t even remember.

CONTENT WARNING: Cartoon violence, misogyny, raging anti-Semitism, really bad drawing.

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Sexist cartoons get dada

Today, a guest post from Etelka, the blogger behind the hilarious Wretched Refuse blog, which you all should read every day.


Thanks for letting me sit in, David! As I was telling you, I recently did some rooting around in a unique cranny of pre-manosphere media: sexist vintage cartoons. In the late ’40s and ’50s there were a lot of them published in books like this. (Some of the book covers that follow have been borrowed from the Vintage Sleaze blog here.)


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Friendzoning: The Rage Comics


Two rage comics that capture well the true human tragedy that is FRIENDZONING, both of which I found in the awesome Blue Pill subreddit. The one above is by dont_buy_me_gold; the one below by SaltyChristian (who is, incidentally, a CERTIFIED ALPHA).

I have heard rumors that the entire Blue Pill subreddit is not actually a hangout for super alpha dudes but rather a parody of the Red Pill subreddit but I choose not to believe them, much in the same way I choose not to believe in the supposed “law” of gravity. It’s A THEORY, people!

(Note: These are both parodies, by the way, in case there is any confusion.)

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