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Republicans losers losing it over the Red Wave that wasn’t

No Red Wave for you!

I won’t lie: I was anxious as hell about the midterms yesterday. But that widely predicted “Red Wave” turned out to be a dribble. Here are some extremely unhappy Republicans reflecting on the results, courtesy of Twitter, which is still good for things like this.

Republicans truly live in a world of their own devising.

And while we’re talking delusions, here are some Republicans celebrating a little early.

She’s trailing in her race with more than 90% of the votes in; still hasn’t been called.

Surowiecki’s got a bunch more in this thread.

This result (and yes this is real) probably saddened some Republicans as well.

But there were a few bright spots for Republicans last night. For example, Young Boozer (not a rapper) won in Alabama.

The Repubs also picked up a congressional seat in Guam.

I’ll add more as I run across them.

But what a fucking relief.

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6 months ago

…I meant too close to call in Nevada. But not anymore. Control of Senate: retained. The only question will be if we get an extra seat, but that will have to wait a few weeks for the Warnock / Walker runoff in Georgia.

Last I checked, Boebert’s race is still too close to call. It’s also still expected that the house will have something like a 2~5 seat Republican majority.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
6 months ago

That cannot be allowed, or they will scuttle the Trump coup hearings.

As for the Senate composition, is that counting the independents who caucus with Dems (e.g. Sanders) in the “D” column and the “Dems” who caucus with Republicans (Manchin and Sinema) in the “R” column?

6 months ago

Why on Earth is Warnock having to defend his seat already, after only 1/3 of the normal duration of a Senate term?

Warnock’s win in 2020 was a special election to complete the term of Johnny Isakson, who was last re-elected in 2016, but resigned before the end of his term due to health issues. (Warnock’s 2020 opponent, Kelly Loeffler, was appointed to the seat by GA Governor Brian Kemp.) So the 2022 election is for a new/full term. Btw, Mark Kelly also defended his AZ seat after just 2 years, since he won a special election in ’20 under similar circumstances to serve the remainder of the late John McCain’s term.

And yes, the Senate counts do include King, Sanders, Sinema, and Manchin on the Democratic side. Despite the many disappointments of the last two, they’ve fallen in line on votes for nearly all of Biden’s executive and judicial nominees, including KBJ on the Supreme Court.

6 months ago

I have also seen Republicans talking about raising the voting age, and it is very telling.

Because yes, disenfranchising 18- to 20-year-olds would result in an assured Republican electoral victory.


Because then most of those who had been disenfranchised due to youth will hit 21, and they will not be happy with the party that took away their vote. Nor will it end with them – as those younger hit 18, they will be well aware of the right that they are being denied during the next few years, and thinking of who did that when they do hit the new voting age.

So yes, raising the voting age to 21 would win the Republicans one election, and then lose them every election after that.

Which, of course, means that having gained power with that one election, they must make sure that there is never another one.

Last edited 6 months ago by Allandrel
6 months ago

Voting won’t matter if Reps win and kill democracy.

6 months ago

They can’t change the voting age without a constitutional amendment, so good luck.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
6 months ago

Considering that parts of the most recent election were held with gerrymandered maps that had already been ruled illegal and even constitutional violations in some cases, and nothing was done because the people running the elections were part of the fix and thus absolutely refusing to actually enforce the law or the court’s ruling…. just because something is a violation of the constitution doesn’t mean it won’t still happen. Laws aren’t useful without an enforcement mechanism, and that’s a problem if the enforcement mechanism has been explicitly politicized.

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