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Master debater provides the Men’s Rights Movement with powerful retorts to feminist insults

I found this stickied to the top of the Men’s RIghts subreddit — a collection of powerful retorts to things that feminists sometimes say to MRAs. Clearly, feminism will not be able to survive these devastating rhetorical counterpunches.

Some retorts to common feminist accusations and talking pointsGeneral (self.MensRights)

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I've been using some of my favourite retorts to feminist talking points and found them to be useful. In the hopes of helping the men's rights community, here are a few suggestions...

Accusation	Retort
"Incel"	To a woman: "At least I won't be involuntarily barren. Meow. To a man or a woman: Is there a reason you're obsessed with who I'm having sex with?
"Misogynist"	Ah yes, the strawmisogynist
"Toxic masculinity"	There is no such thing as toxic masculinity. There is only toxic behaviour
"Mansplain"	No, you're Ms. Understanding.
Are there any other accusations you come across and have rebuttals for? Leave them in the comments.

In general, it's always good to agree and amplify when in doubt.

“Ms. Understanding!”

How can we possibly compete with such an obvious master of quick wit and repartee?

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Let’s you and him fight: Jordan Peterson wants Joe Rogan to beat the crap out of Keith Olbermann

Jordan Peterson likes to fantasize about violence

Jordan Peterson, a tough guy in his own mind, wants to live in a world in which intellectual arguments can be resolved with fisticuffs. Yesterday on Twitter, he suggested that Joe Rogan, on whose podcast he’s made several appearances, should punch out former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann for calling him a “dipshit.”

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Senator Josh Hawley blames virtue-hating, Herbert-Marcuse-loving left for trying to destroy men just because they can

And another thing …

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley spent Halloween night trying his best to scare his fellow right-wingers with blood-curdling stories about the left and its diabolical program of destroying men just for fun or something.

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Did toxic masculinity cause the Boulder supermarket shootings?

We don’t yet know the motive behind the shootings at the King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, which left ten dead. But we’re learning some telling details about the alleged shooter, 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.

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Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens lose it over Harry Styles in a dress

When Harry Styles agreed to model a series of dresses and skirts for a Vogue cover shoot, he knew it would stir up controversy. He probably didn’t think he was going to be blamed for undermining civilization itself. But that’s what some right-wing opinion-havers would have you believe.

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On 4chan’s /pol/ even the Biden supporters are huge raging assholes

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On this election day eve, 4chan’s /pol/ board is awash in Trumpmania, with the president’s fans calling on fellow anons to do everything they possibly can to support their beloved leader.

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Gucci releases a dress for men to challenge “toxic masculinity.” MGTOWs respond with … toxic masculinity

Yes, he’s also wearing pants

Gucci has inserted itself into the culture war by releasing a weirdly dowdy dress for men at the low, low price of $2600 a pop. The dress, more a publicity stunt for the brand than an actual product anyone will ever buy, is said to be a challenge to “toxic masculinity.”

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Fellas, is it Gay Part Deux: Stimulus a Package Edition

Ooh, kinky!

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, we looked at the “fellas, is it gay” meme — specifically, the way it highlights some of the preposterous (but real) beliefs that some men have about masculinity and gayness, finding examples of “gay panic” tied to everyday activities that are decidedly not related in any way to sexual orientation, like washing between your ass cheeks or ordering dessert in a restaurant.

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Fellas, is it gay? The definitive list of things that may or may not make you homosexual

Fellas, is it gay to lovingly kiss a woman’s hand?

By David Futrelle

Straight male insecurity can be a sight to behold. The list of things that make men doubt the masculinity of other men (or of themselves) is, it seems, endless. That’s what makes the “Fellas, is it gay” meme so effective, and so funny. By simply taking the tenets of some weird and toxic belief about masculinity and rewording it as a question you can reveal just how absurd it is. Fellas, is it gay to drink a smoothie? Fellas, is it gay to wipe your own ass?

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The Dayton mass shooting: Toxic masculinity takes its toll

The aftermath

By David Futrelle

There’s no question why the man who opened fire in a Walmart parking lot in El Paso on Saturday morning did what he did: just before launching the rampage that left 22 dead, the shooter posted a manifesto to 8chan railing against what he called the “Hispanic invasion” of Texas and promoting the idea of a white “ethnostate.”

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