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Men’s Rights Activists on Body Positivity — and why fat women (and men) SHOULD feel bad

Should Body Positivity be for men too — or for no one at all?

So the regulars in the Men’s Rights subreddit are talking about Body Positivity today. Yes, that means they’re talking about fat women (and men). And yes, it is the shitshow you might expect. Except maybe, somehow, worse.

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The entire internet informs Jordan Peterson that there are more important things in the world than his boner

Jordan Peterson probably shouldn’t have eaten all that meat

On Monday, Canadian fusspot philosopher Jordan Peterson looked at a picture of a young woman in a bikini — specifically plus-sized model Yumi Nu, who will be the cover girl for Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue this year. A disgrace, he thought, and so he hopped onto Twitter and posted this mean little tweet:

body shaming boobs makeup is a lie men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny reddit

MGTOW Redditors: Women use sophisticated boob-presentation technology to confuse and enslave men, or something

Those can’t be real

By David Futrelle

Fellas! Have you heard about this thing called a “bra?” The ladies wear them on their boobs and get this, they don’t just wear them to keep their bazoongas from going all floppy when they walk around. No, sometimes ladies use sophisticated bra technology to make their boobs look bigger than they really are! So they can hypnotize you with their big boobs … even if they don’t have big boobs!

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She’s a pretty-skinned Hollywood monster designed to destroy our youth: The 12 weirdest MAGA attacks on Miley Cyrus

Miley: Licking a cake, making MAGAs mad

By David Futrelle

There are few things MAGA Redditors love more than demonizing a woman. In The_Donald — Reddit’s main hangout for Trump fanboys, now quarantined for threats and doxxing — the regulars are as obsessed with Hillary as the man in the White House. And they relish mocking and smearing other female politicians they hate — which is most of them — from AOC to Nancy Pelosi.

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Gillette ad features an unapologetic fat woman in a swimsuit; heads explode

Gillette model “celebrates obesity” by existing while fat

By David Futrelle

A couple of months ago, Gillette infuriated Men’s Rights Activists and other terrible people with an ad challenging toxic masculinity and suggesting that maybe it wasn’t such a good thing for men and boys to go around bullying and harassing people.

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A billionaire died during penis enlargement surgery, and incels are taking it hard

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By David Futrelle

A billionaire diamond trader has reportedly died of a heart attack during penis enlargement surgery at a Paris clinic. 65-year-old Ehud Arye Laniado apparently gave up the ghost after an unknown substance was injected into his dick, which would probably be my reaction, too.

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Reddit dickheads are losing it over the new “tiny dick” emoji

By David Futrelle

The Unicode Consortium — the mysterious cabal in charge of the world’s emojis — is adding several hundred new emojis this year, including a bunch catering to the disabled (e.g., a guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid in it, a variety of wheelchairs) and others celebrating everything from falafel to sloths.

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Where all the dicks are below average: Incels break new ground in penis math

Does he have Biggus Dickus Energy?

By David Futrelle

The incel community is the only place I know of where having a small dick gives you bragging rights. Amongst the so-called involuntary celibate, dudes can gain a certain backwards prestige by presenting themselves as the most hopeless of the bunch, the kind of guy that’s the least likely to ever score with a human female.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Warrior Princess? Why Trump’s mean girl press secretary is no Xena

Worst Xena episode ever

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By David Futrelle

Earlier today, browsing my way around Twitter, I ran across something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: A Sarah Huckabee Sanders meme … made by an actual fan of the bullying, truth-challenged press secretary.

alpha males body shaming creepy empathy deficit entitled babies evil fat fatties hypocrisy incel men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny reddit transphobia

Fat women who have sex: The ultimate oppressors of men? Creepy incels say “yes”

Fat woman oppressing man, somehow

There’s nobody quite so sensitive to the subtle oppression of men in contemporary society than the guys who hang out on Involuntary Celibacy forums online. Which is perhaps why they spend so much of their time, er, consciousness raising about the critical issue of fat women who have sex.

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