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Allegedly cash-strapped Daily Stormer declares: “We’re Laying Off Staff Because You Didn’t Send Money”

Will this be the Daily Stormer’s downfall?

By David Futrelle

You hate to see it. Nazi trash site The Daily Stormer is apparently running out of money. In a morose but petulant post today, head Stormer Andrew Anglin threatened to lay off his staff and cut back on his coverage of such vital issues as Jews, race war, women not deserving rights, and Jews unless his readers coughed up more bucks bitcoins than they’ve donated so far.

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The best thing about Milo’s financial meltdown? The terrible, terrible people he’s stiffing

Milo didn’t take his own advice

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By David Futrelle

So the loathsome Milo Yiannopoulos — the self-promoting alt-right enabler and serial harasser who’s been kicked off so many platforms I’ve lost track — has apparently gone bust, in a big way, landing himself more than $2 million in debt, according to documents examined by the Guardian Australia.

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The Alt-Right Implosion: An extremely handy reading list

Being a Nazi is hard

By David Futrelle

Facing an energized antifascist movement and internal enmities, the Alt-Right is imploding, with its leaders giving up or fighting one another, while followers grow ever more disillusioned by the day.

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A Voice for Men triumphantly cancels its conference; supporters declare victory

Say it ain’t so, Paul! A Voice for Men’s second “International Conference on Men’s Issues” has been … cancelled!

No one could have seen that coming, huh?

Anyway, in a “Bulletin” on AVFM yesterday, AVFM “CEO” Paul Elam tried his best to explain away this little embarrassment:

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John Scalzi signs $3.4 million book deal; far-right rival Vox Day crushed under 442 tons of sour grapes

Vox Day (Artist's conception)
Vox Day (Artist’s conception)

So the noted science fiction author (and evil Social Justice Warrior) John Scalzi just signed a $3.4 million dollar, 13-book deal with Tor books, his publisher.

Scalzi’s longtime nemesis, far-right fantasy author and garbage human Vox Day, wants us to know that Scalzi’s grapes, all $3.4 million worth of them, are very sour indeed.

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Misogynists go through all 5 stages of grief upon learning that Lindy West has been hired by GQ

A bloo bloo bloo
A bloo bloo bloo

So earlier this month the feminist writer and serial-misogynist-annoyer Lindy West announced that she was leaving her job at Jezebel “to work on personal projects. (I am also available for freelance. Hire me!)”

I took this to mean that she was leaving her job at Jezebel to work on personal projects and do freelance work, because this is something that writers, especially talented writers with a lot of options, sometimes do.

Over in the Manosphere, though, the fellas had a rather different interpretation, which went something like this HA HA THE FAT SLUT GOT FIRED HER CAREER IS OVER WE WON YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!

Or, as the always charming Roosh Valizadeh put it, in a comment on his site’s forums:

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The Diceman Goeth

It’s Friday, and I’m feeling lazy. So, apropos of nothing, here’s a video from a couple years ago, featuring a somewhat down-on-his luck Andrew Dice Clay trying to promote some sort of comeback on CNN, and getting booted after he indignantly drops a barrage of f-bombs in response to a less-than-adulatory question.

In case anyone here is too young to remember “The Diceman” in his glory years, this is what got him famous: mixing “Mother Goose” rhymes with rape jokes:

And here he is at the height of his fame, basking in adulation and clearly thinking his life would remain like this forever:

In the end, Andrew Dice Clay’s cultural legacy may be reduced to the sample of him saying “Ohh!” that was used to such memorable effect in this still-played song by one-hit-wonders EMF.

The creepy thing about watching these videos is that, if you ignore the hair, Andrew Dice Clay looks astonishingly like a skeevier, muscle-bound version of Jon Stewart.

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