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Men’s Rights Cartoonists Take on Females, Waterfalls, and Today’s Lace Curtain Dominated Media!

Ok, but why is Louis CK wearing a suit?
Ok, but why is Louis CK wearing a suit?

Every Friday is Memeday here on We Hunted the Mammoth. Today, we’re taking a look at some terrible antifeminist cartoons. But not just any terrible antifeminist cartoons: terrible antifeminist cartoons done in the style of old-school editorial cartoons. You know, the kind with stuff all labeled and shit.

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Baffling MRA Meme of the Day: "Feminism creates equality like McDonald’s solves world hunger."


Actual "meme" found on the A Voice for Men Forums
Actual “meme” found on the A Voice for Men Forums

I found this “meme” on the A Voice for Men Forums, and it was too special not to share.

The AVFM “Graphics and Art” forum is kind of a gold mine for baffling and terrible “memes,” terribly drawn comics, and “graphics” that aren’t really graphics at all — like, for example, these graphically challenged entries:

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Men’s Rights Kontroversial Komik Kavalkade

Want to earn yourself some quick karma points on Reddit? It’s easy! Just post some terrible misogynistic comic and wait for the inevitable upvotes. Like this one, which combines some standard-issue victim-blaming rape apologism with a bit of racism and serves it all up in terribly drawn cartoon form, and collect dozens of upvotes!


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MRA Comics Cavalcade: “All Male Opinions” Silenced by “Lace Curtain Dominated Media.”


This completely reasonable and not-at-all hysterical cartoon apparently ran on a site called, which alas has gone the way of the dodo. I’m not sure if that was the original source. (I don’t think so; the hanged man’s hairstyle looks pretty 197os or 80s to me.) I’m also not sure why the members of “Today’s Lace Curtain Dominated Media” are wearing boxes on their heads. Or carrying what appears to be foliage. Or why the whole thing seems to be taking place on The Little Prince’s tiny planet.

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MRA Comics Cavalcade, Part One: The Pigman and Pals

Reading this blog, you might get the impression that Men’s Rights activists lack a sense of humor. Not so! Some of them even make their own hilarious comics! I’d like to celebrate three of the finest MRA cartoons I’ve seen thus far in the first edition of what I’d like to call the MRA Comics Cavalcade. Click the thumbnails to go to the (full-sized) comics themselves.

In this edition of the popular The Pigman Cometh, the aforementioned Pigman, who has apparently killed a woman, dances with her corpse while spouting humorous remarks about how women and marriage suck. This comic is written by one dude, and drawn by another. Yes, it takes two people to produce masterpieces like this.Two separate people.


In this NSFW cartoon found on the blog Wimminz, two evil feminists talk evilly about divorce and park in a handicapped parking space. Just like real feminists would! And then a guy has sex with, apparently, some sex dolls?


And, finally, in this edition of plasticBrickAutomaton, an evil feminist door-to-door saleswoman tries to sell some dude a weird and incorrect caricature of postmodernism. The guy cleverly parries her attempts to indoctrinate him by attaching a baby to a balloon and letting it float away, to ultimately meet its demise. (One imagines.) This got more than 100 upvotes when it was posted to the Men’s Rights subreddit.

More MRA Comics Cavalcades to come!

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