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The best thing about Milo’s financial meltdown? The terrible, terrible people he’s stiffing

Milo didn’t take his own advice

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By David Futrelle

So the loathsome Milo Yiannopoulos — the self-promoting alt-right enabler and serial harasser who’s been kicked off so many platforms I’ve lost track — has apparently gone bust, in a big way, landing himself more than $2 million in debt, according to documents examined by the Guardian Australia.

The details are deliciously schadenfreudey. The documents were leaked by some far-right Australian racist who’s apparently mad at Milo, and they reveal Milo’s now quite vicious feud with two Australian promoters who apparently spent much of the past year trying and failing to organize an Australian tour for Milo — and who now say they are being harassed by Milo’s toxic fans, including some thugs who broke into their car.

But in some ways the most delicious details in the whole mess have to do with who exactly Milo owes money to — a long list that not only includes lawyers, jewelers, and the company that put on his lavish wedding but also some names that will be very familiar to readers of this blog.

Looking through one of Milo’s “debt spreadsheets” that were posted on Twitter the other day, I discovered that Milo apparently owes $33,000 to the extravagantly Islamophobic pundit Pamela Geller and nearly $77,000 to his former Breitbart writer/manservant Allum Bokhari, the guy who actually wrote the notorious apologia for the alt-right that Milo took most of the credit for.

But there are a few other names on the list that literally made me laugh out loud. Milo owes $4500 to “journalist” and reactionary troll Ian Miles Cheong, $104 to noxious racist fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale, and $225 to former A Voice for Men attack dog Janet “Judgy Bitch” Bloomfield (Andrea Hardie), all of whom wrote for Milo’s now-shuttered Dangerous website.

Milo labeled his debts to Beale and Bloomfield low priority. Somehow I suspect neither one of them is ever going to see a cent of it.

As Bloomfield likes to say, though not usually to herself, suck it up, buttercup! 

66 replies on “The best thing about Milo’s financial meltdown? The terrible, terrible people he’s stiffing”

Just popping in to say “wait ‘the loan for my phone bill’? He took out a loan to pay his phone bill? I guess you rack up a lot of long distance calls trying to keep that many crabs in your bucket.”

He also stiffed Jon Del Arroz, a charming fellow who’s greatest hits include trying to sue a science fiction convention who banned him from attending, helping organize a right-wing protest at said convention, then bailing on his own protest.

I don’t have any popcorn gifs (that I know of, anyway) that haven’t already been seen by everyone here a jillion times, but I did find a recipe some time ago for Schadenfreude Pie.

Then again, I may have found that recipe from an old comment post here, I don’t recall. Still think this is an appropriate place to relist it here again.

I cannot manage to enjoy this. Not because I think this man don’t deserve this, of course. But because for me, it’s just a proof that the other Nazis don’t need him anymore.

This man achieved his purpose, Far right ideologies ARE mainstream in the USA right now (and to be honest, they are also mainstream in Europe too).

Milo is no longer relevant, but I think that it’s not because we won, but because they no longer need him. They have one of them in the white house. Milo made a mistake in thinking that he wasn’t disposable.

Fair enough. This just kind of falls into the category of ‘both of them have so many worse and more verifiable things to discuss, there’s no point in arguing over this petty one if they say it’s not true’.

@Moon Custafer:

Motown garage-rock?

I guess that’s about as good a description as we’re going to get. As well as a demonstration of why I don’t really believe in strict musical genre segmentation.

(Mick Collins used to write for an Amateur Press Association I was involved with, until The Dirtbombs really took off and he had to spend more of his creative energy there. And then The Gories reunion happened. I haven’t actually heard much from him in a while now.)

Several other individuals on the list are from Beale’s little constellation of reactionary sci-fi & fantasy authors, including Wehraboo Tom Kratman, fedora fan John C. Wright, and whiny troll Jon del Arroz.

Though admittedly, these are the smaller dollar amounts.

@Space Oddity:
Who?, RedWombat and I were already discussing some of those. (The first one in your list being ‘the marmot’ I mentioned, as File770 started blocking posts containing his actual name, so people started referring to him by an anagram of the name. I wasn’t around when the block started, so I don’t know the details as to why.)

Kratman is epically thin-skinned, and used to pop in the comments there frequently to whine about how mean people were being to him. Sometimes through proxies. As his means to see if people were talking about him was to search his name…

Also, regarding JDA–as I understand it he wasn’t actually banned from the convention, they just decided not to give him a free invitation, which he construed as banning.

There are so many things about this that I find funny that I almost don’t know where to start.

Let’s see:

Using his fellow fascists to write his stuff for him.

Spending donated money on vitally important stuff like jewelry.

Stiffing his buddies.

Losing his platforms.

Whining about it.

Hey, he’s 33 years old. Time to put away the faux “angry young man attitude, rhetoric, and clothes, and start working for a living.

the company that put on his lavish wedding

What kind of person marries a narcissist I wonder? I guess that Milo can probably turn on the charm when it suits him, but you would have to also be prepared to get in bed with a con man and swindler – it was obvious a couple of years ago, even from my very far distance, that Milo was always aiming for huge bucks and did not care how he got them and who he damaged on the way.

@Space Oddity

Also, regarding JDA–as I understand it he wasn’t actually banned from the convention, they just decided not to give him a free invitation, which he construed as banning.

While that certainly would be something JDA would do, he was absolutely banned after multiple threats to violate the rules of Worldcon.

This actually makes me really upset


People like Milo, far-right extremists with a list of wrongs longer than santa’s should always face the consequences of their actions, should never be above the law or above accountability.

It shouldn’t be such a giddy turn of events to see this asswipe eat asphalt, it should be the unsurprising, inevitable, just outcome.

But instead it’s such a rarity that we have to take enjoyment on the few occasions it happens, cause it’s just a drop in the bucket.

I guess I’m a schadenpessimist.

@Space Oddity, Schnookums Von Ghostface Fancypants Killer:
Depends on which con you’re talking about. For Baycon, yes, ‘decided not to give him a free invitation, which he construed as banning’ is pretty much what happened; they decided to rotate guests to get some newer people in there, and JDA considered the fact that he wasn’t on the list to be a personal insult. He wasn’t banned. That said, he also likely rather damaged his chances of ever getting invited to be a guest again.

But, as noted, he was blocked from that year’s Worldcon (more to the point, his membership was returned to him; Worldcon isn’t run like most conventions) due to explicit declarations that he was going to violate the convention policies. And probably laws against stalking, though that would have been harder to prove.

In adition to Jenora Feuer above a link to a post from Jim C.Hines about JdAs actions:
Yes that ban was justified

About the Marmot: Mike (the host of File770) has stated if I remember corectly that it wasn’t just the Marmot himself that was the problem, if he was mentioned discusion tend to get nasty. But I don’t want to have him here at WHTM, he once ask one of his critics to a duel.

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