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Let’s you and him fight: Jordan Peterson wants Joe Rogan to beat the crap out of Keith Olbermann

Jordan Peterson likes to fantasize about violence

Jordan Peterson, a tough guy in his own mind, wants to live in a world in which intellectual arguments can be resolved with fisticuffs. Yesterday on Twitter, he suggested that Joe Rogan, on whose podcast he’s made several appearances, should punch out former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann for calling him a “dipshit.”

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Why won’t women DEBAAATE MEEEE? An aspiring Red Piller’s lament

I thought that Reddit’s Red Pillers were all about conning women into bed. But some, it seems, are more interested in debating than dating.

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Quillette delivers a wet, sloppy kiss on the butt to Jordan Peterson’s new book “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life”

It’s not a shock to discover that Quillette — the house organ of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web — has given Jordan Peterson’s Beyond Order, his sequel to his bafflingly popular 12 Rules: An Antidote to Chaos, a rave review.

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Roosh V gives up: With no one paying attention to him any more, the pickup artist puts down his flagship website

Roosh V, sadly realizing his 15 minutes are up

By David Futrelle

Roosh V is having another sad. Just three weeks after Amazon stopped selling nine of his books, the date rape expert, baking enthusiast and former Most Hated Man in the World has decided to shut down his flagship Return of Kings website. In a post on the site today, Roosh announced that